Help reading my Occupancy & Rate stats

On my Performance page, I’ve given up comparing my Occupancy & Rate stats to the stats of my “Region” because they are always identical. Am I reading or interpreting these stats incorrectly?

We tend to ignore any stats provided by Airbnb.

Chocolate teapots come to mind.



i don’t think I’ve ever looked at mine! I know what my occupancy is and although I don’t quite know what they mean by rate, if the mean nightly rate then I know that too. Or are they a generalisation of the area? If so, I don’t want to know about that anyway. :wink:

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As do we, and when I wander down to my office as of a morning, and see my latest scolding message from Airbnb, I just have a chuckle.

Them: You’re doing shit.

Me: Fuck off, we’re rammed for the next two months.

Case closed.



Long ago, lost in the mists of time, I somehow switched off the Airbnb send-me-pointless-emails setting. I don’t know how or when but it was well worth it. :slight_smile:


I had set a 2-day minimum stay and a 1-day preparation time on my listing. Airbnb’s stats didn’t count either the preparation time days or any single days that couldn’t be reserved because of the 2-day minimum. The result was Airbnb’s calculated occupancy rate showed about 30% higher than it actually was.

I thought it was odd since the Airbnb system created the blocked days due to the availability/booking settings and the listing is expected to be vacant during that time. That’s different from days that are blocked manually or via channel-manager software where Airbnb doesn’t know why they are blocked and doesn’t know how to count them toward occupancy.

Thanks for the replies - and permission to ignore useless “information”