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HELP! Airbnb had just decided to close down my "hosting" portion of my account not the travelling while my account was currently being suspended for 30 days from a recent 1 star review

It’s probably a lot of investigative work. AirBNB has the funds that could make a suit attractive to a good lawyer. My last guest was a liability. She left her 11 yo son in the house alone for several hours at a time 3-4 times a day - during the night and day. He even cooked. He had no phone to call for help, if needed. She broke house rules and created many problems

I’m trying hard to imagine how Airbnb would be liable for this? I’m sorry you had a bad experience but there’s no way a booking platform can control guest behavior. Maybe a host could shape, direct, intervene, but not Airbnb.


Crack on, and don’t forget to give us an update on your lack of progress.



Well, my kids got left alone for up to 3 hours when they were 11 years old and they knew how to cook, too.
Although I certainly wouldn’t leave them alone at night or without any phone to use in case of emergency.
12 was the legal age to start babysitting in Canada when I lived there. So if they are considered old enough to go to someone else’s house, at night, for hours, and be responsible for other children, a responsible 11 year old staying alone and making themselves a meal isn’t some big deal. An 11 year old isn’t a toddler.

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Shock fucking horror. An eleven year old that can cook; mine were doing confit’s and soufflés at around eight.

OK, gotcha now. You think the Airbnb pat on the head makes you superior.



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There are plenty of parents who have to work 2 or three jobs to make ends meet. Hence the term “latch key kids”. Kids as young as 7 or 8 came home to an empty house until their parents got home from work. I have friends who were expected to get dinner started, or an entire meal prepared for the family at the age of 10, plus watch over their younger siblings, because their parent(s) had to work until then. My best friend when I was 12 lived with a single dad and 3 older brothers. Doing everyone’s laundry- wash, dry, iron and fold was her job and it was a never-ending pile.

Now a lot of parents expect their kids to do next to nothing, then get upset when their offspring is 25 years old, can’t hold a job, and lazes around the house all day playing video games while mom and dad are still paying to support them.


Mudders old girl, its now you going on a rant, which makes a change from me :wink:

That said, more power to yer elbow, as we used to say in Glasgow…



This is getting to be like the Four Yorkshiremen sketch. :crazy_face:

True, though. An eleven-year-old who isn’t capable of cooking or being left alone for a few hours? What sort of people are we breeding?

And why is it any business of the host, I wonder?


Oh well done Joan ! ! Full respect to you, I’ve taken on employers before and know how horrendously stressful it is, excellent courage you showed! An inspiration to those that follow : )

I don’t think they would be liable, but I do wonder if @sunshinesuna has house rules stating not suitable for 12 and under?

Some of these posts are really harsh and not very welcoming to a new member. Sounds like he/she has a home share listing. I for one would NOT LIKE AT ALL someone leaving their kid at my homeshare. I did not sign up for baby-sitting. That’s just weird behavior from this guest.

I was a latch-key kid myself and cooking at age 7-8 (albeit malto-meal and frozen pizza). The kid cooking is not really the point here.

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