Help! Where can I find my SH gift bonus/certificate please?

Possibly being thick as a brick with this, but I have a personal request to book pending, and want to set my bonus against it. I’ve never used one before, and try as I may, can’t find out either where to find it, or how to do so.

You should have received an email from Air with the code number in it… If you can’t find the email, call them, and a CS can find the code for you…

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Its at the bottom of payment methods


I have used mine previously, and believe it’s toward the end of your completion for your booking. It should come up as an option to apply towards your payment amount.


Thanks, all three of you. Truly helpful.

Just waiting now for the host to respond and accept. A newbie who listed a very nice, new property just a week ago, in the village we visit regularly in Portugal.

Gone are the days of door knobs falling off, getting locked in/out or tripping over in the dark when the lights go out.

Ohhh, brave. I won’t book a new Airbnb. :japanese_ogre:

Man am I glad I got a few guests last year that didn’t share your opinion :upside_down_face:


I’m glad for you as well. We all have our various risk tolerances. My vacations are sacred ground. LOL. As an example when I rented the VRBO house for my trip to Costa Rica I wanted to pay via VRBO even though I could have booked direct. I just was too afraid to send $7000 to some guy in Costa Rica.

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He is now an Ex Airbnb Host. His listing was a scam for false advertising on their platform.

After hearing nothing for 7 hours, Mr Joan found a website for his property, where his pricing was two thirds higher than listed on Air. I sent him a message on his own website, asking him to respond to my RTB on Airbnb earlier. I swiftly received a terse response that the apartment was unavailable, having been booked from another platform. Stupid pratt sent it on the AIr platform, not from his own website; fun to be had!

I told him that this was unacceptable, he had a duty to keep his calendar up dated etc etc, and that I would speak to Airbnb about his unprofessional behaviour. Whilst I was on the phone to CS, he sent a grovelling reply, “I’m a newbie, I don’t understand how Airbnb works yet, I’ll update my calendar tomorrow”.

Of course, CS (Dublin; lovely, helpful, well trained people) can read all of this at the same time as I could, and also searched for his own website. She came to the same conclusion as us and asked me to report him under scamming with the detail. In the meantime, she would send her own report for investigation.

That was late on Saturday evening. I looked for his listing on Air just now and it has gone. Zilch, nada.

Result. People like him give other hosts a bad name.

I just hope I don’t bump into him whilst in the village next week :sunglasses:

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I doubt he lives anywhere close to that village. Sorry that happened to you but that’s exactly why I only use hosts with a lot of reviews. I suppose a certain property might meet my standards; like when @Brian_R170 first started. But if there is a well reviewed property with an experienced host to be had, I’m going with that.

Even if they aren’t scammers I’d be afraid of the last minute cancellation because their friends decided to come in town for the concert or they broke up with their boyfriend and have to move, etc.

I’ll soon find out; it’s a small village where everyone knows everyone, including their business!

I share your preference for a host with good reviews, although we all had to start somewhere at the beginning. Unfortunately I wasn’t in a position to confirm a booking until last Saturday, and many of the properties I’d earmarked had already gone.

Thankfully I found somewhere nicer on Home Away, and guess what? I know the Property Manager’s parents.

A very small village.

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These things often work out for the best.