Has anyone else noticed guest's place of origin showing in different languages?

I refreshed the page three times to get the English version of the place of origin, as seen in the last picture. I spoke with Airbnb a couple of times about 1.5 weeks ago about a separate issue, and also brought this up. The reps I spoke with didn’t seem to be aware of the issue at that time. Is it just a glitch on my end, or has anyone else been experiencing this?

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Yes, I’ve been seeing that, too. Haven’t reported it.

Half the time (or more) the profiles I see don’t even list a place of origin.

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Yes, we’ve noticed and commented on it.

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Yes, I noticed this a quite sometime ago, after a lengthy investigating with an ABB rep this goes hand in hand with the blocked photo, as an attempt to thwart racial & geographical discrimination. Sadly the rep knew nothing about this, ABB just unilaterally chose to make this change without informing hosts or their own staff… I was total freaked out I had been hacked.
Another acceptable trend is guests not posting their name, just initials. I had 2 guests requests over the past 6 weeks with only initials: no name, no pick, no place of origin.

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@robin1 I also thought that, and explained to Airbnb when I called. I had a back story of a guest from Pennsylvania in Jan entering my home over a week after check-out at 5am (where the guest I first noticed this was also from - it showed previously as PA, then showed in characters, then showed with the spelling Pencilvaynia!). I had that former guest arrested for criminal trespass, so when my 1.5 week ago guest had not responded to three messages, I contacted Airbnb and thought the worst; that the Jan Pennsylvania guest had created a fake profile and was attempting a stay. If this is an attempt to thwart discrimination, they need to be transparent with us as hosts. I have suffered some lasting trauma from the breaking/entering back and Jan, and this caused all that to flood back!

As I said recently, the “place of origin” is useless. So is the picture for that matter. I have a guest here now whose “place” says Washington, DC. Her phone number is a VA area code. But she is driving from League City, TX to CA. I don’t know where she lives now, nor do I care. And she looks nothing like the picture of the guest.

I call 100% B.S. on that “investigation.” You can click on the guest’s profile and see where they’re from even though you can’t see their photo. Plus, it would be insanely easier to just leave it blank instead of displaying something in a different language.

It’s not just “place of origin.” I’ve been getting various parts of my listing flashing different languages for months now. It’s some kind of bug in the program and other than it “bugging” us it’s meaningless.

No, I’m saying the Airbnb CS rep that “investigated” has no idea what causes it and just made up the part about it being linked to anti discrimination to get your support ticket closed.