Hosting people of size

OK I’m freaking out. I only allow 2 people in my guest host, was talking to the guest in the yard and on way back I see a 3rd person sitting at a patio table! Ok thats for starters.What really scares me is the SIZE of the people.The girl is at least 350,one of the other guys is over 400 and the third guy is close to 500 pounds.Im really worried about them breaking the toilet lid, sagging the sofa etc.They cant even fit in the dining chairs or patio chairs. They ran out of toilet paper too I had 4 YUGE rolls!Im pissed about the 3rd person but didnt want to ruin their trip. My security cameras go up today AND I no longer will allow guest to use washer and dryer,people are starting to abuse the privilege.They did laundry all morning long and at 1130 at night. I’m unplugging the washer and dryer and filling it w dirty laundry so they cant use it.

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You have a legitimate complaint about the third person. Handle it as you would handle any extra guest situation.

That’s it.


Just like I thought, he was so heavy he ripped a big hole in my leather chair

Why NOT? They’re ruining your listing??? A violation is a violation. You should have called Airbnb and had them re-homed for violating your TOS. Do Not let Guests walk all over you, or dictate to you.


I feel your pain. When we first put our home on VRBO I took my dining table with me, so I replaced it with a very cool all glass table I found at a resale store, and mid-century modern captain chairs with those spindle legs I found at Home goods. I got the rest of the chairs that co-ordinated at online. It looked like mid century modern heaven!

However, after a few months I got my first guest of size and lost one captains chair and one side chair to the legs snapping off. They were unfixable and irreplaceable. I was just happy no one got hurt when they broke.

I went back to the resale store and traded in the glass table for a metal set with a stone top. It even had two extra chairs that are stored in the garage. It might not be my mid-century modern Mecca, but they go well with the other iron accents and thus far are pretty indestructible. Just a cost of doing business.

So now, when looking for items for my homes I concentrate on stylish, but sturdy.


I think if people are not respectful then it doesn’t matter if they are overweight or not. We’ve had guests that mess up the toilet lid and use all our toilet paper as well, but that’s not because they are overweight or not. I think judging people based on their weight definately don’t adhere to the openness that hosts like us is supposed to be.


When I was picking out my furniture, the wieght limit for sofa’s, bedframes and chairs was a top priority for me. I ended up with my dining chairs from Pottery Barn as they were rated for 300-350 pounds. Most are rated at 200 maybe 250 pounds. It was a lot of research. I also did it for my venue/wedding chairs and I got them from Webstaurantstore. You can’t have chairs or beds breaking with people in them.


True, but on the other hand. We expect guest to tell the host in advance if they have special needs.

They cannot expect an amateur host to be set up to handle these kind of guest.

Just as I have regular request from tall guest (200cm+) about the length of the bed, and if there is a footboard.


When I purchased my chairs I also got some benches that matched, so I could replace 2 or 3 chairs if needed. They will hold 600-650 pounds per bench. We have only ever had to offer one once in our Guest House and it was well received, but no one mentioned a 450-500 pound guest when they booked. It worked out well, but how many hosts have these options even if forwarned they were not cheap.

Our Cottage only holds 6 people and seems to get the largest group of guests that have on average 1 guest in the 300-350 pound range. We ended up putting a bench in there to be safe with extra chairs avaiable in it if they wanted to use them instead.

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I doubt they consider themselves to have special needs.

Welcome everybody or welcome nobody, if they break something because they are heavy it is no different than if they break something on accident. If they break it they pay for it and move on.



I do agree with this – if you break you pay.

That’s irrespective of whether someone is overweight or not though.


I had a large guest book…they cracked the fibreglass shower base and then denied it…

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Ouch, hard to prove that one. Did you notice it right away? Did you file a claim with Air?


i like that better than “super fat people”!

I did have one very large lady who broke one of the plastic garden chairs. I was just relieved that she was a good sport and laughed it off even though she must have hurt herself - I wouldn’t have dreamt of charging her for it!


I wouldn’t have thought of charging either. My main goal is to keep ALL guests as safe as I can.


They do not expect amateur hosts. Because we’re taking their money, because they are paying us, they assume that we are professional. I think that’s the distinction between an amateur and a pro in sport!


We just had a group of Ultimate Pro Fighters stay with us from England a while back for almost 3 weeks. One of the guests won, but what a brutal sport, I couldn’t possibly watch it. But as you say, like them we are paid to provide a professional result.


They denied it, had to get a repair done really fast and couldn’t stuff around with crap that Airbnb want you to do.
New bathroom is in planning stage…NO fibreglass!

[quote=“Malagachica, post:14, topic:36240”]i like that better than “super fat people”!

Bariatric refers to specialty furniture for morbidly obese people. “People of size” is respectful.

Super fat people??? No just no unless English is not your first language so it is understandable you wouldn’t know.


Why not?? She must have known that she could likely break it based in her size and should have made sure she didn’t or was willing to replace.