Have you notice differences between the 'generations'?

So, as I have been explained, the ‘Me Generation’ are those that reached adulthood in the 80s, the ‘Generation X’ in the 90’s and the ‘Millenniums’ in post 2000. It may all be nonsense, but in the last few months I have notice many of my guests are from ‘Generation X’ and have turned out to be a cool lot. Have any of you detected any patterns among these 3 ‘generations’ and are most of your guests happen to be coming from one specific one?

Most of my guests are millennials but I host a very different situation than you. I just wanted to comment that I taught high school from 1987 to 2015 and my very favorite class was 1996.


90% of my guests aged over 60 have given me low stars and 50% of them have taken away all my fruit at breakfast (which is for us as well). I don’t know what it is - maybe they expect a proper B&B maybe its because there a bit jealous of ?.

No real grumbles about other age groups.

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Interesting. Right now have a 6-guest group, again all ‘Xers’, and yesterday we talked for hours. They just come across as so leveled-headed, easy in manner.

@Kirsty_Jane That is funny, the previous guests (over 60,rare ones) did the same thing, took all their leftovers, and even raided the fully stocked kitchen I do provide and they said ‘because we are staying a few more days in town and don’t want to have to buy these things again’ (as they open a big sack full of items they didn’t buy). Yuk, how tacky.

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Would you mind telling us what nationality the 50% were? I’m very curious. There are some funny stories/stereotypes that float around our Palm Desert condo complex regarding certain nationalities. Certain ones take all the toilet paper, steal towels, no tipping at the bar.

Uh ho!!! Slippery slippery slope, danger ahead!!!


I’ve had teenagers and I’ve had couples (just a few times) in their seventies with every age group in between. And truly, I can’t tell any difference in their general standards, friendliness or review quality. I’ve never had horrendous guests but the worst were in their mid twenties.


Thinking back I’d have to agree. I’ve had to ask 3 guests to leave after their 2nd or 3rd day. Actually one I asked to leave when he showed up. All were male and in their 20s. I get to get a certain type of oddball because I only accept 1 guest at a time–and I’m cheap. So…

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As a Gen Xer, I think that my generation is finally coming into its own. When we were young the economy was tight and it was hard to get started in a career. There was a lot of talk about “slackers” because so many young people had part-time service jobs, but the reality is that those were the only jobs we could find.

In our 40’s now, we have struggled but eventually got stable careers and so at last we have the money to do the things we have always wanted. Speaking just for myself, since I went without for so long, I really appreciate all the little extra things I can do now - such as go on vacation someplace really different.

Many millennials are going through the same tight phase that we had, and so it’s possible that the young people that can afford your listing are not struggling as much as their peers, and that might make them less appreciative.

The guests who feel free to help themselves… well… there’s always someone who feels that their rental fee means they have paid for the whole place. Sadly, this attitude often comes paired with people who have money to burn and so it is doubly annoying.

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I find under 25s never review. 25-50s review well. The older they get above 50 the harsher the ratings. Lol

@Kirsty_Jane Ah, you have to forgive us old-timers … it’s because of the terrible deprivation we suffered in our childhoods. Fruit? I never saw a banana till I was ten years old. Outside toilets, tin bathtubs … sorry, I have to stop now, my sad memories are overwhelming me …

I do think though that the low star ratings are completely the fault of Airbnb and similar review-driven sites that, as we’ve discussed elsewhere, have made 5 stars the norm rather than a standard of excellence to be aimed at.

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I agree Malagachica. I’ve gotten in to the habit of giving almost every guest 5 stars for cleanliness and all they need to do to get this is not leave the place looking like a battlefield. Then, just last week, we had a couple who left the place looking impeccable! The bathroom looked as though they hadn’t used it all (although I know they did because I heard the shower several times). I was really stuck because I wanted to give them 6 stars! It’s kinda like they’ve raised the bar and set a new standard.


But to answer the original question - no, I don’t think we’ve noticed any pattern with regard to generations.

:smile: - This strikes me as sooo funny! I know it’s not funny for you though KJ…lol

Oh yes I have noticed. However, a lot of the difference in generations (for me) can also depend on the entire group dynamic. OK…my rental is a two bedroom house, so I don’t live with the guests. And I am a GenXer.

Baby Boomer couples - they are like gold (easy going, take care of the place like they would their own home)

Gen X couples - also like gold (easy going and take great care of the place too)

Millenial couples - this is rare just due to their budget. But in my small sample size I have had good experience

Gen X with kids and there are teenagers in the group - Good - the teenagers seem to help out with the little ones

Gen X with kids (of any age) and Grandma or Grandpa is in the group - Great - you would never know 6 people even stayed there

Gen X with 2 young children - I hold my breath before walking in the door

Gen X with more than 2 young children - Worst guests ever

Gen X with little kids and no teenagers in group, and no grandparents just can’t seem to get it together. They cannot manage their time and make it out the door by an 11 a.m. checkout. They cannot comprehend that dish drying towels are used to dry dishes, and not wipe up spills. They are perfectly okay with their children spilling or dropping food and just leaving it there. It’s too much trouble for them to try to put kitchen items back in the correct cabinet…at least try :smile: They always leave things behind and want you to ship them back - this of course goes back to how they can’t budget their time.

Millenial friend groups - I do get groups of Millenials once in a while. My experience so far has been great with them. There aren’t any kids in the group, but they also haven’t been throwing down partying or anything. I think they are good in general because they haven’t been out of college for too long. So they do not mind me telling them what to do and reinforcing that all of their friends need to read all the house notes/rules, etc. when they arrive. They take direction well, and can get out on time too. But pulling all nighters and meeting deadlines is probably not too far in their distant memory :slight_smile:

I know right?!? I shouldn’t have said anything lol oops!

Wait a minute, @cabinhost, I didn’t know you’d been hosting my daughter and grandchildren! (GenX with 3 young children, now thankfully growing older …)

Poor things, they do try, but I think they’re just outnumbered!

I rent out my entire house and always have had lovely guests BUT I don’t take under 25’s, no partiy groups like hen’s or buck’s nights, and no strippers. I have very explicate rules, so have had no problems. Yes a few little things go missing, and if I notice it with 24 hours, I will bill them through Airbnb. I do this as I don’t want my house trashed…

I did have one group where the parents weren’t “mom and dad” - rather it was mom and Grandma, no Dad. This time there were four small children. Grandma ran a tight ship and I was a happy camper walking in after they left. Maybe Gen X Dad’s are a bad influence on Gen X moms?? - lol

Around 40 “sets” of guests have been 55+ yo and they are visiting grandbabies in the neighborhood (the guest room they used to stay in is now a nursery). They have been incredibly appreciative, neat and tidy, and they don’t stain the sheets. Miraculously, I have managed a 5 star rating for the past year, probably because I don’t charge enough.

The youngest I’ve had is mid 20s - they stay out late and I worry my kids are making too much noise when they try to sleep in. The only group I’ve ever had that cleaned out the drinks, snacks, and alcohol was in their 30s.

Guests over 55 have absolutely been my favorite.

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