Having both experiences and guests at the house

I have a biggish garden in my back yard, and I’m thinking it could be good to have gardening experiences, perhaps with food. However, I also have airbnb guests fairly regularly. I’m wondering if the house guests would be pleased or bothered by the experiences. Could I give the guests a discount to the experience? Any other ideas?

I offer both rooms and experiences. Fortunately my home is big enough for me to lead my journaling workshop in a separate room. I think it is fine to do both. I wouldn’t offer a discount unless you have a fairly profitable experience price.


If you show photos of a beautiful garden that guests think they can enjoy and then they can’t because you’re hosting an experience, then maybe a guest will feel jilted.

If the experience is for groups, I’d be tempted to let the house guests join in for free just so they’ll bring it up in the reviews and you’ll have more word-of-mouth marketing. If many guests join in, it might let you command a higher rate on your accommodation listing.


Thanks for the ideas. I think I will let overnight guests participate for free, as you suggested. I’ll also do it in the afternoon, when we’d be less likely to invade anyone’s privacy. One problem I just thought of. I live in Houston, and the summer is hot, humid, and full of mosquitoes! Maybe this will only work in the fall and spring.

All I’d add to @Brian_R170‘s great advice would to make sure you make it clear in your listing that these type of events / experiences might be going on; describing what it entails, the approximate the timing & duration and the potential # of people participating.

I think it could actually be a positive differentiator for you, and also would dissuade those who would be put off by such.

Good Luck! And dare I say that summer in Houston might be even more challenging than summer in Phoenix.