HOA eliminating STRs

Anyone having issues with HOA trying to eliminate STR. I think I’m under fire and thinking of my next move. About 10% of the over 100 homes in our vacation golf course ski community are the focus of the home owners. Many STR people have bought for goals of future retirement. The local residents really have no grievous complaints but more annoyed by having strangers in the area. Homes are of $600,000 value and above so they attract guests with money.

@Brian_R170 is someone who has dealt with this.

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A lot of people don’t know the history of HOAs and their goal of keeping the wrong kind of people out of neighborhoods. They aren’t so overtly racist now (because laws) but there’s all kinds of the wrong people. Transient Airbnb guests are in that category.

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I wish I could help, but I totally screwed up. I bought my house when it was new in 1995 and the HOA changed the rules to ban STRs in 2009/2010, but I never knew it and had never obtained a copy of the latest CC&Rs. Things were different back then, and I don’t know the reason, but interestingly, there is an exception allowing STR for homes in foreclosure, which probably has something to do with the housing market crash that was going on at that time.

Things I would advise (but unfortunately was not able to try myself):
Attend your HOA board meetings to see what people are actually saying and present your own views. Get to know your neighbors and their concerns and give them your direct contact information. Monitor your guests for bad behavior with cameras and noise meters and point that out. Make sure that your property stands out as being well-maintained and how it needs to be to attract guests. In my case, my property was rented several times by guests that were visiting other families that live in my HOA, so it’s a service to the community. Get those 10% of other homeowners involved (if they’re investment firms with property managers, maybe not).