HELP! Guests having a party in my house RIGHT NOW…

The name is familiar. I looked at the Wikipedia page. But these kinds of people don’t mean much to me.

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True American religious con artist! Convicted felon evangelical. Sad.

In India this sort of thing is so common it isn’t even worth mentioning.

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The fact that she lives few stops away is a HUGE flag. Especially if she in young. Girls sometimes are worse than boys. I had a good experience with separate house when locals booked a house for the long weekend and it was ok on cleanliness and noise. But they were in a house 24 hours a day.Usualy locals means some kind of celebration. If it was appartment of course neigbours would hear more than usual noise.
I dont know what laws you have in your country but in US its usualy till 11 pm where noise is allowed. After that anyone can call police. I remember i was in Viena, Austria with my 2 year old at the time daughter and we were going downstairs from our rented apartment, and my daughter was talking loudly and laughing how kids do. One lady opened the door and started screaming at us that we talk loudly and threatened us with police. It was 10 am.

If they finished around 9:30, then i am not sure how to go about it. They obviously rented apartment to have some girls time and i think they dont even think its a party. Just some little booze, some music, just regular weekend behaviour if you are young and its a get together. I thought they partied late at night.


Not late at night but REALLY LOUD…
Like constant screaming, yelling, music etc…
At the time I came home to downstairs studio there were more than the five… Guys too… Blankets (or expensive throw rather) and party bunting and balloons… Hence the initial panic and topic of this post… And i completely agree with someone young thinking its normal because when you’re young it is… And she has rented the apartment so I want her to enjoy it… But I don’t want my neighbours harassed by noise even if it is a Saturday… She is about to check out… I’ll keep you posted :wink:


Lala, you are being too generous. You have every right to know and accept the identity of every person on your property, whether they have rented the whole apartment or not. Just because they did that does not give them that kind of privilege. i never had a problem with this after I made it clear what I would accept and not accept. I have a private and separate studio apartment. They cannot come here and bring extra people.

Your house, your rules. I hope you leave them the awful review they deserve.


What they did was totally unacceptable and disrespectful. I have this happen once from a stupid little Bit*ch who claimed she was a quiet professional and went on to party loudly with someone local they brought from the beach or a bar. All it takes is three. My neighbors are teachers and parents who get up for work early.

Leave a bad review but before that be sure to tell her on the Air messenger system about what you saw happening at your apartment from the outside and also what you found on the inside. Just inexcusable and immature.

If you would like to read the review I left for this party girl to get ideas on how to word it, I will add you to our bad guest lounge and you can see it there. Here you can also post the profile of this disrespectful party wench.

So unfair to use your beautiful apartment like that. A pox on them!

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UMMMMMMMMM…… So…… I have just come back to the apartment to assess damage etc… thing is you would never know what went on here last night… they have taken ALL rubbish including bunting, balloons, bottles etc… That said my whole apartment is covered in a thin layer of glitter and the odd hot pink feather fibre around … UNTIL I FOUND THIS IMAGE UNDER MY BED when I was stripping the sheets to wash (MAKE THAT BLEACH ) now… WT…!!! It was colour printed and then bought to my apartment… Why would you do that??? Photograph isn’t my house… but same bunting… and from looking at her Facebook images (yes I found her) the printed picture is her boyfriend…??? …thing is… they live a few suburbs away…. If I create beef with them… what are the repercussions… I’ll be contacting Airbnb today… perhaps to inform them anonymously??? I’m just relieved they are GONE… obviously I feel like I need to leave her a not great review so other hosts don’t have to deal with this… but I’m genuinely concerned with them living so close… I’ll keep you posted… thank you for all your valued opinions… ugh!

Oh dear, this is so awful. What bastards. I would leave a review though. Make it honest. Best to leave it at the last minute in the guest time zone so they cannot come back with anything. You can change the codes between guests, correct? I feel your distress and commiserate. Having had this happen, too, but not to the same extent as your situation…

Please keep us posted on what happens. You have every right to be angry. This is not what Airbnb is for… To use someone’s pad to throw a rager. Shame on those bad guests. Post their photo on our private bad guest thread if you wish to.

