Help reviewing guests

I just has a group of 3 guests check out and its time to review them.

I had no mayor issues with them, good communication, no damages and considering they stayed for two weeks they where not very demanding guests and no mayor incidents apart from:

  • Consuming a lot of data. My listing description clearly states that allotted internet data is 300Mb/day and the internet is for light browsing. This has never been an issue as people usually come here on holiday and they are out most of the day. The guests consumed well over 1000Mb/day even despite the fact that they send me a message that the internet was acting up on one occasion. Honestly I let this slip as I have few bookings this month so it should not affect other guests. Also I do not write this limit as a house rule.
  • One week into their stay one of the guests sends me an email to tell me he cut himself during the night and he bled on the sheets. Fortunately his mother removed washed the stains away and no damage was done. My only issue with this incident is that his message implied that he cut himself due to my sofa bed. I inspected the bed myself and there was absolutely nothing that could cut or harm the guest.
  • I still had to deal with stains on both beds (blood and a mystery stain) and I had to treat sheets and wash the matres protectors as well as the stains seeped through.
  • After their check out I found no damages but the apartment was not very clean. Mainly the floor was full of crumbs everywhere and food residues stuck to the floor. Usually it takes me 5 hours to clean, this time it took me 7!

Now these guests kept telling me they liked the apartment throughout their stay. There is also the possibility that they might be frequent visitors as one of the guests was here for work reasons.

What are your thoughts.

As far as data usage goes : how is it possible for someone to control the usage?
Other things were very minor. Sounds like they were good guests. If you charge for cleaning then they didn’t reallly have to clean the place. 2 hours extra sucks but wouldn’t be an issue for me.

You can downgrade them
On cleanliness but other than that…


You can set up a “usage blocker” on your wifi, sometimes through your service provider, sometimes with an attached device like a countdown timer. Ask at a computer guru shop. Putting it in your house rules won’t do much good because 1. Guests Don’t Read; and 2. Guests don’t care – anything worth doing is worth over-doing when they aren’t paying for it.

Review: “Guests were nice enough, but left the place a dirty mess. Also went 'way overboard on computer use. Cannor Recommend them as guests.”

Is limited internet common in your location? Most guests in my area would have no clue on data usage caps.

Would not mention stains as sounds like accident.

Cleanliness up to you. I usually only mention if place was trashed. Some people are just slobs. I think you need to be careful not to come across as a dictator in reviews.

What is you end game? Would You host them again? If you want them as repeat guests I would leave a bland review and perhaps address the data usage in the private comments - indicating they would be welcome back but please note the data issues. Possibly offering them the option of paying for a larger data package should they return.

Mark down a star for cleanliness.

If you really can’t recommend them you might still want to leave a bland review because the issues seem to be “part of doing business” issues.

Always great to have another perspective. Thank you all for your feedback.

I don’t know. I don’t think they sound like great guests. When you have at least three things happen… It’s time to really assess.

Didn’t you say a kid was one of the guests? The one who bled? Then he was probably doing data intensive stuff like gaming. I don’t know how you can control data. How were you able to tell they used a lot?

I don’t like the fact that the kid notified you of the bleed and then tried to get out of the responsibility by implying it was your sofa bed. Just fess up to that without the blame. Strike two.

Strike three is the mess. Think of how many times you have had guests that didn’t leave crumbs or extra work. Two hours? Time is money, girl

Although xx seemed happy with their stay, unfortunately I cannot welcome them back. They left an excessive mess behind that required two hours more cleaning time, as well as stained sheets. The excessive Internet use was another issue.

Sorry I can’t help with the review, but just regarding the internet thing…

if I was told there was a 300mb limit I would expect something to happen when I reached that limit. Either it cuts off automatically, or I get a little warning pop up. If it continued to work I’d probably just assume I hadn’t reached the cap yet and keep going. I wouldn’t know how to check either.

1000mb between a number of people isn’t ‘excessive’ to a lot of people. One could easily reach that limit watching a bit of Netflix and normal browsing. So I think @KenH suggestion of a usage blocker of some sort is a good one


The “kid” was in his thirties, if I remember correctly from the other thread…

@travellinbug, only you can decide whether you’d be happy to host them again. I agree with @Terryathome about the data usage issue if you decide yes. Honestly, they don’t sound that bad to me and repeat business is good, particularly in slow season.

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Its their son but he is not a kid! He’s 35-40.

Do guests see the star rating I give them or just the comment?