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HGTV ‘My house is your house’

I came across a recent addition to HGTV network … a renovation show focused on the Short Term Rental market.

While they did not address pressing issues like Accessory Pillows, Duvet or Comforter, Electric Kettles, this evening’s episode converted a carport into a STR and they did discuss the impact of having a kitchenette or not.

They did provide some return on investment $ figures but I thought some of their estimates were aggressive for the specific property location (suburban Nashville)


I’m just waiting for a reality tV show based on hosting an AirBnB!


….assuming, of course, that AirBnB actually is reality and not a figment of our perverted imaginations!


There is one called Instant Hotel.


Seriously, there’s a programme here in the UK called “Hotel Inspector” where a hotelier goes around helping out failing establishments - a bit like the Gordon Ramsay restaurant programme but without the foul language. There also “Four in a Bed” where four B&B’s/small hotels compete against each other - all the owners all spend a night at the other establishments and rate them on a number of categories. This has actually been quite useful for us!


Netflix offers the show “Stay Here” to go into properties and help owners transform their properties to a 5* stay. It is your basic renovation show with a rental twist.

But I too am wondering when a reality show is going to occur with nosey neighbors interfering with a rental, a host having to evict partiers, people renting a place for 2 and showing up with 10 guests, the wedding diva having a meltdown, the guest leaving the doors & window open then complaining there are bugs or the interior temp is too hot/cold, and you know MORE!!!

I think it would have to be a “some scenes re-enacted” type of show but could be eye-opening for guests and for hosts.

Any TV producers out there? Khloé Kardashian is producing a crime show on Investigation Discovery (ID TV). ( I think it is Twisted Sister about one sister killing another). Any one know her? Throw out a pitch!!!


I consider the Hotel Inspector from when I lived in the UK over 10 years ago to be a godsend. I ask myself “what would the hotel inspector say?” and even have a friend who used to work in hospitality come around and give a HI report once a year. Nothing, especially my feelings, is spared.


I feel the same way about House Doctor - I hear her voice :slight_smile:

The Australian show on Netflix “Instant Hotel.” It’s especially hysterical because Australians have a wacky sense of humour and no filters. Two seasons now and I’m addicted.

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Well then, what’s the point? :wink: Do they address the issue of whether or not to clean guest linens in your own washing machine or send out laundry?


Or whether they should be cleaned between EACH guest?! Lol

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