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Has COVID-19 caused you to close your listing?


In-home host.

I haven’t closed my listing, but all my upcoming reservations except for the one in July have cancelled.

I’m setting up on BDC and spreading the word that I would like a longer term tenant outside of Air (yes, I have an excellent lease ready to go).

I’m so numb. It was going so well.

I do have 3 other jobs - I do private “uber” airport and local driving runs, I have a skincare franchise, and I have my website and software development business. But it hurts to lose the Air money.

I’m thinking of lowering my rates and I do get a lot of “just passing through” people.

Right now I’m leaving the guest room and bathroom closed for 5 days and will be heading in, gloved-up, with bleach and alcohol spray then.

How is he holding up? Please tell him he has people who don’t know him praying for him and his daughter.

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Closed for bookings in the holiday cottage, camping barn & caravan site, we are allowing owners of the static caravans access to site and we are mutually having no contact. I have a heart condition and we have my 85yr old father in law living with us, I don’t expect to open fully this year.

I love this!!! What should we call the domain name to book people?

I’m leaving dates open and prices the same. We’ll see what happens.

I think he is in shock. He seems normal in his coming and going. I will pass on your good wishes.


I just talked with an old friend who has been a critical care nurse for 25 years. She said she would personally like me to consider shutting down the Airbnb if I don’t need the money. But if I continue to please take all precautions including staying 6 ft from guests, having days between bookings, wearing gloves while cleaning everything and a full face shield (on order) to keep me from touching my face.

I have a few days to consider her advice.


Camping listing here. My Americans have cancelled, but the Canadians, so far, keep coming. Between you and me I cannot imagine what they are thinking.
Or what I’m thinking. I have tried to talk them out of it, but I’m not cancelling them. I’m just cleaning with bleach to go beyond sparkling clean to whatever the new compliment will be. Hospital clean?
I know I’m not that, but sparkling was a little funny, too, for the woods.
I’m thinking that surely these folks will start cancelling, too. And I will block those dates. And I will change my survey answer to Yes.


I think you can cancel under the EC policy as well at this time.

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I looked it all over, and none of my reservations are “marked” as eligible. Which means I would be phoning CS, and I don’t want to do that. It must be a zoo. I will if I have to, but for now I will let them come. Just being as careful as I can.

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Just to be clear, we haven’t close our Airbnb; however, we have cancelled on everyone through the 15th of April (that didn’t cancel themselves) and blocked those dates out. We have people with future bookings beyond that. We will evaluate those is this continues to develop.

Mine is “other”. Home share host, private room/bath with kitchen use. I have one booking at the moment for April 5. She hasn’t cancelled and I’ll write to her this week to see what she’s thinking about it. She’s coming from Calif. to Mexico. I’m going to require her to do things I’d never normally ask of guests, like to put all the clothes she wore on the trip (through 2 airports and a plane and a bus) directly into a plastic bag and seal it up. Straight into the shower. Wash her hands really well before using my kitchen. I’ll probably do all the dishes, hers and mine, myself, so I know they’re done properly. Bleach in the rinse water.
After that, I’ll have to consider whether to just close down. I’m 70 but super healthy. Also keeping an eye on how things go in Mexico- there are almost 100 reported cases now, from various states. I actually wish they’d close the border. The majority of Mexicans are clueless about this and don’t get the sanitation part. Could get really bad here.

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Yeah, it’s amazing. I just had two dogs dropped off yesterday for a family that’s taking a week long trip to Cancun. By now they should be there but I’ve been waiting for the “we’re canceling” text all month. All but one other of my spring break bookings canceled. I’ve gotten a couple of very short stays that don’t come close to replacing what’s lost. I wouldn’t be afraid to go anywhere only afraid getting back would be a nightmare. So I expect all week for them to tell me they are returning early. OTOH, if you could go to a resort somewhere and not get sick it would be a dream vacay.

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I have no plans to close, but I don’t imagine there’s any real difference to me. There will be no bookings or reservations for a while whether I’m closed or not.

Reason for not closing: I have a whole-home listing. Risk of exposure to me is low. Even lower because there just won’t be any guests.

My prediction is that travel and event restrictions will be lifted by the end of summer (late September) but bookings will still be far from being back to normal.


We have had a few cancellations and a few who still want to come. We have a house at the beach (Daytona). I am keeping guests updated as to what is open or not open, etc.

Except the problem is, many of those all-inclusive resorts are exactly where people do get sick, even when there’s no pandemic. I’ll be curious to see what’s gonna happen here in my little tourist trap beach town during Semana Santa. About 10, 000 people usually descend, hundreds of tour buses. I’m stocking up and staying home. I avoid town like the plague during a normal Semana Santa, now I’ll be avoiding it because of a plague.


Yes closed.
Private rooms in our own home.
Not dependent on the income
Closed because I’m a front-line health worker and very likely to get infected so a potential risk to guests . Also do not want to find myself in quarantine with random others for any length of time.
Reducing human movement, interaction, intermingling universally may help flatten the curve so worth pursuing IMO


Yes of course I meant in utopian terms. I love to go rent a little cabana in Mexico or go to the Caribbean and SCUBA dive with no people there. I misused the word resort. I wouldn’t get caught dead in one or on a cruise unless it was one sponsored by one of my favorite musical artists.

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Other: We currently have month-to-month tenants in our airbnb who say they will be there through April (they’re having a house built nearby). Our main concern is that the state said they have closed housing court, so renters don’t have to pay rent. We have another straight rental property, and this will show the true character of our tenants. If they don’t pay rent, we can’t pay the bank or utilities.


Omg…dont even get me started on closed services for landlords. Sherriff is no longer doing lockouts. County courthouses closed so no more evictions can be filed.

Its the wild west


I have not fully closed. I have a few bookings this month, but less than usual. My place is somewhat remote.

I came here to find threads on how we can put pressure on AirBnb to offer us compensation / relief but the disclaimer at the top scares me! Don’t mean any offense to the admins but I feel like this is what we should be talking about now. How we can send a unified message that we need AirBnb to act. If not on a host message board, then where can we go to discuss this and organize? This is not right. AirBnb has made soooo much money off of us. They can’t just leave us in the lurch now.

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