Have two rentals on same property... have them listed as separate units. how to advertise them together as single (larger) unit?

I have a suite-like property (big bedroom, bath, no kitchen, sleeps 4) and a full house (kitchen, sleeps 6) on the same property. They are currently on Airbnb as separate units. Any tips on how to advertise them as a single property that can sleep 10? Just make an entirely new listing on Airbnb?

Yes, and make sure you link the calendars to avoid double bookings or double requests.

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Linking Calendars of multiple listings seems to be a terribly useful feature.

Hi Astaire

I don’t seem to have this feature in my settings, only a link to sync an external calendar.
Too bad, it would be perfect for me as well. Just curious, where are you located?

It can be done without this setting.

Just copy the iCal url, and past in the “import” link under “Sync calendars”

Hi Chris,

Thanks but how do I find the ical url? Sorry its all new to me.


First click “export” on your listing, it will show the iCal url.
Copy the url.
Go to the other listing and click “import” and paste the iCal url from the first listing.

Then do it the other way around.

I’m based in Britain @patti, where are you?

I’m in Perth, Australia

Thanks Chris,

I tried it and it does work but only if you click on “sync calendars” while in the listing you want to update. For example if I block Sept 1 in listing A, in order for my other listing B calendar to also block, I have to go to switch to listing B then go to “manage settings” and to "availability’ where I see the sync calendars button. Only if I sync from there it will block B calendar.
Maybe I didn’t set it up correctly?

Thanks for you help.

iCal is actually a bad system to sync calendars, it depends on the site to actively pull information from the calendar.
(Booking.com, HRS, Tiscover and many others have the ability to make a direct connection and push information to them)

I do not know the schedule of AirBnB, but I think they pull the calendar every 15 minutes.

So if you change something you will not see it until AirBnB starts their next scheduled run, unless you push the sync button, and manually start the process.

Since AirBnB wants to compete in the hotel market, hopefully they will make a direct interface available, instead of using the dreadful iCal system.

Thanks Chris for your insight! That makes sense now.