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Host asks Guest to cancel?

I am a host who, like most of us, also books Airbb when I travel.

Made a booking 3+ weeks ago for a trip Mid-March. Yesterday Host contacted me on Air ap & by email: “Due to unforeseen construction…I ask that YOU ( emphasis mine) cancel, & contact Airbnb about finding suitable accommodation”, etc. adding an off hand, “call me at this number and let me know how it goes” :hushed:

Is this “kosher” or is he trying to avoid cancelling on his end ? He knows I’m also a host (profile- I didn’t mention it)

Any advise appreciated, as I’m traveling with guests & want to reflect positively on Airbnb-

*I assume he knows

  • advice (I’m an English teacher😏)

Yep. He should cancel.

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The host is trying to avoid cancelling either because they know it’s not an extenuating circumstance or because they’re too lazy to file for EC.

It may be that the host just wants to raise the price and knows that if he cancels, Airbnb will block the dates so that he can’t re-book them through Airbnb.

I would call the host, tell him to cancel or pay me to cancel:)



Hi @rubychix

As a host yourself you will know that if a host wants to cancel a booking, they need to do it themselves. Not ask the guest to do it.

Just tell them them to cancel themselves.

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You should copy Helsi statement above “As a host yourself…” and send it – as written – to the host.


Just spoke with the host: defensive, rude. He said of course he knew he was the one to cancel! But “thought I could just make it easier” on him by doing it myself. When I politely insisted, he agreed - sarcastic & belittling - then hung up on me mid-sentence!

I reported his comments/behavior to case manager - for what that’s worth. If given the he chance to do so, I’ll review him.

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Why aren’t you doing this on platform using the messaging system?


I hadn’t heard back from the Host and he had said to call , so I did.

After the above conversation, Host messaged me on the platform, saying: (and please ignore me if I’m making too much of this)

“I highly recommend you cancel this reservation because it will take me a long time to do it with Airbnb but suite (sic) yourself, with the new Airbnb law here (Honolulu) accommodations are scarce (not true) and Airbnb may not be able to help you “rehome” most vacay rentals are illegal here on Oahu mine is one of the very few that are legal so I really don’t think you understand the urgency to do this NOW!”

Why would it take him (?) a long time to cancel it? I suggest you call CS and tell them what is happening and see if they can help.


Ah … so he’s an asshole - got it. I would have refused to communicate off platform with a host like that.

What a jerk. In lieu of engaging with him, I guess you could have contacted Airbnb yourself: “The host just told me, by phone and not on the platform, that I had to go into your system and cancel my reservation because he has a construction issue. Can you verify that and then help me find another booking?”

So, to update: I did relay Hosts’ admonishment to caseworker, including his hanging up on me. Within an hour (1) HE messaged me and cancelled, “full refund” and (2) caseworker messaged with same. I kind of wish I could review him😈, but best to let sleeping dogs lie-


Somehow, he was able to respond and tell you to call. You, as a host, should know better.

And a liar.

If this is true, he probably wants to raise his prices since he’s one of the few legal ones.

I’ve never cancelled a reservation before, but I believe he’s playing you for a fool. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes and a few clicks to modify a reservation and I bet the cancellation process is just as quick.

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Did you mean this comment to sound so unsupportive?
There’s another reason, I think, for him to ask you, and that’s if he’s got SuperHost status. He’d lose it if it’s him who cancels a booking. But perhaps he’s just an asshole.

Sorry, but that is his problem. It sounds like he is, indeed both


But I am glad the OP stood up for themselves and everything worked out.

Hi Ruby,

looks like you dodged a bullet with this host.


It’s a reason (same reason as not getting the $100 host cancellation penalty), but it’s not a good one. If it’s a legitimate extenuating circumstance, then he’ll petition for EC and he won’t lose Superhost. If it’s not a legitimate EC, then he deserves to lose Superhost.

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