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Home Highlights


I wish we could pick our own “home highlights”. Ours said “pool, a rare find in this area”. I don’t want to emphasize the pool. No wonder I’m getting requests for families when I say no children under 12.



Remove it as an amenity. I have a kitchen but don’t list it. I have laundry but don’t list it. If, a big if, I want to allow a guest to use it I can.



Yeah I thought about remove the pool from the listing and I might just do that. We do let guests use it and some do. Those that do really enjoy it. I just don’t want to attract kids so maybe I’ll remove it as an amenity but let guests know after they book. Another “highlight” they have for us is self-check in, which we added about 6 months ago to qualify for business guests. I have yet to have one person use it. So that doesn’t seem to be a “highlight” for us. I’d rather they say “clean” or “hot breakfast served daily” or “no cleaning fees or security deposit”. Those would be bigger assets. They should let us choose our own highlights.



It is helpful that they are emphasizing the meaning of Superhost for those travelers who are new to RBB, but I agree, the best would be to present us each with a choice of possible highlights, then let us select.
Other than that, it makes me wonder how their algorithm prioritizes highlights.

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If I were you, I would remove the pool as an amenity, and on the rare occasions you let someone use it, ask them to please not mention it in the review. Otherwise, even if it’s no longer listed as an amenity, people will read your reviews and expect a pool.

This has happened to me with breakfast. I started out offering it (continental, but with many choices) and then decided not to. So many previous guests talked about the great breakfast spread that new guests failed to notice it’s no longer offered. It was such a problem that I added it back in to avoid bad reviews.



Good point! That happens with many “extras” that hosts may offer. You hope it’s not mentioned in a review because then it becomes expected.



Put in the listing that you no longer offer breakfast. Put in each inquiry reply that you don’t offer it. Remind each guest that books that there is no breakfast.

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