Bloody hell, what nightmare guests!
Where are you? (I’m in Perth’s Western suburbs)

Hey konacoconutz can I please get a pass to the secret club too?
I don’t want these freaks visiting me!

Australia, please PM me with your listing and then I’ll add you! We have quite the wall of shame going!

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I’m @ Bondi Beach in Sydney

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Good lord. Well that explains the blankets over the windows.

There IS a thread for this: “returning items left by guests”



I have the following in my house rules:

“Visitors and guests other than those named in the booking will not be permitted without prior permission from the homeowner.”

Because of this rule, I have had a guest ask if they can have a friend come over during the day (they were in town for a wedding). If they follow the rule and ask in advance, I will usually grant permission. I just make sure the messages are done through AirBnB. I haven’t had any problems so far with unauthorized people, and I think this rule strikes a good balance between giving the guest the ability to bring friends to the property, and preventing unauthorized guests.


Lala I want to completely be in your side but… I think there is your " fault" here present. If they live few suburbs away what reason did you think they rented your place?
I had locals renting from me once that were obviously young and I had a whole conversation with them about noise and crazy neighbor.
Your guests did not damage anything, they did not make any noise after 10 pm. Their noise was significant to neighbors but not against the law.
I think if you had in your rules " not registered guests are not permitted in apartment" then it would make the whole thing bad and it would mean they broke the riles

But they were still disrespectful. They did leave glitter and feathers about there too. She did say no parties so they DID break that rule.

I think we should not always be so exacting about whether this or that rule was broken, because the basic bottom line is that they did not use good judgment and were not respectful.

I’m sure Lala realizes that she learned a hard lesson. Don’t rent to locals for parties, Or if you do, make sure to vet them carefully.

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Hey All,

Yana I completely agree and as mentioned … I started this topic at the height of noise, bunting , music, flash lights and I now realise probably some kind of photo shoot… Along with the feathers there was also (I now realise) blonde wig hairs which at first I thought was fishing line from the bunting. And ABSLOLUTELY I dodged a bullet… I’ve said that….

I wasn’t looking for right or wrong … just proposing a “help” in the middle of a panic moment.
I can never know if more people were due to come over or not.

I agree with not wanting to be too restrictive on my guests … I just have to go back to asking LOTS of questions… mentioning my recent brush with NOISY and reminding them of NO party policy.
It is and HAS always been in my rules. I also mention that I love my neighbours and noise is to be kept to a reasonable level… This forum serves as a sounding board and I’m grateful for it.

As mentioned above I wholly admit or propose, “what do you define as a party” realising there is such a nebulous grey area… Was she having a “party” or just "partying??? I think the latter… I still haven’t contacted Airbnb for this reason…

I also said that I queried her as she was local and told me she wanted to have a “QUIET” girls weekend and my guard was down because I recently had two LOVELY LOCAL girls do exactly that.
She WAS told no parties and assured me it was just her and a few friends… Which is what I wrote other to her the other night when I first made contact. In the end it WAS just her and a few friends… After the guys left… maybe a camera man … haha… who knows… Look at the picture above if you’re wandering the type I had to deal with.

Did she have great references … HELL YES… Three… Did she look sweet as pie in her profile picture… HELL YES… I guess I feel like it’s more like lotto now, or maybe a numbers game… I’ve hosted 22 AMAZING, thoughtful , incredibly wonderful guests… some of whom have gone on to become friends… Which to me is the spirit of what Airbnb is about.

I’m just glad I came home when I did… alerted by my downstairs neighbour… and shut it down earlier than it might have been… I’ll never know… and maybe ignorance IS bliss when it comes to your guests…

Unfortunately I think the glitter will haunt me forever… It’s like the herpes of the craft world… and try as I might to have gotten rid of it there are still sparkles haunting me in unsuspecting corners or lounge fibres… As a reminder of that image I found under my bed that I can’t unsee… Someone pass the brain bleach please :wink:

Cheers, L