HELP! Guests having a party in my house RIGHT NOW…

HELP!!! Guests having a party in my house RIGHT NOW… I contacted the guest and she said it was only her and five friends. The noise went down for about five minutes and the went up again. I am downstair snow and can hear to from here. WHAT theHELLdo I do

Call air bnb and make stop the guest. (if your rule is saying no party)

They will cancel guests booking and they will have to move out.

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Storm right in and tell them to shut the you-know-what up! Be sure to have your phone with you and get recorded or videod evidence. In future, be sure that you have ‘only registered guests allowed on the premises’ in your house rules.


I’d be concerned of these guests damaging your place, if they are so bold as to have a loud party right in front of your face. If they are violation of any of your house rules, see if Air will cancel them and still pay you out. Just be sure that you are not the one cancelling the reservation. Be sure it is Air cancelling.

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You have to stop the party. Go there and say: OK, guys, party is over. and see what they say. If they start arguing tell them: i am calling Air right now and cancelling your reservation right now for disturbing my piece and quiet. If they keep on going after that, which i doubt very much, call police.


Is there anything in your house rules about noise or unregistered guests?

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She’s gone silent, maybe she joined the party.:wink:


FIVE friends? Are they all registered?!!!

I hope you opened a case with Air. But I agree with everyone else here. You have to tell them to stop. This happened to me once, and they didn’t stop. They just closed all the windows and doors and carried on. Telling me, we’re only trying to have fun. I was appalled and felt helpless. I also had to tell them their friend had to leave. I realized I had no rules about extra guests on the property!!! They ended up causing damage. Of course they got a terrible review from me. No one will ever rent to this party girl ever again.

easy to delet and create a new account…

Not that easy. You have to upload ID to be verified. I believe every new guest has to do this. What she can do though is travel on a friend’s account.

true, its not that easy, though some people manage i dont know how may be with fake IDs. I was also asked a bunch of questions to verify where i lived before and if this and that is familiar to me.

HI guys…

SOrry for the radio silence…

Backstory… she only lives a few suburbs away which is ALWAYS a red flag for me…

My apartment is 2 bedroom (whole apartment rental) by the beach

She said she wanted to have a girls “pamper” weekend… unfortunately I have had a few very successful, certainly low key and actually genuinely lovely groups come through very recently so I let my guard down.

They were having a lunch at a very exclusive restaurant down the road then I assume the “girls” came back here… Pretty drunk by this stage I imagine and not at all aware of noise transference etc.

The noise went up and down for another hour or two but then seemed to all but stop at around 9.30-10pm thank god! … I think they went out on the town. I have a studio downstairs so I was right on site to hear the whole thing.

I had come to the property (at the time of this posting) after a neighbour told me about the noise I saw my expensive couch throw taped over the window and party bunting/ streamers strung across the window above it at naturally “freaked” out at the prospect of the evening etc. Hence the above post!

I sent her 2 messages throughout through airbnb message so I have documentation etc but it suddenly made me realise how vulnerable the whole thing is if you get the wrong guest.

I DO have a no party policy in my rules but where is the tricky area when a guests has five or up to ten guests who have gotten REALLY loud, are drunk and obnoxious and disturbing the peace of your neighbours. WHAT DO YOU DEFINE AS PARTY… The no “unregistered” guest rule is a little excessive if someone has rented your whole apartment etc. I’ve considered having a rule about no more than 8 or 10 guests visiting the apartment at a time but even that wouldn’t have saved me from this group of loud, drunk and raucous girls etc.

The other Question is What if this was just the start of a huge party and not just 5-10 girls who had gotten raucous and out of hand? How would you go in and deal with that alone and get them out of your property with all their things and not risk abuse to yourself or property etc…

SO it’s now morning here (Australia) and she won’t be checking out for another 5 hours…

I’ll let you know how my place looks and what the fall-out with neighbours is etc… Thank god it was at least a Saturday night and all over relatively early.

Stay tuned and THANK YOU for all your kind responses .

So glad that things have calmed down. Our rental is a separate apartment but in our rules I have this: ‘You are most welcome to receive guests in your apartment during your stay but please limit the number to two additional guests only and only during daylight hours.’

I expect guests to bring people back, especially if they are visit friends or relatives who live locally but (as you can see) only two people and only during the day.

I haven’t had to do this with Airbnb guests but did in our pre-air days. Simply march up to the place and treat them sternly just as you would small children. (And I’m not a big, burly bloke, I’m a 120 lb grandmother). Just stand your ground and be sure to alter your house rules so that you can tell them that what they are doing is against their contract with Airbnb.

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Thanks Jaquo…
My house rules definitely say NO parties…
I think the smaller number of additional guests visiting is a great idea.
I have lots of visitors back to the area who of course are going to have family over for dinner etc.


On a side note… It’s just daylight here and I’ve photographed the balloons stuck to my very expensive and fragile lamp-shade that I can see through the window (third floor) . Just in case I need evidence for airbnb. I was too panicked last night to photograph the bunting and taped up throw (damn) but I have mentioned that in my message to her directly last night when addressing noise complaints etc, so there is documentation. And ps WHO puts balloons and streamers up if it’s just five friends having one or two drinks before they head out??? Perhaps my intervention and reminder of NO PARTY house rules put a stop to something that could have been worse… I have a $500 bond she was in jeopardy of losing so maybe… just maybe…
Despite damage, if there is any… How do equate relationship damage in your building with your neighbours etc…
This girl had three great reviews, said all the right things etc… pffftttttt….

I’ve also just collected about thirty cigarette butts from outside my neighbour belows garden gate etc. None of them were even stubbed out, thank god it was raining. NOTE… there is an ashtray provided on the ledge of the fire escape which is mentioned in my welcome notes. I have a no smoking policy on my listing but figure there are sometimes smokers in any group of guests so I try and at least get them onto the fire escape stairs than have them smoking in my house. Four hours until check out.
Stay tuned x
I’m about to send her a message to ask her to leave all the bottles in the apartment as I don;t want my neighbours to see a random stranger emptying a bucket load of bottles into our communal bin.
For those of them that missed the shrieks and screaming last night this is another WE HAD A PARTY AND WE DON"T LIVE here reflag for me…. ugh!

I had a guest who came with her Mom ask if she could return with her bible study group. I refused since I believed a group of very young girls can get rowdy bible or not lol! Beware of locals who want to rent as a group. Bible girl was local as well.

Yep! I’m going back to reiterating in my lead up to the rental that THIS IS NOT A PARTY HOUSE… The question I guess then is the how do you pick ROWDY ones?… as you probably well picked bible girl could have been … I choose to blame the quieter winter months for making me drop my guard a little… And two lovely local girls who had just what this girl was proposing… A “quiet” girls weekend… After a string ofAMAZING guests too I became foolishly more confident in the whole airbnb experience… (I’ve hosted 22 successful trips and am a super host)…
THe apartment s my home… So it is full of very expensive art, designer furniture, antiques etc.
Worth being extra vigilant over for sure… :wink:

I’d put the art and antiques etc somewhere where guests can’t damage it. Also, can you share your listing?

@Maggieroni, I’m amused by the image of a rowdy bible study group. Also, maybe she was making up the bible study stuff.

America is an interesting place , ever heard of Tammy Faye?

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