Have you ever used price automation software?

Hey everyone,
I just came across a page called autobnb - get.auto-bnb(.)com
It seems to be a tool which creates automated pricing for your listings. So basically I think it simply picks the best prices for each day.

Have some of you guys ever used this software (or similair) and if yes can you share your insights?

Thanks in advance

and that’s your first post? To promote your wares, by pretending to stumble across it, and find it delightful?

There is also smth. called beyond pricing and airdna I’m curios about. Maybe some of you know this tools.

Never mind the others, I’m smitten with autobnb

Maybe with the intention of promoting price automation software :slight_smile:

Which I never understand. Over the years so many companies offering such a thing have offered free trials - and I’ve tried them. And I remain certain that there’s no service that know what prices to charge even remotely as well as I do.

I know exactly how much I have to receive per night in order to make money and I don’t care at all what local hotels, other Airbnbs etc. are charging. Although a service might have national holidays and even very major events plugged in, there’s no way it knows about the local events and the local conferences and expos that I do. It can’t help me attract repeat guests. Not for me.

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Thank you very much for your insights. Yeah it’s my very first post. Usually I’m talking to a local community of friends and people I know. But no one of these ever used this kind of software. So I thought the Internet is the right place to go for.

Your answer is really helpful to me. My biggest fear right now is if i let them handle they might make it worse. So I think I will leave it for now. THX again.

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I use both Wheelhouse and Beyond Pricing to help guide my pricing, but I don’t have either one automated because I like to tinker with pricing and I think I know my market and my unit best.

I’m hardcore. I figure if you can’t decide upon and set your own prices for your listing, you might want to consider some other way to make a few dollars. Software can never account for all the variables of your local area without you putting in so much additional time that you might as well ignore the software and just adjust the prices yourself.


I use beyond pricing. All good. Pay over $100 every month on each listing. Hope some one come up something less expensive. I looked a few other options, still like this one. I think it’s different for different area. I looked into air GMS, they suppose to have a pricing option come out soon, it’s like $20 per listing per month that made me very excited, I called and talked to them, it’s nothing like beyond pricing, it’s just adjust your daily rates by $1 or $2, they said this way because of changing the rates often it will be up in search rank on airbnb. But I am not even sure about this will effect the search rank, there’s no approve of that. Kind of worthless option.


I would totally agree with you except I have a tendency to sell myself short. I do this in other aspects of my life too. So by seeing what the pricing services recommend, I tend to end up earning more.

We suggest that hosts use price automation software as it offers quite a few pros. The process is completely automated and it’s really accurate. The only con is that it is a paid tool.

Giving Beyondpricing ago. Just signed up for the free month trial.
So far I really like the Nearby Listings section. I spend hours checking out my competition so it could be worth it just for that.

I’d be interested to know why you check the competition so avidly?

I use Beyond Pricing and I am very happy with it.

I am keen to increase my revenue and get the most money available. I check out my competitors prices and their occupancy levels at least once a month. This is the bit that takes the time.
I don’t like Smart Pricing by Air, it always seems to go to the lowest price too quickly and keeps telling me to drop my price. I do not understand why they do this. I know I am one of the cheapest. They make a commission off my price so they would lose money as well if I dropped. My occupancy rates in both my rooms are very high so I am thinking my prices are too low.
I had raised my prices a little but now after have a look at the data on Beyondpricing, I am going to go a little higher again.
There is one place near me that is double my price with half the occupancy. They will be making the same money as me with half the effort and less wear and tear on their home. Their health score on Beyondpricing is higher than mine. They are at 90 and I am at 83. (I don’t really know what this means yet as it is only day one and a couple of hours in but I will get there :slight_smile:)

Yet there are places near me that are a third of the price and has a third of the occupancy - so everywhere is different :slight_smile:

If a rental offers value for money and great service then it really doesn’t matter what the competition do. So many of them will be out of business soon.