Hotels not subject to Fair Housing Laws (no children)

Hi everyone! I’m new here. We will start renting out a house on our property within the next few months. We would like to design it for couples and have a hot tub. Because of the hot tub and liability, we definitely do not want to allow anyone under 18. I read the forums here regarding AirBnB’s policies and possible issues we’d have with the Fair Housing Laws. However, those posts are a few years old. Any updates? I also read that hotels are NOT subject to the Fair Housing Laws. I’m assuming we fall under temporary lodging, instead of dwellings, as we are renting out nightly just like hotels. I found a good article but can’t link it titled “The Fair Housing Act and the Extended Stay Industry.” Feel free to search. There are specific bed and breakfast cases referred to at the end even. Any thoughts? Thank you all for any information you can provide!

So, are any of you still saying NO CHILDREN allowed? How is AirBnB working with you? Appreciate the help in advance! We want to know before investing thousands if this will be a road block for us. By the way, we are in the USA.

I wish I could help but I’m in the UK and not familiar with US Fair Housing Laws. But welcome to the forum, and for a first posting with a really important question. The Air listing process allows us here to say no to children under 12, infants under 2yrs for safety reasons, with the opportunity to say why not for safety reasons, including a description.

I get loads of requests for infants under 6 months, because the safety reasons don’t apply. I don’t accept though, after being left to supervise…

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I’ve ticked the boxes that say not suitable for children. I don’t have the kind of listing you want to create and the room is small so I rarely get requests for a couple with a child or children. When I do get such requests I allow but discourage. Statements like “you are welcome to book but the chances are high your child will be unhappy here in this tiny room with things that are likely to fall on them. And the chance of electric shock is high but the hospital is just down the street.”

So of course that’s not what I say but I do try to discourage families with children booking.

There are no new laws or polcies since the forum posts on the topic were made. Here’s one of the more recent threads.


On Airbnb you can click on “not suitable for children.”