Host cancels Asian women's airbnb

Has anyone else seen this?

I’ve seen it now. I’m a bit confused about the extra friends part, etc. That doesn’t seem to be on the Airbnb platform. But the parts about Asian and Trump are on the platform and so this host is done on Airbnb. She is done here.

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I would like to see this listing!
This is appalling!
The 4 people and 2 dogs in one room for $50 does seem like a stretch But host did not handle that situation well at all. That racist comment was uncalled for.

I saw it posted on Reddit this morning and to be honest, I’m a bit doubtful about its authenticity. Didn’t she say that she had earlier taken screenshots of her pre-arrival conversation with the host? Why?

Why was she interviewed in a blizzard background along with all the gratuitous shots of the snow and the car? And it seemed to me that she was wearing a short sleeved top. Plus, the host must have had all the emails and notifications about discrimination as we all have. And I know that messages are going to look different on every type of phone but they don’t look anything like my messages.

Sorry. but it seemed a bit fake to me. Shame it isn’t April 1st. :slight_smile:

Edit: I just watched it again. ‘The host cancelled when we were three minutes away’. Would a host cancel? And before the guests had even arrived? How come the host didn’t know that the guests was Asian a) from their profile pic (although many are inaccurate I know) and b) when they guest hadn’t arrived yet so she hadn’t clapped eyes on her?


Seems like she took the screen shots of the previous text communication as her only defence and proof that alleged text communication about extra guests took place to help clear the understanding.
If she had done all the booking via the platform like you are supposed to and pay for the supposed agreed upon extra guests for agreed upon extra price then at the time the host would have had a opportunity to fully view and comprehend the booking, Best for guest and host.

I would like to hear the hosts side of this story.


Hah, I typed that out in my first response… then deleted the comment. I am wondering the same thing which
is why I would really like to get the host’s side of the story.

So am I but a very quick search for airbnb “big bear” tami on Google didn’t find the listing. And the implication was that the girl was talking right after the host had cancelled the trip. Yet someone had a good quality video camera with them. Plus, immediately after the host had cancelled wouldn’t the Asian girl be spending half an hour (at least) on the phone to Airbnb?

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So she is trying to sneak in extra guests and pets, and is now shaming the host on youtube for canceling her…
Now she is hoping some SJW’s will start a riot…

As for the host… "Speech is silver, but silence is golden."
He should have just ignored her…

I would like to see the complete conversation, especially her part.
Some people can be very agressive, demanding and annoying… remember Chen?


If this is legit then airbnb would have removed the listing immediately. Maybe you could find it cached?

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What, you don’t travel with a camera crew complete with lighting!
Sarcasm, here - neither do I.

There is so much going on here with one side of the story greatly slanted.


The lighting is from the car headlights, and my Samsung takes very good video. I’m not saying this couldn’t be faked but I also find an Asian hating, Trump loving airbnb host to be just as believable. The screen shots of the conversation with the host look legitimate.

Edit: large truck headlights, not “car”

So do I. I also find a Trump hating faker believable too though. :wink:

I hope we get to know the truth but maybe we never will.

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Those screen shots look just like a conversation on my Android. So either they went to a lot of trouble photoshopping something to look like an airbnb conversation and going out in the snow, etc or this really happened. I think there would be easier ways to get attention and make Airbnb or Trump supporters look bad.

I did not even look at this before, but now I am 100% sure it has been setup.
This is not the kind of video the average person can shoot, the lighting has been setup very well.

It is either a very small chinese women, or a very large car. Look at the shades, they are horizontal.
On top of that the shades are not scharp enough, so they ust be using some kind of diffuser to soften them.

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It’s a giant Ford pickup truck seen at the start of the video

The host went too far in their response but I am in agreement, whatever led up to that moment of refusing these guests we may never get to hear.
For sure though. I would never want to host this guest in my Ski resort house.

The host said it’s because they “won’t allow this country to be told what to do by foreigners.” She called the guest high, a con artist, and implied it’s because she’s Asian. Perhaps this was one of those guests who books for two and then tried to get the host to agree to an extra couple and dog for no extra payment. But this host is unprofessional to say the least.

I really don’t think this woman would put her face, her friend’s faces, the dog and their license plate number in the cold wet snow out for public view if this was fake. Much easier to go home and make a video with her face all made up and a green screen background with no footage of them even in the mountains. Just her story and and the fake “screen shots.”

At the start of the [quote=“K9KarmaCasa, post:16, topic:13026, full:true”]

It’s a giant Ford pickup truck seen at the start of the video

At the start of the video the headlights are below cameralevel, so it is not that gaint.
Later the light is at eye level.

So the women must be very small…
Maybe that is why she thinks she can sneak in extra guests, she only counts as half…

There is no evidence that she tried to sneak anyone in. I wish she’d provided the screen shots of the texts that allegedly show agreement on bringing the extra guests. She says they agreed to the extra payment. Maybe they don’t show her in the best light so she left it out. Or maybe she thinks, like I do, that there is no excuse for a host’s name calling.

Classic victim blaming here. The only issue should be if that is really what an Airbnb host put in a message thread.

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I agree that there is no excuse for name calling.
It is very unprofessional, but it happens.
I have seen a host slapping a guest in the face once… very unprofessional, but the guest had it coming… They were thrown out of the hotel by the police a hour later for vanalism and harassing other guests.

As long as the makers of the video are only showing a selection, and not the whole conversation, we do not know what she said before. And what triggered the host to write something like this.
To be honest, if someone starts to write in caps, for me it would already be a reason to ignore them.

But on one thing this host is right, these kind of “victims” are the reason that are persons like Trump, Le Pen, Wilders, Strache and Petry are getting more and more power.

This video is typical polarizing SJW behaviour: “I broke the rules, but he hurt my feelings so I am the victim”

The only issue should be if the host rightfully canceled.