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Home insurance advice required


I think that is a big jump to make. You can’t look at the host guarantees as a replacement for home insurance, and they even state this in their FAQs. Not meant to replace your homeowners insurance. If you have ever tried making an air claim it requires a confrontation process with the guest which is neither guaranteed nor comfortable.

Try comet.com. We’ve heard good things about them.


For the Uk, about a week ago Admiral started doing home & contents insurance for AirBnB hosts. You need to quote “Host” when you phone them,(you can’t do this online) but we did it this week and the premium was about £25% more than our standard policy but for peace of mind was worth it.


The 400% increase wasn’t my experience with Coast Capital or the one I went with (Wawanesa) - the rates were very comparable to what I’d been paying. The guy at Coast I’d been talking to told me there would be a huge leap IF they covered me, but the offer letter I received looked like there was no real difference in rates. I agree Airbnb guests are much lower risk than month to month tenants - I’ll never go back to long term tenants.


I called square one and got a good quote that covers full-time airbnb use in Ontario. They seemed very professional and aware the implications of homesharing/vacation rentals.


This happened to me, I found insurance through CBIZ.


Yes, I got CBIZ too. It completely replaces homeowner’s insurance (structure & contents) + has a $1M liability ($2M lifetime, I believe) liability + covers lost income if you were to lose use of the home. It’s actually very reasonable too. In fact, cheaper than many regular homeowners policies. I was pleasantly surprised. I just hope they are good if I ever have to use it!



What company do you represent?



Try Proper. They are intended to replace your current coverage and cover you for rentals.


Thanks. Will check with hubby to see if he tried them


You are right. They are willing to cover us … if we remove the diving board :slight_smile:


Apparently they only insure in Canada. Thanks .


Farmers Insurance has a new and competitive Vacation Rental package through Foremost designed specifically for the exploding short-term rental market through platforms such as AirBnB and VRBO. Many People who are renting this way do not realize that if they have a claim, it may not be covered under their current policy and if you do have a commercial policy for your property, it often costs twice as much as the program we are offering.

The program covers properties rented for residential purposes with a lease agreement less then 12 months (daily, weekly, or monthly). The dwelling may also be used by the owner for their own vacation purposes.*
If you own a vacation property, you can get a specialized policy that provides the coverages you want for your particular situation.

  • Any age home is acceptable
  • High liability limits, up to $1,000,000 are available, Including Personal Injury (in most states)
  • Loss of Rents coverage is available
    -If you have a claim that results in the loss of use of your property, Farmers will reimburse you for any cancellations or lost booking opportunities for the duration of the repair period. (customizable limits)
  • Customizable personal property coverage for non-owner occupied dwellings
  • Extends replacement cost coverage past 30 days to 90 days without vacancy reductions
  • Dwellings values up to $1,000,000 may be acceptable

I currently insure vacation rentals in the state of California, operating out of the Farmers Insurance agency of Mike Fraijo. If your vacation rental is located in the state of California, I would love to provide you with a quote. If you are in another state, I am sure a Farmers agent in your area would be happy to assist you. My business information is as follows, anyone on this forum is welcome to contact me:
Rebecca Clark
Farmers Insurance, Mike Fraijo Agency
7021 Katella Ave, Stanton, CA 90680



I read most of your comments. They are really useful. Thank you
I am new in Air b n b as a host, living in canada and need to have a proper insurance for my property which is in air b n b system.
Would you please send me your friend’s info so I can contact him in this regard?

Thank you



Hi ajmartin,
Who do you have insurance with, may I ask?


There are several companies providing insurance for Airbnb hosts. I use CBIZ.


Comet must be out of business. They have not answered several inquiries I sent.


I just got Comet. very easy to deal with.


try jay@comethome.com


Thank you. No idea why they didn’t reply to numerous enquries. Now the last and final guest I needed coverage in is leaving, and no incidents thank goodness. No need for them now.


CBiz Active in State not in Canada

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