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Hi wise ones I’m hoping someone can help me.

Airbnb have paused my payout method because I am unable to update my payout method (unchanged for 7 years odd). I cannot complete the update because of an Airbnb technical glitch - screen just hangs on the first question and will not proceed. I’ve tried every browser I can think of and a different computer - same problem.

Despite politely asking, there is no indication from Airbnb as to if there will be a resolution or a likely time frame.

I have guests due to arrive tomorrow and at the moment I know that I will not be paid out. I can’t help thinking Airbnb might be in breach of their own terms and conditions. As far as I can establish payouts should be released 24 hours after guest check in and that clearly is not going to happen.

What would you guys do?
Host and hope things get resolved with no clue as to how long resolution might take?
Ask Airbnb to cancel the booking?

Thanks in advance.

Get on the phone to Air CS… and stay there. Keep escalating – “let me speak to your supervisor please” until you get a definitive answer.

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I would call in to Airbnb and PUSH THEM.

“I brought this issue to your attention earlier and it still hasn’t been resolved. Do you have an ETA on when this will be fixed?
More than a day is unacceptable. As your business partner I expect to be paid. If your site isn’t working you need to find a work around. What can YOU (agent) do to update my account information?”

KEEP CALLING and escalating until you’re satisfied.


Thanks Guys!

Have been on the phone for another 40mins with a supervisor… so sorry; out of our hands; escalated to the technical department as urgent; blah, blah, blah.

They still expect me to host guests when nobody can tell me when I will be paid out :o(

Guests check in Friday (tomorrow) and I’m still undecided as to what to do - three sets of Air guests this week and no idea when problem will be resolved.

Will update if I hear anything - not holding my breath as will probably turn blue while I wait.

Best - Fidget

Well, I’ve tried and tried - nothing but platitudes. Twitter promised me a case manager would be in touch - Nope! Not a single update and as we are going in to the weekend I seriously doubt that anything will be fixed.

So, would you host guests you won’t be paid out for?

No I would not. I would call and tweet one more time with a deadline of when I would be hitting the cancel button on all of my future bookings. Hit’em where it hurts. They don’t seem to have a problem pushing off hosts but they don’t like to loose customers.

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Yes, I would. Presumably the guests have already submitted their payment to Airbnb. If there’s a glitch on the website, or whatever it is that’s causing this problem, it’s not their fault. They are hoping to check into their rental tomorrow - I’d let them enjoy great hospitality and then go to battle with Airbnb.

  1. Host the people.

  2. Get on the phone and STAY ON THE PHONE.

  3. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


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I absolutely would host the guests. It’s not their fault at all. You WILL get all the payouts once the glitch is fixed. Be patient grasshopper. Your beef is with air- not the guests

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Thank you all for your thoughts.

Yes, I probably will host the guests as it is not their fault.

Airbnb have today decided that this is my problem and it is up to me to set up a new payout method…

Give me strength!

Have you tried this solution?

Why the hell would I set up a new payment method because the Airbnb software does not work?

My bank would take 10 working days to set up a new bank account and I would have to present documentation via a 20 mile round trip.

Nope - not happening! Airbnb need to sort their software out.

There is absolutely no need to be so rude to those taking the time to try and help you @Fidget you don’t need to set up a completely new account … just use an exiting one -but then I’m sure you knew that!!!

We aren’t Airbnb. Maybe you should direct your anger and rudeness to them, instead of folks who are doing their best to help you.


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Apologies - no intention of being rude and I am grateful to those of you who have replied.

I only have the one account so to set up an alternative payout method I would have to open another account.

Apologies to you too. I was not intending to be rude to anyone and again thanks to everyone who has replied.

Have you tried just re-entering your existing payment info, as if it was a new account? I don’t know if the AirBnB software would actually pick up on that and prevent you from doing it - maybe it’s worth a shot…? :woman_shrugging:

You’ve already posted in this in its own thread: No payout after one week of minimum payout is met - #9 by LesMargBeck

That’s the most effective way to post it: its own post.

I’ll copy a moderator on your post. It’s best that it’s deleted so that all replies are in one place.

I hope you find the wisdom you seek or at least know that on this topic there is no better wisdom!

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