Help in understanding if my listing is ok

Hi all! I’m new here, thank you for this great community, I read many topics here and tried to learn a bit from your experience. I’ve a new listing, first time I do something with AirBnB, and I wonder if we were able to optimize things well. I’m in Sicily, Catania, and I want to attract US / UK guests. I wonder if I did everything well with the photos selection (a mix of home made and professional), and with the description. I really look forward to do my best to provide the guests a great experience, but I really need the listing to reflect how nice the house is. Thank you for any comment! This is my listing: (not sure why I can’t put a link here).

Regards and thanks.

Why in particular US and UK guests @sicilianhost

The important thing with a listing is to have a good host profile and photo, information in your listing not just about the accommodation but about local attractions, whether a car is needed and information about local shops, public transport etc

I would also include photos of the local area as well as your home.

Don’t forget your home insurance for STRs and CCTV if you host remotely.

Good luck

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Here is the listing on the US site.

I took a quick look. It’s a beautiful apartment. US guests will appreciate the large bathrooms and the air conditioning. I noted a few phrases that were awkward in translation but that doesn’t bother me at all. Best of luck.

Quick thoughts - it is beautiful! Photos look great, I want to stay there. Could you add a photo of the nearby market?

There is something in your profile text that Airbnb thinks is a website and is blocking, you might want to look into that and fix it.

Thank you so much for your feedbacks! Yep indeed a few photos of the local markets would be great. Probably people headed to Catania may already know it, but since the house is so near to the markets, it’s worth to stress this point: it also means that you can eat fresh stuff spending a few bucks per day. Also I’m going to review the translation, I speak English because I’m a computer programmer and often travel around and talk with foreigners but the text was written by my co-hosts (I’m the owner and one of the hosts, but there are other two folks that help me to do the checkins and such). Also will ping Massimo about the link in his bio, probably I wanted to write a comma, wrote a dot instead and the system recognizes it as a web link. Totally understand your policy of not allowing links to be posted from newcomers, too many spammers around. Cheers!


¡Bellísimo! It’s perfect! I wouldn’t change a thing.

Lovely listing and wonderful photographs! If you are focusing on English-speaking visitors, you may want to consider using the English term “charm” in the listing title rather than “charme.”

Oh no, please don’t! Charme is much more charming than charm :slightly_smiling_face: Seriously, please don’t change it.

Another one here who finds your listing very appealing indeed. The only thing when I was looking through the photos - it’s on two floors, yes? And the upstairs bedroom has a balcony? A floor plan might be nice. But not necessary. I want to stay there right now!

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The place is lovely, I love the floors.

My specific feedback re: phrases that are a little awkwardly translated:

“Its surface is about 150 square meters developed on two levels.”

I’d write that as “150 meters total living space on two levels”

“The apartment has three exposures …” What does ‘exposure’ mean in this context?

“with large openings that frame suggestive views of downtown Catania and specifically, Piazza Federico II di Svevia.” ‘Suggestive views’ makes me think I am going to be overlooking the red light district. Are you near ‘The Gut’? :joy:

“An internal staircase, of contemporary conception,” ‘conception’ is what leads to pregnancy in common parlance. Yes, there are other meanings for it, but to your average American that’s what we mean when we use that word.

Regardless, it reads well enough as written. That feedback is pretty nitpicky.

First impression - it looks absolutely great.

Minor suggestions:

  • Consider moving one of the bathroom pics earlier in the lineup - the gorgeous one with the grey tiles
  • Consider moving the gorgeous outside seating area shot earlier
  • Remove 2-3 photos that really aren’t needed
  • Remember that the initial view of your description is the first two paragraphs - so perhaps put the highlights right there so people see them without clicking “tell me more”

Bear in mind that it is desirable for you to earn superhost status for the March 30 deadline - so you MAY consider trying to accommodate a bunch of short bookings this quarter - so if 80% of them give ratings and you need at least 10 stays - that you weigh things in your favor and then can be a superhost around April 10-14.

Again - overall I would want to book your place in a second - it looks just super.

Your place is beautiful I would stay there in a heartbeat if I was into modern- x - traditional look! Photos are quite nice as is the price and great location. Maybe a few too many similar bedroom photos. Great Luck to you! I love Sicily. I went to a jazz concert once in Catania !


I was just in Catania a few weeks ago. Your place looks great and I wish it had been available when I was making travel plans! Please note when saying that the apartment is on the Second Floor, to make sure (if you want US Guests) that it is a US second floor, which here in Italy is what US people would call the Third Floor.

As you know, we go Floors 1,2,3…etc in the US, but here in Italy, usually it is Ground, 1, 2, 3…etc.

Make sure there are a good assortment sizes of bowls in the kitchen, as well as good pots and pans, and utensils. Some people like to cook. Also make sure there are measuring cups, spoons and even a scale for weighing ingredients. Make sure the stove works properly as well as the oven if there is one.

Catania is lovely and fascinating and I also recommend urging your guests to go to RISTORANTE LA SICILIANA on Viale Marco Polo, #52 and ask for the Buon Ricordo Menu. Not only is the food there awesome, but they will get a lovely hand painted Souvenir plate from the Buon Ricordo organization. It’s a real treasure!

In bocca al lupo!

The place looks great and couldn’t fault what you’re offering. I have a small suggestion - hang a painting / print on the wall behind the larger brown sofa. The space looks empty in comparison with the smaller wall, which has a painting.

Don’t change a thing. It’s gorgeous. (Especially those sage green chairs - wow).

Well, when I say ‘don’t change anything’ maybe the price? It’s very cheap.

The price seems to be in line for the area. I would only raise the price for stays farther out. Try to get as many 5 star bookings as you can when starting out before the new host boost ends. That may already have passed.

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So many awesome feedbacks! Trying to reply to the different suggestions:

  • Pricing: yep I think we are cheap right now. Catania is not a place where AirBNBs are highly priced, but our apartment is bigger and much better than the average, there must be niche market for that. However I don’t want to raise the price before having many 5 starts reviews.
  • Pictures: totally makes sense both to put the more nice bathroom among the first pictures, get rid of the pictures that are not really providing any additional info, and so forth.
  • Empty walls: this kind of old Sicilian houses have 5 meters tall walls, it is a real problem to fill them indeed. The main spot on top of the sofa that is empty, is like that because I wanted to wait for a really good painting to put there. Still in the process of finding one, but indeed, really needed.
  • Thanks for the restaurant suggestion! La Siciliana indeed is a good one, I didn’t add this yet only because it’s quite some time I don’t go there and wanted to check again, but your heads up is helpful.
  • Oh, thanks about the floor! Indeed this house has ground (nothing inside, just stairs), first floor, and second floor (our apartment is there). Btw @Carl_P I’m very happy to hear you enjoyed Catania!
  • English: thank you so much for the feedbacks about that, and even for providing better versions of the text we use.
  • Good note on the 30 March deadline. I’ve quite a number of bookings before 30 March, I may be able to do it, but lowering the price significantly for the next couple of months may make more likely I reach this goal.

Well, so many great suggestions, this was very useful and it is so cool that you cared to review my listing. Thanks!


My Gf who passed on had an entire collection of Buon Recordo plates!

Oh you misunderstood. This is selfish of us. Everyone who reviews your listing gets 10% off when they book your place. Perhaps you missed that in the forum T&Cs?



I looks inviting to me. I want to book it. I’m from Australia and dream of visiting Italy.