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Hi, I am a host in Edinburgh, I had a guest coming for the 10 of August, my check in time is 2pm, I get called at 10pm saying they can’t make it because their flight was cancelled, and it was, now They want a full refund, and I think it is unacceptable, I have been calling customer support every day and have been getting told different things from different people every time, some assure me I will get paid, and some say I will get contacted by case manager, I was told I will get contacted by a case manager 6 times and noone phones me back, I do get rare messages on airbnb and they say that the customer will get full refund due to extenuating circumstance, but if my check in time is 2 and they call me at 10pm 8 hours after check in, It is ridiculous they can get full refund because no matter what that day is taken, does it say in terms of conditions that they can get full refund for extenuating circumstances 8 hours after check in time?
I think if airbnb give full refund it is kind of stealing, what are your thoughts?
Ps some airbnb staff even told me that the customer can get refund but at airbnb expense while I still get paid, where it’s a win win,(I have recorded every call)
Anyway I have said enough please tell me if that’s allowed


I had to cancel an Airbnb reservation because the trains were not running from Granada to Valencia. I did not get a refund. The host got paid. What’s your cancellation policy? Read the details for your cancellation policy and that will give you an idea if the guest is entitled to a refund. In my case, I was only refunded the $38 for cleaning fee. The $125 for the nightly fee was not refunded and was paid to the host.

Which airline it was? Once when our flight was cancelled and we had to rebook for another date, airlines themselves suggested, we can send them receipts for accommodation and any other expenses this cost us. But it depends on airlines, if it was some low cost, then lower reliability and terrible customer service is price they pay for saving money on the ticket. In that case, they should meet the consequences. Why should YOU pay, because THEY wanted to save money?

Hi, it was with EasyJet, it was from Switzerland (geneva) to Edinburgh.

Tell the guest to contact them and try to get some compensation from them. But I don’t think that’s the option with EasyJet, but they can still try.

Hi, My cancellation policy is flexible full refund 1 day prior to arrival.

The flight reference is EZY6908
And I have checked for compensation on different websites and they all say that it is entitled to it and will get £250 per passenger (2 guests £500)
But either way I should still get paid for that day which they told me they can’t make it 8 hours after check in, wether they get anything or not

Yes, of course you should get paid for at least one day (because of the Flexible cancellation policy, you probably cannot ask for more, maybe two? I’m not sure). What I meant is, they could ask for compensation from airline, so it is ok for them to pay you! That compensation is for buying new ticket (if they don’t give them automatically option to rebook) and cover all other costs, which is also accommodation, they didn’t use in their final destination.

Ok, I understand you, but my worry is the extenuating circumstance, which can override any cancellation policy, but it is possible to override it even 8 hours after check in time; which I don’t find acceptable

Hello @NewAirHost, a guest can cancel under “extenuating circunstances” if
" Airport and road closures that make it impossible to travel to your destination. This includes closures caused by natural disasters like earthquakes or severe storms."
But the guest will be asked to provide a notice of the road closure, or notice of the airport closure and proof that the flight was canceled.
Is the guest that need to cancel and ask for refund. If the guest communicated with you only by phone and only 8 ours after check in time, but didn’t cancel the reservation, holding your calendar, is a case you will need to fight over. But it is very frustrating lately not to receive quality attention from the attendants, each one saying a different thing and always with the last word.
You can read here, what your guest is required in order to get a refund

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Isn’t this why travelers should have travel insurance? I don’t see why you should take the hit.


Yes @Geddy3, I agree with you, but what we have been observing is that Airbnb is increasingly inclined to favor the guests than the hosts.

Hi mirta thank you for the help
I got a message a couple days ago from one of the case managers saying their flight was cancelled, and were not offered assistance to get a different flight, and since they showed proof that it was cancelled then the policy says they can get a full refund, and that a different manager will say the same thing, I have replied telling her if it’s eligible for refund 8 hours after check in date and told them what’s in my mind and they haven’t replied or anything helpful at all, I have to call and chase it over and over and I’m still waiting for a call from a different case manager, (last time I spoke to one of the staff (early morning) they said they cancelled before check in time, but I assured them it’s completely wrong and then she realised she was checking with her countries time which is like 8 hours or more before mine and she put it in notes… okay ) honestly it’s just ridiculous, the amount of different things I am told, I really hope the next case manager is reasonable.

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@NewAirHost, the extenuating circumstance policy can be a real pain. It’s incredibly unfair and @Geddy3
is right. We had a former member here on the forum who was told different things about a long booking during her high season. The guest got sick and unable to travel just a week before arrival to Hawaii. The host was awarded payment but then Airbnb took it back again. Meanwhile she was only able to rebook part of the time due to most travelers already making their Christmas plans long before.

It’s one of Airbnb’s worst policies.

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And that was a week before, this is 8 hours after check in, and during Edinburgh fringe festival…


Yes @NewAirHost, I wish you to get the attention you deserve. Fingers crossed.

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Thank you guys; I appreciate all the Help, if you think there’s anything I should do pls let me know
Thanks again

I know, it sucks. I hope Airbnb does pay you for the day at least and that a replacement booking comes through for you. Keep us posted.

You have been screwed by ABB and that is that.
Welcome to the club

Yup de doo they can - gorillas do whatever they want to do.
That is that.

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