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Guests that have (too) many lady friends

I am moving to south east Asia and wish to use Airbnb.
My goal is to find a wife and live happily ever after.
Dating is like playing the lottery; You need to play to win.
This means I will have an active social/sex life meeting many girls in the hopes of finding my wife (or at least have a healthy sex life while hunting). Never with prostitutes.

As a host, do you care how many ladies your guest receives?
As a guest, is there any type of listing I should or not contact?
As a guest, do you think I should tell my host about my intentions beforehand or it’s none of their business?

Thank you.

Real post?

Where, when, how often and with whom you spread your seed is your business. However, if you’re staying in someone’s personal residence, some of that kind of becomes their business. If you’re looking to bring back a different trick every night, perhaps a traditional hotel is better suited.

Naw. She only allows one person.

I tend to see that a lot of people tolerate multiple sex partners for men without denigrating them as prostitutes.

The post is very real. Not a troll. Again:

Yes, I would care.

Because you are taking a strangers into my house.
Over and over again.

How can I be sure that you are not taking any criminals with you?
Depending on the area you go, there are a lot of gangs that prey on the single white male types looking for women.

@Max_Flair . I will say that this is an extremely interesting idea. To be honest, I am astonished that there are that many women in Thailand that you will find mentally stimulating, share interests and humor, to such an extent that you will wish to try them on for size. Assuming that there are, first off, do not rent a room in a family home without being VERY clear about your intentions. I suspect that you would do better in a “entire home/apartment” to maintain some privacy. You should not contact any host that states: Only registered guests allowed on the property. When you contact the others, you should confirm that having visitors who are not registered is okay. I would absolutely tell your potential landlord that you are looking to meet “the one.” They might have friends to introduce you to. I would not recommend mentioning that you plan to try out as many of them as possible, cause, to be honest, that is just plain creepy.


Hi @KenH,

Actually, there are probably plenty of desperate women in Southeast Asia. It depends where you are looking, and what you want.

That might be a little uncalled for. Let’s keep it civil, even under provocation.


I don’t know what the normal cultural traditions are among established Thai families there but aren’t most of them pretty conservative? I think Western men who troll Southeast Asia for women are not really well respected there. I know that is the case in Japan and Korea.

Because housing is already cheap in Thailand why don’t you just rent your own apartment, then you can bring multiple women over to your heart’s content. Better yet just sign up for an account on Cherry blossoms dot com and look for a wife that way? Be more respectful over all too is my advice.

At my house NO unregistered guests are allowed on my property. I just turned down a GREAT paying booking because the people told me they were planning to entertain additional guests.


Sleep with a thousand women or men, I couldn’t care less. I would care about strangers not on the booking entering my property.

Probably avoid shared room listing and room only listings. You should probably have a totally private space.

It’s none of their business who you’re sleeping with. What is their business are the strangers you plan to bring into their property.

Book a hotel.

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The original poster said south-east Asia, not Thailand (unless my reading skills have deteriorated considerably). This is a large and poorly defined area. And there are plenty of women who would consider exchanging their lives for (what they perceive as) a better life in the West, if approached in the right way. Of course, “the right way” is easily said than done. Also, many Asians are very racist, in a weird way, about “white” people, including Americans.

And yes, many families in Thailand and other countries in that region are very culturally conservative. But individuals tend to do what they think is best for them, even if it means upsetting their families.

Oh you are right, Faheem. I just assumed he meant Thailand when he said SE Asia. I think this guy figures he’s going to strike it rich in the lady friend department but he may run into a pretty conservative society. That’s why I suggested cherry blossoms. All the women on cherry blossoms are hoping to meet western men.

Sounds like a better idea for the freedom. I thought by renting the entire apartment on airbnb, I could bring home whoever I want.

Yes, true. Hotels are very touchy about seeing local women accompanying white men into their rooms, because they always assume they are nothing but prostitutes.

This thread has a built-in click bait written all over it, and here I thought it was going to be an off day quiet for this forum.


Are you guys wanting me to remove it? I can if it bothers.

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I laughed when I first read it. A little entertainment never hurts.

I made the same assumption, though I am not convinced that it hasn’t been modified. Whatever…

It wakes up an otherwise quiet Sunday. :wink:

If the only Caucasians they meet are men who are looking to screw (literally and figuratively) as many women as possible in the hope of meeting a woman they want to marry, I can see why they aren’t greeting Caucasians with open arms. In my experience, men who look for wives specifically in other cultures are looking for women they perceive as being more deferential to men than American women are. Also, these men are often looking for women who are much younger than they are.


I’m sure this is a joke but I’ll play along…
My airbnb is a room in my home, but even if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be happy about a succession of strangers trooping through my property. Either be up front and tell your hosts your plans (good luck) or book a hotel

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