Guests with different travel vehicles

As a host, would you appreciate someone reaching out to let you know they are traveling by motorcycle? Or RV? Or something out of the ordinary car/truck?

Unless I provided parking I wouldn’t care how they were travelling.

It depends on the parking you have available. Our apartments’ parking places are large enough for a small RV.

When anyone has been who has anything larger, they have always asked first if we can accommodate their large vehicle.

Personally, it doesn’t matter to me what their vehicle is.

We could not accommodate an RV. Anything else, I can’t see any issues, and I would only want to know if they have some specific concern

(as a guest) Ive asked about a motorcycle since I ride- one host said it wasnt an issue= another said they didnt want ‘loud noise’ near their home. As a host - would you want someone to tell you they had a larger /louder vehicle?

Again, it wouldn’t matter to me. Although each apartment has its own designated space, there is a strip of land just up the road where I’ve told guests with larger vehicles to park. I host a furniture designer every year when he comes for an exhibition and he has a huge trailer with his displays.

He did ask before booking but I’d never think to ask if motorbikes were okay. I didn’t think they were especially loud?

My rental is a condo with HOA rules: No guest motorcycles, no trailers, no campers, 2 cars max.

So yes anything other than 2 cars/SUVs/pick ups I need to know about so we can arrange alternative parking off property

My area has 3 sometimes 4 motorcycles rallies each year. Tens of thousands bikes. The noise can be deafening.

Owners are allowed bikes & trailers. One of the owners invited friends with bikes for a few days.

I was up when they rolled out during the day so not disturbed. The noise was intense but brief.

When the bars closed and they rolled back in at 2:30 am, it definitely woke me up & startled pups (barking commenced)

(PS. One time while stopped at a traffic light I thought the guy on the bike beside me looked amazingly like Tom Cruise. IT WAS! )


It doesn’t matter to me but in fact, every single guest who was driving something other than truck or auto has always let me know or asked about it. In case of one motorcyclist he asked about garage parking which I was able to accomodate. Now that part of the garage is full and it would be a no.

I advertise that this is a good place for people with moving trucks and car tows. My circular driveway is pretty good sized for a suburban setting and the street in front of my home is also available.

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Yes, because I have LTR tenants who share the parking area. We also have a porte cocherre over our driveway creating clearance issues. If I know in advance I can send direction on how to access the parking lot differently to avoid this. Occasionally we get antique dealers with small towed trailers

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@Imdana2 I think that if someone has a noisy vehicle, yes, it would be considerate to mention it. My neighbor, who also hosts, had a guest with a Harley who would come home at 2am, which I thought was quite rude. Not only was the bike incredibly loud, it set off all the neighborhood dogs including mine.

So that guy woke up everyone in the neighborhood every night for the entire 5 days or so he was there.


Sort of, related to parking. I put in my listing regarding parking that my HOA does not allow parking RVs, commercial vehicles, or any type of trailer in the street or on the driveway visible from the street. I also put that there is space for only 4 vehicles.

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We are the ones with the loud bikes, lol. We try to be considerate about when we come and go.


I dislike HOAs but given the way my neighborhood is looking the last few years, maybe I wouldn’t mind it if I could afford it. RVs, in particular, have multiplied even on nicer streets than mine. And many look like they are hooked up to be lived in.

I had a Harley softail with Short Shots and when I came home at night I’d go around the block to approach from the uphill side so I could coast into the driveway in neutral. Now we have so many loud vehicles on my street I probably wouldn’t waste my time.

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I would only be concerned if it was a very large vehicle(RV) or caused a noise disturbance to any of my neighbors for and extended period of time. Otherwise, I do not care how my guest arrives as long as they park courteously and are respectful of the public parking areas/ my driveway.