Hourly Bookings

I declined a 2-hour booking from a new user (July 2018, no bio, no photo). Since I’m in the “hospitality business,” how do we handle hourly bookings on Airbnb? It’s not the first time we’ve been asked, and since declines count against our acceptance rates, how are others handling this?

How do you book for 2 hours? Have you got hourly rates?

Sounds like a pro, I would not decline but ask them to withdraw their request and report them to Airbnb. Did they say why they wanted only two hours? Likely a hook up for $

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That’s what I am asking here. No, of course I don’t have hourly rates.

So how does the booking look like? They book for a night.

How do you know it is for 2 hours?

Clearly they asked! Has happened before to others here on the forum.

Who cares how long they stay as long as they pay the night? Of course I would not discount someone wanting a 2 hour “nap” or whatever but I would not turn them down just because I thought they were using my place for sex.


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If it’s illegal you might think twice.


If it was that “clearly”, I would not have asked.
So he did not get a 2-hour booking, but an inquiry for a 2 hour booking.

There is a very easy solution to that.

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Probably a prostitute. I read some where that they prefer Airbnb over hotels because it’s cheaper. It can also be a cheater. Either way, it’s gross! Just respond that you do not do hourly rates and ask them to withdraw their request.


This is the exact message: “Hi Josiah, I wanted to know how much for a room for couple hours if you do that?”

My response. “Not appropriate for Airbnb. Try Breathe or another app.”

But I did decline it. Luckily Airbnb didn’t force me to block that date. We got a legitimate booking right after. I really did not want to even validate the request with a response. These kinds of inquiries come from Airbnb account holders who do not take the site seriously at all.

Anyway… we’ve gotten 2-3 requests like this over the past 2 years. I guess it’s par for the course. It’s just too bad they count against us. We get a lot of first time guests - nearly all have been great, but sometimes being an Airbnb ambassador gets old. The Help page is very helpful.

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Why don’t you report the guest?

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If it is an inquiry, don’t decline but use the special offer button, and ask a ridiculous amount.


It was not an inquiry I believe but a request to book with a message asking for only two hours. Maybe @Josiah can clarify.

How would you know if it was illegal? I have stayed in a hotel for a couple of hours once, it was for a nap I did not even have sex and I was in my 20’s! I imagine they would not book for full price anyway since it seems they were looking for a hourly rate, which is illegal for me to provide. My county license forbids it.


I did. And then I blocked him.

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I had 3 options: respond, pre-approve, or decline.

Repsond with a special offer at an inflated, sure to be turned down rate. Ignore any response, then report and block.

I think that’s what I would do. In 4 years/500+ requests I’ve only had one request for part of a day. It was a guy traveling through who would hit my town around 8 am and wanted to sleep a few hours, shower and go. I was fine with all that and could accomodate but once he argued with me about how much I should charge for the service (he thought he should only pay $20 even though it would prevent me from having a full price guest that night) I shut him off.


“Hourly booking? No, sorry, we’re not a whorehouse.”


Always so honest ken😀