Host canceled for marathon weekend.... now what?!?!?!

I just had a host cancel for a trip that I scheduled almost 2 months ago, for a world series marathon that I will be running in, and it was at a really great price. All the other places in the area for that weekend cost WWWAAAAYYYYYY MORE $$$$$$$, and for the most part everywhere possible is booked now!!!

So, what am I supposed to do now???

Perhaps you can contact Airbnb customer support and explain the situation. Maybe they will help you find another place or give you a travel voucher to make a more expensive option workable. Worth a shot.

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Yes, call Airbnb. But also your travel insurance or credit card should also cover you.

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I didn’t know that @jaquo. What sorts of things does a credit card usually cover?

I just got off the phone with customer service. Pretty annoyed about this. I’m going to get ready for bed and deal with this tomorrow morning, along with other stuff I need to deal with.

Neurologist said I can drive again, as of today, on a bunch of conditions, which include getting enough sleep, lol.

How does that work? Hubby said he thinks we paid it through paypal… ?!

It depends on the card but travellers really should make sure that their credit card covers such things as cancellations. Even the very best hotels sometimes have to cancel due to fires, floods or ‘acts of God’.

It’s always advisable to have travel insurance in case your credit card doesn’t allow for cancellations.

An overview:

I would have to look at Paypal to see if it offers any sort of protection, but credit cards are usually a better way.

So we’really young, naive, and dumb?! Didn’t really have a Plan B. Great for the FYI.

this really sucks – I’d be pretty upset about this too. How much time do you have to re-book? The best case scenario is that Air gives you a big voucher to help offset the higher price although I’m not sure if that’s going to happen. Hopefully, you’ll at least get more than the paltry standard $40.

So any signs that this could have happened – what are the host’s reviews like? Are they hands-on or is this a management company? I’m wondering if the host canceled on you and is booking someone else at a much higher rate - that would be incredibly shady.

Ooh good point, that is definitely possible. And so messed up.

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I dont think it is fair to assume that the host booked at a higher rate.
ABB does not allow a cancel and open dates.
Why not look from a host point of view?
Remember…this is not a hotel situation…if it is a room in a house, then it is staying in a persons home.
So what if:…

  • Host had a death in family
  • Host has a plumbing issue in home
  • Host has an unexpected medical problem
  • Host won a trip in a contest
  • Host discovered that having guests was not working out on a personal level.
    This can happen - life happens while we are busy making plans.
    Guest is not stranded on the street…this is an advance cancellation. Guest can contact ABB for assist, or guest may ( unfortunelty and sadly ) need to pay more for replacement lodging.
    It is not good…but let’s not assume the worst of the host nor encourage those auto thoughts.

We don’t know what the hosts situation is, but it is easy to cancel in one platform and accept a higher price through another platform.

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Sorry Georgy but none of your reasons would compel me as a host to just cancel on someone during a high demand weekend when I know it would really screw the guest over. I would scramble to figure out a way to accommodate the guest even if it meant making an exception to my normal way of doing business. I’ve canceled twice in 2.5 years but each time, I knew the guest could find a similarly priced unit within a few blocks of me.


I have had 2 houses for 7 years and never cancelled = ever.
But if I lived in my home and was renting a room and had an emergency or unexpected situation, then I would cancel.
I think it is the reality of ABB, and they even allow cancellations.
Hotels overbook…they just have another place to send a guest so they dont have to cancel

Not if you have a room within in a house instead of a free standing unit.
What other platform books shared space? Not TA, not VRBO, not HA, etc.

So a host decides that “having guests is not working out on a personal level”? Seriously? So that makes it OK to leave a guest in the lurch with a bill that’s now hundreds of dollars more? Even with the other reasons you listed like a medical problem, plumbing issues, or winning a trip – the attitude that it’s solely up to the guest to find an alternative on their own is really terrible.

I sort of agree with Georgy here. Things do happen, it if was something really serious like illness or death of a close family member I’d have no problems making that my priority… I think it’s important for guests to realise that hosts are real people and occasionally the worst happens and we might be left with no choice once in a blue moon.

Yes it does and I am not going to respond again.
This is a “shared economy” situation.
Shared home, shared space, shared emergencies.
I am pointing out that Real Life can, on occasion, take precedence.
“Personal Level” = sure.
“Guest” is not being discarded on a street corner in 6 ft of snow ; this is a situation where other arrangements must be made, and it is unfortunate, but that might cost more, or be less convenient.
Anyone who books on ABB and does not realize this risk is not being aware of a one on one situation and the reality . Now with a free standing unit, unless it becomes illegal, or has a physical problem that prevents renting, or is sold, then it is safer to assume that a booking will not cancel.
But when sharing a house…then you are also sharing a life, and all that can happen.


Look for a super host ( they never cancel) or go through host reviews and pick those that are either been at it for awhile with no cancellations, or if you still looking for deals, then a brand new host who’ll be happy to have you (especially private room listings).
All the best