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Has COVID-19 caused you to close your listing?

Has the COVID-19 pandemic caused you to close your listing to bookings for now?

If you can, please share the type of listing you have and what factors influenced your decision.

If you have closed down, when do you think you will re-open?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other

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I have left mine open for now, but I may change my mind as the situation progresses.

I have an entire home listing and can leave extra days between stays so feel fairly safe with cleaning right now.

Most of my guests for this month and the next have cancelled, although I do have guests in right now until the 26th. I only have two reservations left for April, both for three days. I would not be surprised if they cancel and make my decision for me :slightly_frowning_face:

I am very lucky that I do not count on this income to pay vital bills.


Yes, we’ve closed. We’ve unlisted our two listings.

Type of listing: Two listings. Each is a room and bath in our home.

What factors? Dr Fauci and so many other medical professionals say that the only hope is isolation. We are 100% isolated. Due to age and medical history, we are both at high risk.

When to reopen? When the danger is past. In all honesty, we both think that’s going to be a year or more.



  1. I have a room attached to my home but separate from me.
  2. I am 62 but healthy and just returned from an international trip to NZ and 4 nights
    in LA including Disney. That was riskier than this.
  3. I don’t cater to tourists. Most my guests are road trippers but many are traveling
    to visit family, for work, etc. I’d call much of my business non-discretionary travel. 4. People who still must travel need places to stay and my place is better than any
  4. I have a small group of regular guests who visit family, use my room to take a break
    from local family, etc. I want to be available if they need me and not all of them
    know to contact me directly.
  5. If I can be here for people like my current guest, it’s worth it to me.
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I haven’t shut down, although all my reservations have canceled. I have a separate apartment and thoroughly disinfect between guests (if I get any). I agree with @KKC that my place is safer than a hotel for travelers and that providing a place to stay for them enhances social distancing rather than decreases it. I have cut my prices to make it more conducive to those visiting family - I’ve gotten a couple of inquiries from grandparents in town to help with childcare and such.


I’m open but have no business. Might get a long-term booking for a patient undergoing chemo. I offered to cook for her too. We’ll see.

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I have blocked my listing for a few weeks because my city (Breckenridge, CO) ordered all short term rentals and hotels to close by Thursday with no date for reopening.

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I’ve been thinking about it. I have a guest now who is here 2 more days. Only 2 other bookings - a one night in April (passing through) and a 4 night in May (wedding).

I’m considering closing our in-home room but send a message to some of our regular health care workers that we would open for them if they need. We have a few semi-regulars - a PT for an assisted living center, a traveling dentist, a SSI specialist dr that come every so often as needed. I’m thinking they would still need a place to stay and they are more likely to be taking precautions.

I’m definitely an “other”.

We’re blocked off for a few weeks, and truth be told I suppose I should block it off for the duration of the state of emergency, but I simply can’t be arsed. I mean, who’s going to book us?

Hang on, having a thought here :smile: always a dangerous thing!

We could tap into a new market. Respite for husbands/wives/partners who simply want to get away from their other half for a few days, given that everyone is all cooped up together now.

@georgiahost thank you. I’m now wondering if I should unblock the dates. Thoughts anyone?



Hpmeshare. Closed till May 1.

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This is a great idea. Maybe I will contact my local hospital and see if they need temporary housing for doctors or nurses.

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We’ve closed, although had no bookings to cancel. There’s little market movement here until Easter but I do have a private booking for The Open Golf Championship in July, which I am holding for now. The event will probably be cancelled though; I’m not holding my breath.

Unfortunately I’m in an at-risk-group, with asthma, albeit well controlled.

Bugger. I can’t get out of the country now.

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I’ve started looking around town regularly now. Supply is still good but definitely down and prices have declined. The average price for a mid week stay next week across all properties is $49. Airbnb tells me there are 246 places for two people at under $49 a night but they include Juarez, Mexico homes so their data is nearly worthless.

An entire apartment (new category: reverse rental arbitrage?) is $15 a night.


Entire stand alone guest house in back yard, new construction is $33 a night. (OOh I bet they built that just for Airbnb and now will have a tough time paying for it.)


Some of these folks are going to have bad experiences that they aren’t prepared for or they will be forced into LTR and will end up leaving the platform if this goes on very long.


I am a shared home host who does not rely on Air income as a sole source. I have not closed, but did turn off instant book for a while until there’s some better understanding of when and how this levels off. I have never had a large volume of advance bookings as I only do a 4 day maximum stay. My bookings are seldom more than two weeks in advance. My hope is that in a while, people will be looking for vacations they can drive to rather than fly. I am on a coastal island in NC so maybe a beach trip will be just what a lot of people need soon. Either way this will hurt me some as we don’t have a really long tourist season here. I’ve always been good at self isolating (with my 4 pugs) so I should do okay with that aspect. Good luck to everyone out there and stay safe.


I’m a Los Angeles based luxury accommodation and we saw 2 months of bookings erased in 2 weeks. We are closing indefinitely as our current guest expressed interest in staying long term.

We do have a mortgage associated with the property (it’s an 'entire place’s listing attached to our professional offices) and with no reservations coming in we cant keep running it as a STR. I’m hoping to revive it in 6 months to a year once this has all passed


I’m remaining open, but have dropped prices. We have no Airbnb guests until late April - I do hope they stay on the calendar.
We’re lucky that the location we are in sees a variety of visitors all year. We’re also offering spaces for emergency housing (such as students waiting for flights, adjust professors losing housing, etc.) and have one long-term tenant.

Unfortunately the business that my partner owns and runs is severely impacted. My industries are also impacted and I’m financially hit as a result. So even though we have ample other areas of income, that hasn’t been a positive help right now (something I think the conversation has ignored).

I was forced to close.

My country went into lockdown, all tourist attractions , shops , hospitality businesses are closed. Only the essentials are open.

Tourist had to leave the country, and no foreigners are allowed to enter without a very good reason.

I layed off all my employees including my wife, and paused my business.

We will restart when we are legally allowed again.

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That might be a thread on it’s own. Who has other sources of income and short of government bailouts does anyone have ideas for other income streams.


Around here we have a lot of people that live in hotels, paying by the week. These are generally very low income people that are unable for whatever reason to secure traditional housing. I worry about what would happen to them if the hotels were forced to close.

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