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Home insurance advice required


Please please… tell us all again about Proper Insurance. Four posts, three of them identical, isn’t enough for us to understand your love of Proper Insurance.


We don’t totally prohibit useful links but frankly you are just spamming and resurrecting old threads. I’m I’m pretty sure proper has been mentioned already on most insurance threads. So I’m going to delete your links. If you have anything else to contribute to the community feel free. If you are just peddling insurance, please don’t.


Hi, I discovered that my normal home insurance was null and void with Airbnb. I was with Budget Direct and they could not help me at all. After lots of phone calls I found two insurance companies who will cover short term Airbnb homes. GIO wanted about $1800 but I the coverage was not amazing. I ended up going with BJS Insurers and the name of the policy is “Main Residence / Occasional Short Term Rental POLICY”.

Contact details

Teresa Dennerley
Assistant Account Manager
BJS Insurance Brokers (Gippsland) Pty Ltd
Office: 129 -131 Graham Street | Wonthaggi | Vic 3995
Phone: (03) 5671 3632 | Fax: (03) 5672 3663
E-mail: teresa.dennerley@bjsib.com.au
Website: www.bjsib.com.au
The BJS Group also has offices in: Adelaide SA | Brisbane QLD | Mornington VIC | Melbourne VIC | Perth WA | Sydney NSW

The price was about the same as GIO but more is covered. I live in Perth but I didn’t use the regional office and dealt online instead.

No I feel secure again. :slight_smile:

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