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House Manual Visibility

Hi all- When does the house manual become visible to guests? I’ve created a document that includes address, directions, grocery shopping, keypad combo, as well as other useful house info. Am I including too much? There are no restaurants nearby so I give grocery store info so they can pick up food on the way. I also send this document to the guest the day before check-in. But I want to be sure the house manual isn’t visible to everyone. Suggestions? I’m new at hosting.

Create your guestbook on an independent site. (Ours is on Issuu). When guests have booked, send them the link. If you use Issuu (I hope I’m spelling that correctly) then you can also buy printed copies - I leave one in the rental and on the back, I suggest that guests take it as a souvenir.

I like the idea of them having a constant reminder of their stay in their own home. I’d say that about 40% of guests do take it.

You can also use one of the free website builder sites to create an online guestbook.

The address, directions, and keypad combo do NOT belong in the house manual.


This is ours - pre-covid so out of date.

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