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Help with shower curtain?


What is your solution for low maintenance but steril shower curtain???

Wash it, have extras.



Hi Lgstacey,

The best solution is to launder the shower curtain and liner after every turnover. Well, maybe not the one-nighters but after every stay of three days or more. Do them in the washing machine and you can rehang them while they are still damp so they’ll only need a short time in the dryer or on the line.

I find it’s best to have spares too, just in case. I use white and so it’s essential that I have spares in case of someone dyeing their hair or something equally stainy. Although whatever colour or pattern, I’d still have spares in case the one in use gets torn or damaged in some way.

If you have a shared place and the bathroom is always in use, I would launder them every week.

I buy a new one. I used to buy the cheap cheap lightweight ones but have had better luck with the heavy duty ones that are $10-16. They last quite a long time. Perhaps because I spray them down periodically.

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I would add that if you wash them with towels, the towels rub off the soap scum and then everything gets rinsed clean.


I buy the $15 antimicrobial, heavy duty ones from walmart. I wash once a week.

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What brand do you buy? What do you spray them down with???

Change the liner often. I buy them at the dollar store. My town recycles plastic. To clean between guests, I just spray it with Clorox bleach then rinse.

I’m not sure. I’ll check next time I am there. Probably just whatever is available at Walmart. Spray is usually some type of bathroom cleaner. I am using to clean the sink and shower along with a magic eraser. Usually has some type of bleach ingredient. Not picky about brand. Whatever is available and inexpensive.

Fabric, and washed in with other laundry on every turnover. I try to find ones without metal grommets, but I’m in a salty environment so have issues with rust.

Launder regularly. Polyester ones wash very well.

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I don’t use a liner, The bathroom does not get wet and I wash them all the time so I do not see the point.


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Try using Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Matte Clear Spray Paint, or a similar product. I sprayed my shower curtain grommets, as well as the hooks (they have those rolling ball bearings at the top), and haven’t had an issue with rust since.

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Thanks for the paint tip, are you on the beach also? I’m 60 feet from the sea at high tide, so it’s a constant struggle. I’m not sure I’ll find rustoleum clear where I am located, but I have seen colored paints, and I have a set of curtain hooks I could try that out on.

Nope, Not on the beach. Just have an older building with a bathroom fan that isn’t always efficient at getting rid of moisture. Not to mention guests that leave water everywhere… :slightly_smiling_face:

I use a fabric inner liner and a heavier weight patterned fabric outer curtain. You can wash the plastic ones with the towels, but in my experience they don’t last as long or look as good as the fabric liners. I use the old plastic ones now as paint drop cloths.

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I am surprised to hear of all these fabric liners. I thought all the miners were plastic. I will have to be on the lookout.

Google fabric shower liner curtain and you’ll find them…

That was the plan, thanx. Do they resist mildew and mold any better than the plastic ones?

I think they do, another plus is they don’t billow out and stick to you when you shower.

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