Head off problems with odd/sneaky guest?

New host here, on my third guest. He’s the first one that’s given me any sort of pause. He does have a few reviews, one cautioned that he left the place messy, but the other three were positive.

He made a reservation for two people. When he showed up, he seemed surprised I was there- said he’d never booked before and met the host. My guest house is on my property so I said I’d be around, but he’d have plenty of privacy, etc.

Took my kid to gymnastics that evening, returned, and he hadn’t put the curtains down, but as soon as I pulled up, he turned off all the lights. Which I thought was really strange. Went in. Noticed another guest arriving about 11. They were up for a while, lights back on. This morning went to take out the trash, the path goes right by the guest house. I saw a pit bull in the room, and there were three cars outside. So odd to me, because I do permit dogs- just on a case-by-case basis, and ask to be informed. There’s also no charge for additional guests, but neither were disclosed. On my way back from the curb, all the blinds were lowered (in the two minutes since I first passed by). And the conduct is just so furtive/suspicious, I knocked on the door. The original guest takes a minute, opens it, but blocks so I can’t see inside. I say, hey, I noticed a dog you didn’t mention- and there are three cars? “Oh, sorry it was last-minute and my friend didn’t want to leave him at home.” “Dogs and extra people are fine, I just wish you’d told me beforehand.” “Sorry, is it ok?”

Like the whole thing is just so weird. I do need good reviews at this point, and worry that the confrontation has jeopardized that. But I’m also weirded by this guest. Is there anything I should do proactively to guard against the worst- theft, accusations, etc? He’s only staying one night and should be checking out in an hour or so.

You should not have rented to anyone with a bad review. That was your first mistake. You were warned and you rented anyway.

Secondly, you have to be a lot more firm in your listing and house rules about what you allow.

I say ONLY confirmed and registered guests may be on the property at all times.

I would simply not allow pets at all or if you do, they must be disclosed and charged for. That will keep people honest.

I don’t know about the shades and all that.

I would open a case with Air if you feel uncomfortable with this guest. How long are they staying?

As a new host you need to take charge and be firm because people will find all kinds of ways to take advantage. Even if you are a wimp and let them walk all over you it doesn’t guarantee a good review. In fact you may get a bad one or a meh one because that type of person doesn’t have good character to begin with.

Take charge. Your house, your rules.


Op said he’s only staying one night.

Oh sorry… missed that. Ridiculous to have all that commotion for one night.
Lesson… don’t rent to anyone with a bad review.


That is exactly what I felt when I read her post. Wonder what his reason was for his stay, seems strange.

What do your house rules say about extra guests and pets? You need to be clear about whether they are allowed, if they need to be disclosed/pre-approved, and if they will or may incur additional charges.

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I don’t know if there’s much you can do about this guest as he’s only staying one night. For the future, I recommend that you charge for pets and extra guests. This will remove any question about whether they need to be disclosed.

Hello @meg81

I agree with others. Add a charge on your listing for extra guests. Make it a house rule that pets are only allowed if discussed and agreed in advance and at an extra charge of XXX.

Add another house rules that only guests who have booked and paid can be on your property.

If there were three cars then at least three guests stayed.

When he said ‘sorry is it ok’. You should have said no it isn’t :slight_smile:

Do make sure they check out in time and if there is any damage/mess make sure you photograph/video.

I’d also suggest you get CCTV installed at the entrances of the listing (you will need to disclose in the listing description).


The negative review said, “I would still recommend this guest, but he wasn’t that communicative and didn’t leave the place exactly as he found it.”

My listing says pets are allowed, but that they must be pre-approved. I don’t specifically mention extra guests. Will going forward.

I’m just a little worried. My first thought with the dog, the look, the sneakiness, the being surprised/dismayed to see me, is drugs, whether I’m unfairly stereotyping or no. And I’m worried about theft. Like many of you, I’m sure, I have lots of extras in there. Ugh. Just an uneasy feeling.

But I guess nothing to do at this point.

When you described the situation I thought dog fighting :frowning:

Please post what you find out after the guest checks out. Keeping my :crossed_fingers: for you.

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Why would you recommend this guest???


Indeed! Yikes! No no and no


You left this review? It doesn’t even address the situation you described and the things that concerned you the most!

If you have not submitted it yet, let us help you write it.


If your guest has not left a review then you still have time to edit yours…unless policy has changed.

@konacoconutz, @Maggieroni, @cabinhost

I believe that @meg81 was quoting the prior negative review the guest received, not the review she plans to leave.


In the future, if you have a bad review to leave, do it at the last minute. Visit other threads here about this topic.

As for yours, I would have written.

Sorry I cannot recommend xx guest. They brought more people than listed on the reservation as well as a dog which was not disclosed, in violation of my house rules. They left the guest house in lousy shape (describe messes). Overall I was not comfortable with the actions of this guest while he stayed on my property.


Oh you are so rights, sorry I am at work (bad me) and just skimming. My bad.

Good. SheSe will be leaving a review something along the lines of the above, and only at the last minute.

Dang iPad!! Typos!

And bad me for skimming the responses to his posts :joy:

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They actually left it super clean (minus a pair of underwear in the bedsheets- is this a thing? Cause same with another guest). And nothing missing, so small mercies. But upon a close inspection of the trash, there was definitely drug usage. Eep. Glad to have escaped so unscathed.

Will definitely be more careful going forward (and yeah, the review posted wasn’t the one I left, but the lukewarm one that gave me pause in accepting the reservation).

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