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Hi! Ne host here!


New host here from Mumbai India
I have only recently put up my listings on airbnb
Still waiting for payoneer confirmation to get the listing live!
It is good to know that this community exists.
I had hosted a property long back and had recieved all 5 star reviews on it.
Probably because of the cheap pricing I think. But I had a tremendous success during that time but unfortunately I had to stop hosting on that property due to some reasons. But now I am looking to host as a professional and rent out multiple properties around the city.
Any tips that would make me a better host and make this venture of mine a great profitable success?
Thank you all for your input!


The best tip is to read and participate a lot in this forum: It’s a masterclass, with helpline option.
Welcome to the forum !

About your new multiple property business venture:

  • Crunch the numbers.
  • Check out the current competition.
  • Be aware of possible threats (continuously growing competition, changing legislation, …).
  • Have alternative options or exit strategies.


Welcome. This is a great place to get loads of different opinion’s to give a balanced view of various ABB issues.


Thank you for your input! @Jacqueline nd @GutHend


Welcome! :smiley:

I believe we have another Mumbai host on this forum, @faheem, although we don’t hear from him as much as we used to. :cry: Unfortunate since he was an interesting poster and you both have lots in common with hosting.

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