Guidebooks - Can guests see them before booking?

I see that Guidebooks has been a past topic. I’m just wondering how many of us create them and whether guests can see them before booking.

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So this is something that you can find the answer for yourself.

Just open a private browser window and then search for your space. (I did this on the website not app.) Then scroll down to Location and when you get the option to open up for more info, the guidebook link will be shown. Not really user intuitive but it’s there.


Yes you can see guidebook before booking. In the past I have checked out other host listings in my direct area to see their guidebooks and none had created one. It does take time and I try to update it every 6 months if there are changes. Out of my last 10 guests 8 did mention how helpful my recommendations were to their visit of the area. For me it definitely is worth the effort. I also print out a copy on my colour laser printer and add it to the guest binder.


I prefer a Guidebook that I can hand to the Guest and talk them through the important pages. We KNOW that guests don’t read, particularly they don’t read listings… why give them something else to ignore?

A guidebook on the kitchen table or living room coffee table is much more likely to be read.

Especially if, in your 'welcome to our listing" message when they book, you tell them that your WiFi name and password are in a page in the Guide Book…!


As you know, Air claims that good guidebooks lead to more bookings. I’ve lived in our house here for over 30 years and in the past have run nature walks, operated the karaoke at a local venue, worked in restaurants and hotels and been president of our local tourism association etc.

I could have a lot to say but to be honest I just want to welcome the guests and bid them farewell after a happy stay.

I fear the guidebook could lead on to many questions and conversations. However, if it meant significantly more bookings I could live with that.

Hence my interest in what impact you think your guidebooks have on booking decisions.

Air does claim that and they’ve been showing me notifications about it for a couple weeks. I don’t believe it for a second, though. Guide books are more of an after-the-fact item. The guests that actually read them don’t bother to read them until after they’ve booked or after they’ve checked-in.


I created the digital copy on Airbnb. They have a print feature that prints it out in a nice little format. I took that and put it in a binder along with the house rules and a few extra pamphlets/brochures. If guests ask me for recommendations I tell them there is both a digital and print copy of the guidebook. I would say that most of my guests have preferred the hard copy though.

We did both - an online version and a printed one. The printed one has a small bit on the cover to educate guests on the airbnb rating system. A few guests have remarked that our guide was very helpful to them. Others don’t read it. It has definitely helped our ratings and avoided more “4 stars from new guests”.

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