Has Anyone Ever Seen How Many Cancellations A Requesting Guest Has?

I’ve never noticed this line in the policy before. I don’t get a lot of requests because we IB mostly but have never seen anywhere on a Request that mentions how many reservations a guest has cancelled. So curious - has anyone seen this information on a request before?

They are listed on their profile. I had one that canceled two times in a row. Something like this guest canceled a reservation 32 days before booking.


On their profile page? Where the “Hi, I’m Bob” is? Is it kind of like the host reviews that say the host cancelled 32 days before?

I guess I thought it would be on the side of the message stream where their ratings are. Very interesting, I’ll keep a lookout for it, just never noticed it before. Thanks

That exactly what it looks like. It’s on there review portion of their profile.

Edited to add: He had requested to book and had 2 reviews, but with my strict policy I didn’t see him canceling.

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It’s so weird, I know I’ve never seen it. I just looked back at profiles of guests that have canceled and it’s not on their profile - is it only visible during a request?

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That’s the only time I’ve ever seen it. It was a request to book. I have IB, but he had requested, so maybe because of the cancellations he couldn’t IB.

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I notice a odd misconception among hosts who use IB, that if a guest sends a booking request, it must mean they somehow weren’t eligible to IB.
I get a lot of single female guests and many have told me they would never IB- they want to get a feel for the host before committing to a booking. There are many reasons a guest may choose to send a booking request even if they could IB.


I do mainly large groups, they may send an inquiry with questions, but not a request to book that is very rare. I think I’ve only had 2 or 3 ever.

Yes, I get about one a month or so too. Sometimes they are simply new to Airbnb and have read somewhere that the thing to do is to request first , so they don’t realise they can IB.

Sometimes it’s because they have a question and want to check first. Most of the questions they ask are in the listing somewhere but guests will be guests. :slight_smile:

I also say in the listing that we can accommodate late check ins so I am contacted by people whose flight doesn’t get in until 1 am or similar time. Sometimes they are asking about bringing pets in (in our HA rules dogs are not allowed but cats are, go figure. I suppose it’s the barking).

I don’t believe I’ve seen it. I have almost all IBs. What’s funny is that I get quite a few, probably 20 a year, people who have instant booked but the message that comes with it is asking if the room is available/if it’s okay to book same day/etc. I just had one last night at 8 pm. He asked if it was okay to arrive at 10 pm. People on the road using the app simply aren’t going to look at everything closely.

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Looking back through my reservation requests, exactly 80% of guests that sent reservation requests were not eligible to Instant-Book due to not meeting the minimum requirements for my listing.

Those two cases make up my other 20%.


My most recent instant-booking (for late February) had exactly that in the message. I responded within a minute that the reservation is confirmed and also sent the message I send with all new bookings. That was 6 days ago. No response from the guest. Sigh

If I were concerned I might text to the guest and alert them to the message on the platform.

I get requests when they put a time in the check in box that is before my check in time. It took me awhile to figure this out because i do not look when I get a request I just approve, then I would look later and have to email them I see you asked for an early check in I can accommodate that for a $30 fee…


I am not concerned, yet. I message the guest 7 days before check-in and if they don’t respond within 48 hours, I send a text to tell the guest to read the message on Airbnb. I have to do that with about 10% of guests. I have always received a response within 24 hours of the text. My next step would be to call the guest, but that hasn’t happened, yet.

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I’ve only had to do this once but it got an immediate response. I think some guests don’t know how to turn on notifications.

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Why do they need to respond? What is in this 7 day out message? Don’t you have self check in?


Agreed. I will send an email if I don’t get a response but need one for some reason.

Considering that we actually rate guests on Communication, I think it’s okay to expect a modicum of it :wink:


I ask if they need the sofa bed made into a bed or left as a couch (groups of 5 or more). I ask if they would like me to disable the gas fireplace for the safety of children (even if they don’t specify children, because, well, they are guests and don’t always specify children like they are supposed to). However, I can do all of that on the day they arrive, if needed. What I really want to know if they are actually getting messages so when do I send them the check-in information with code for self check-in, they are actually going to receive it and things go smoothly at check-in.


I just text them direct, many people do not use the app and frankly I am working towards getting them in my own booking system and out of Air.

That being said if I thought I was having issues with a guest I would keep the communication on platform but really that has never happened.