Guests with too many questions?

Ahhhh thank you. That was my mistake for not filtering for that so I was seeing all the cancels (my filter actually says “confirmed” not “completed”, but accomplishes about the same thing)

Several months ago I was at 91% of people reviewing…now I’m down to 78%. (133 reviews/171 stays anywhere from 1-30 days, not including direct bookings)

I guess I need to go back to leaving my personalized yet boiler plate check out message. It basically thanked them for their stay, told them not to strip the bed, leave towels and used robes on the hooks, etc. then talked briefly on the importance of reviews. Really the check out instructions and personalized portion were just a vehicle for getting in the bit about 5 star reviews. I don’t really care what guests do for check out, aside from not stripping the bed!

I stopped leaving this b/c I was starting to feel bossy (and to be honest a bit lazy) but I think I’m going start leaving it again to get my reviews back in line. Also, since I stopped leaving the “check-out letter” I received two 4 star reviews. Prior to that I had 100% 5 star. Sad but true, the pandering for reviews works! :wink: I’m mostly kidding here, the brief section on reviews I wrote was tastefully done. It was cobbled together from many many posts/suggestions on this very forum!

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I’m using the app right now, but doesn’t the desktop version have your total on the dashboard, top right hand corner?

Caveat! I’m thinking about the European version of the site.


I don’t see it. It would be a nice and easy thing for them to provide.

My dashboard home page (US) looks like this:

Totally different. Mine is in English (UK).




No, not un the U.S. site that I’m on. Also, the numbers they have displayed for my “compliments” are wayyyy off (low), but that is for another topic!

That’s weird. Mine looks totally different than that!

And below that is a list of reviews to do and a list of upcoming reservations.

Has yours changed recently? BTW I’m on Windows and using Chrome. And do you have the total count like John does?

No. It’s looked like this for as long as I can remember. I’m on a Mac on Chrome, but it looks the same on Firefox and Safari as well.

I never have that “Requests” or the “Tips” section on there like you do. The requests come up under the “Notifications” heading that I have.

I’m surprised that they look so different.

That “set up a team” bit is new this week and keeps coming back even though I’ve dismissed 100 times. Unfortunately, I don’t have a team. lol

Do you have compliments numbers on your dashboard?

No, sorry, that comment was a bit off topic. These are displayed under my “Progress” tab and now, also on my listing. Both are inaccurate numbers.

So, did you count up all the compliments from each review and then compare the numbers? Or is there some other way to figure that out. I can’t imagine counting them all up.

I counted all the “sparkling cleans” and the number was way off, so I can tell by that number that the others were off as well. If someone gives me one compliment they generally tic off most or all of the others. I did not have the energy to go back through and count all of them. Once was enough! I kind of want to call airbnb and ask about this since they are now being posted on our listing, but I assume everyone else’s are also lower than actual so I haven’t bothered.

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Maybe due to multiple listings?

I guess, maybe, but it’s only 3 listings. The business thing doesn’t start until 6 listings, I think. It’s odd. And you actually seem to have more information on yours. Who knows :woman_shrugging:

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Airbnb sems to cap the number of “compliments” in each category at about 20. This was reported on the CC forum. No one has ever seen a number higher than 20, even though they had many more guests than that that would have left those compliments. It’s altogether weird and unexplainable.

Huh. Well I haven’t noticed that in my stats or on my listing. Weirder still the stats (under the progress tab AND now displayed on my listing) are in the 50’s when a couple of months ago they showed in the 60’s. Just totally in accurate, I can’t figure it out.

I have 38 for communication…

Ok, on desktop now.

I was wrong, I don’t have a total count of reservations on the dashboard; in fact, it’s not too different to the image @JJD posted.

If you want to know your total though, it’s pretty easy to do. Go to reservations tab, click on “all”, then down load the CSV file. Open it up in Excel (or any spreadsheet utility) and by using a simple SUM formula you’ll get the total.


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42 Sparkling clean

40 Quick responses

37 Outstanding hospitality




I’m thinking this was not about total compliments in each category but about that annoying little blurb at the top under the title, where it says, “Entire Home”, “Self Check In”, then it will say, “19 recent guests said this place was sparkling clean”…but it never says, “22 recent guests…”. It seems like it starts over at 20.

I have 158 Sparkling Clean compliments, so it just doesn’t make any sense that it’s never gone above 20. Btw, I think I saw that conversation on the CC and I believe that’s what they were referring to.

I used to think that it was referring to the “sparkling clean” compliments in a row but that hasn’t added up either…there can be 29 in a row and it will still say something random like 17. It’s so weird :woman_shrugging: