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Hidden code word people, ideas please

Ok, I’ve read on several threads about people hiding code words and offering a prize if it’s mentioned. What do you offer? I love this idea, but I want to figure out something that fits my hosting style and so I’d love to hear what you do. At the top of your listing do you mention that there’s a code word hidden somewhere? I figured it would help others too!

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Bottle of wine OR jar of local jam/honey (to accommodate non-drinkers)

Small gift certificate to local cafe

Cookies or chocolates, local if you can. Doesn’t have to be a huge amount.

Some little souvenir from you area. It coud be something like a fridge magnet…Nothing too expensive.

Bar of fancy soap (wrapped) or lotion from local brand

But if you do it, follow through. I hate when hosts mention things in the listing and then they aren’t there, but I feel petty asking.

I’ve also heard of people burying the Wi-Fi password in the rules somewhere. Make it like a treasure hunt.

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I don’t know… I think the idea of code words is a little juvenile… They simply need to be adults and read your whole listing! Just because they found the code word doesn’t necessarily mean they will follow all the instructions. Certificate to local cafe? If it were anything under $20 it would look cheap. Same with a bottle of wine. I don’t know… If it works I guess. Just one more thing to do that takes up your time. For probably a mixed result?? And remember folks, time is money.


I’m not sure it’s worth the effort (although please tell me otherwise if you’re a host this works for!)

It’s pretty easy to quickly scan a listing without actually reading it and a word like ‘aardvark’ or ‘butterfly’ would easily stand out. So guests could see the code word without truly reading. I think I’d rather just accept that guests don’t read the listing. Less hassle :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what I’m looking for! :slight_smile:


We only ask the code word because many airbnb newbies don’t have the habit yet of reading the whole listing and all the house rules. And it’s worked for us.
By the way our code words are “Yokoso” and “Kirei” (Welcome and Clean/Beautiful in Japanese)

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Do you offer any sort of reward?

I’m thinking of putting somewhere in the house rules:
*mentioning the word “whatever” in your initial contact with me will get you a whatever when you arrive.

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Huh? You’re joking right?

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Well, I haven’t figured out if I’m doing it or what I would give away yet. I’m just seeing what people do to see if I want to do it.

I guess I don’t understand the purpose to the whatever. It sounds a bit snarky, to be honest. And some international guests might not get the joke. Your guests actually use the word whatever in their inquiries?

When my boys were about ten I had to ban certain sass forms. :smiley:

Whatever was one. hello was another.

I need you to clean your room.
Answer. whatever.

"Hello I’ve already done my homework."
hello I don’t need to clean my room.

Whatever sounds like teenage snark to me.

I"m saying “whatever” now because I don’t know what I’ll actually use yet.

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I thought she means “whatever” to designate whatever she decides the code word(s) will be. Perhaps she should have said “mentioning the word homemade cookies in your initial contact with me will get you a half dozen homemade cookies when you arrive.”

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I haven’t put any thought into a code word or an offering yet because I’m not sure i’m even going to do it.

Yep, that’s it! And that’s a great idea, but then I’d actually have to bake something.

Yeah I was just using whatever came off the top of my head. Whatever you decide to use, I’m sure it’s will be fine. :grin:

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Yeah, I love all the ideas, but most would be too much work for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That’s what I’m trying to decide if it’s even worth it unless I can buy something good to use in bulk cheaply. I do have a friend a few blocks away who has local honey that if I can get a good deal on small containers inexpensively, that could be an awesome option.

Oh I see! I was taking you literally!
Sorry about that.

I think code words are more trouble than they are worth, JMHO

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My welcome includes the access code for my key lock (written in the middle of a sentence, not bolded) and then afterwards says If you have read all this and agree, text me the worlds name FOR SURE. The next sentence says that this is needed to make the lock work (it doesn’t but makes it imperative to do) and also gets me their phone #, texted to me. Often the phone # in their profile is not the one in use at the time of their trip.

I also put all this into the airbnb message thread.

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Yes, a bottle of wine. $5, nothing fancy but worth it for me and my guests

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