Hosting Small Events

What additional costs or deposits are acceptable for hosts to charge their guests to host a small event? Based on things like number of people attending? Or what “kind” of event?..etc.

First, I suggest that you check with your short-term rental insurance (and any applicable regulations, such as homeowners’ association, city, etc.) to ensure that you’d be covered/permitted for guests to use your space that way.


Good advice from Rebecca.

Also work out what extra costs you as the host will incur. Will you need a cleanup crew after the event? Are there any special permits you’ll need? What will be the extra cost of additional guests when it comes to utility usage etc? Will you need to supply extra items? Once you know how much it’s going to cost you, then you have a base with which to work.

If you do decide to offer this, I also suggest that you strictly limit exactly how many people can attend. To do so, unless you live on-site, outdoor cameras would be very beneficial so that you can count how many arrive—and of course disclose that ahead of time to the guest who organizes the event.

If I were offering this, I’d also think about a formal written agreement that spells out maximum attendance, start and stop times, required deposit paid in cash up front, etc., as well as “what if” clauses. What will be the repercussions (extra charge?) if too many people arrive? What if they get out of control or loud enough to disturb neighbors? What ages will you allow? Will alcohol be consumed (another thing to check on with your STR/HOA)? Things like that.

I know that you’re not envisioning hundreds of event guests, but you might try finding an agreement from something like a wedding venue, just to see what language they use. Or consult an attorney, especially in terms of your liability.

Sorry to go on so long about this, but you can probably tell I’d be apprehensive—as the host/homeowner—to do this at all.


If your guest wants to host an event they will need appropriate insurance and you will need an event contract (drawn up with professional legal advice).

You will also need to put measures in place to monitor noise and anti-social behaviour, parking, etc

Obviously you would charge an appropriate rate taking into account numbers, type of event etc.



Love it, route420…

Is this in your listing name do you cater to 420 crowd?

Welcome to the forum, do stick around.


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Welcome to the forum!

I’m also interested in seeing other hosts’ perspectives on this. I know when I receive an inquiry for a group that either specifies they’ll be hosting a “get together” or I see they’re at risk for doing so (ie, a group of 20yr olds trying to book for NYE, etc) I’m quick to shut it down for the reasons already outlined by @RebeccaF.
I’ve messaged the words, “Airbnbs often aren’t designed to be able to host parties, and are not event spaces. However, there are plenty of great local bars with plenty of space who would be happy to host!”

If you want to host an event, I would look carefully at the type of event, number of guests, and make a deposit plan. I would also recommend being very up-front about expectations and rules - I’d hate to interrupt or tarnish a great vacation, and would rather get ahead of it.

ABSOLUTELY! Our listing is with Airbnb only because Airbnb has NO policy regarding hosts allowing the use of marijuana products in or on their property…No policy means no regulation (like Facebook where we are not allowed to advertise at all but they allow us our freedom with the page itself.

They won’t allow me to post a link, but if you would like to see our listing then just search 420 Friendly in Las Animas, Co. and let me know what you think!


I do weddings and small events. I am currently in talks with someone who wants to book all 3 houses in December 2020 for a wedding with 40-60 guests. It is all under a different contract and I have a spreadsheet that also calculates all the costs. If you would like a copy of the contract let me know it was written by a lawyer. Also they need to purchase event insurance for the night for between $100-$150 if liquor is allowed and they must have a licensed TABC bartender and security guard for every 50 people. I will do up to 150 people max.


So back to your original question. What sort of events do you host? @Route420BNB

What measures do you put in place to protect your listing/charge for them?

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We are relatively new to Airbnb (June 2019) and have only had a few guests request that a few friends come over for a gathering and we have always allowed that…No deposit, no additional charge for cleaning or extra people. We have never received a bad review and have never had any issue.

Recently we got a request for an event hosted by a magazine who wanted to do a 420 Friendly story and they told me there would be approximately 15 people plus a film crew and how much would it cost. I asked how many would be staying overnight, what would they need from me as their host, and what time would it begin and end…I even asked it there was going to be a bar. I based my decision about added cost on the number of people expected to attend (less the 3 who were staying overnight) which left 12…so I proposed an additional $120 ($10/person) and settled with him for $100, which includes the cleaning fee of $25. It will be a small event, so I’m hoping to get my feet wet so to speak and learn all I can!

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Wow that sounds incredibly cheap for a commercial event for fifteen people plus a film crew (what another four or five) @Route420BNB. Why did you agree to such a low rate?

Hope you have a copy of their insurance and that you have a contract in place.


Waaaay too cheap. I have had film crews who did not even spend the night, they arrived early so paid the day before and the rate is 3X my normal rate. I have done this 3X the legit production companies know this is a bargain.


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In that case you need to be completely professional about this. This isn’t guests having a few friends over for dinner (which is absolutely no problem at all). This is a commercial company renting a space for commercial reasons. And that’s a lot of people. A lot of mess. A lot of potential for damage. A lot of questions about insurance. A lot to think about regarding liability and legalities.

As you most probably know from reading this forum, most hosts have been approached by film crews at some time or another and most have decided that it’s simply not worthwhile. The implications for most of us are too complex and in some cases, hosts would need to have additional licenses from their local authority because it’s not the commercial use that their existing license covers.

@RiverRock however has done it properly and for price. And film crews should be prepared to pay proper commercial rates. As it is, some try to take advantage of Airbnb hosts and get a filming venue on the cheap.


I have let out my current and previous place for film locations, but I do this through specialist film location companies not through Airbnb. I get hundreds and hundreds more a day than I would by putting my place on through Airbnb, have a contract provided by the location company, the booker provides insurance and where necessary additional toilets and catering. @jaquo

The company booking gets required permissions from the local authority.

Good idea. There’s a company in the US called Giggster that arrange everything too. You can get so much more money than you’d make through Airbnb. And they list small ordinary places too, not just photogenic mansions. :slight_smile:

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And allegedly got the DVDs to prove it really was done properly :wink:



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HI! I have 2 Inns and have requests for events all the time. I would love to see the information you have put together. Is there any way you can share?

Not sure they are active on here any more this post is nearly a year and a half old @kerriann0309 but any commercial lawyer should be able to draw you up an event hire contract. You also need insurance, to think about catering, toilets, events license etc