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When browsing my own listing incognito to price against other listings, as you do, I noticed the ‘Home Highlights’ box:

Is this a new feature? I haven’t spotted it before. It seems to have the potential to be handy, although the order if the information changes between different searches and ‘16’ spotless reviews against 25 five star for cleanliness is odd (unless it’s over a period of time).

Oddly, it only shows in Chrome browser for me and not another I use, Dolphin.

I have not seen this myself before today. Oddly, I tried in Chrome and got nothing, but it showed up using Dolphin. Funny, right?

Interesting the different selections—our SuperHo status isn’t mentioned, but our location is.

That is odd indeed. Maybe a beta or targeted release of the info, who knows. It reminds me of the “what guests love the most” section on booking.com.

It is new. I noticed it starting yesterday but I hadn’t checked any listings since last week so it may have appeared several days ago. I’m using Chrome on the website.

I actually saw it today on my phone app. It’s the first time I’ve noticed, and I was on yesterday scouting too.

It’s on Safari here in Western Canada.

I just noticed something else. My highlight is being “family friendly”. Instead of ratings being listed most recent to older reviews, the ones noted as “family stays” are shown first, and my other reviews come after.

The highlights change. Earlier today my cleanliness rating (last 18 guests said my place was sparkling clean). Now that’s replaced by I’m a Superhost.

@KKC Have you noticed the order of your reviews changing as well?

No but that could be I haven’t gotten any in the “for work” category. I’m not family friendly so that one better not show up. My reviews are still chronological except for foreign visitors who come at the end.

I can’t even figure out what they’re calling a “family trip.” Most had kids with them, but not all of them.

Assume if the person entered kids in the guest count at booking.

@Brandt you would think, but that isn’t the case. I think their tracking system must be a little glitchy.

Maybe it’s something the guest can enter when they reserve just as hotels will ask if the trip is for business or for pleasure. So couples might call it a family trip. Are any single travelers labeled as family trips?

@KKC The one that stood out was a group of friends. Like two adult men and an adult woman. Booked by the woman.

I went back to look at others, but I’m back to being a superhost for now.

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@KKC I just figured out that if I search with a child in my party it highlights the family thing, but not if I search for just adults.

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I noticed it two days ago here in the UK. I’m now going to have to remove our “work ready” moniker, in that it highlights the self check-in key pad, that I have no intention of using at my own home, unless by prior/agreed arrngement. Not that the moniker has made an iota of difference.

We’ve just installed a lock box for this purpose. We’re not ticking that amenity in our listing to be ‘business ready’ as we are, like you, only wishing to use it as a backup check-in option not the default option.

I think the “business ready” title is so strange anyway. I have all the boxes checked except the moderate cancellation policy, which I’m not going to change to. They keep trying to get me to, but I’m not gonna.

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Just as a point of reference because your listing seems similar to mine…I am business ready and have been on flexible cancellation for almost my entire time on Airbnb. Since I qualified for the “for work” category I don’t know if I’ve gotten bookings from that. I’m about 90% booked for my available days so it’s hard to tell if the designation helps. But in any case I usually get a replacement booking if there is a cancellation. I’ve also found that most (60%?) of my cancellations are same day and not entitled to a refund anyway. And cancellations farther out get rebooked because of my large last minute business.

All of that is to say that if you switched to flexible it might not hurt you. I think hosts should be prepared for the day when we all have to go to flexible or something close to it because Airbnb is becoming more like hotels and demand that we follow policies like hotels.

If you have all the business you need then don’t bother but if you’d like more bookings or feel that competition is heating up you might try it.

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