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This might sound like a little problem but it bugs me.

We’ve been going for over a year and have had 5* reviews for everything. One of the extras we provide are some nice items for breakfast - fresh juice / home made granola / fresh home made bread etc. I’ve just started using environmentally friendly bees wax wraps to keep the bread fresh and they’re great (The ones I use cost £12 each). Only done this a few times because the 2 guests have just taken them! (Another guest left a note in our private message to say he was ‘tempted’ to take our wrap - grrrrrr - that’s stealing in my opinion).

First time it was actually gone I thought the guests had misunderstood so I then put up a notice to say if guests wanted to buy the to let me know - and the cost! Just come back from checking our studio and it’s gone again. Should I just forget it or write a message to this last guests to ask for the money? Not going to do this again - lesson learned!

You should send the current guests a message through the Air system, saying that you noticed that they had taken the wrap and since they saw the sign for the price to please send it immediately. The amount is “only” £12 so Air isn’t likely to do anything about it. If they don’t pay up, then I would mention it in their review.

THEN quit buying the desireable bread wrapper except for your personal use!

Homemade bread as a "listing "gift is brilliant. And wonderful eating (I bake Irish Soda Bread, Foccacia, and Scottish Buttermilk Bread myself); but keeping it “guest fresh” is not worth the aggro and cost! There are cheaper (in the long run) storage options that are not so likely to go missing – breadboxes made of metal or wood have made a comeback because more folks are baking bread again. Personally, I’m “wood handy” and would make a breadbox.

I might suggest smaller loaves as well. So the bread gets eaten before it has time to go stale. Here in the States we have this heavy metal or disposable “mini-loaf” pans that make a loaf about 3"x5.5" – the perfect gift size.


I’m sure that guest meant that as a compliment (“it was so great I wanted to take it home with me”).
I agree with KenH - make a claim for the wrap that was taken after posting the sign, then find a better solution.

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I use freezer bags with a “zip” closer. Keeps bread fresh for 2 days.

Thanks for those replies - much appreciated.

Yes, we’ve made the loaves smaller as most guests we get only stay for one night.

Actually one of the main reasons we used the wraps was to support the business of a local lady who makes them. Because of the location of our Airbnb (historic conservation village in Scotland) we like to display local arts and crafts so it’s annoying when people take things. Not that it’s happened before but the wraps are popular. I don’t think people realise how expensive they are.

Might use the ziplock bag idea instead though as I can’t afford to keep replacing. We did contact the last guest and he’s going to send the money!

Thanks again.


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alt KenH:
are cheaper (in the long run) storage options

I use freezer bags with a “zip” closer. Keeps bread fresh for 2 days.


I don’t know if this is feasible for your market but what if your price and listing “included” it. Raise your price and in your listing say “your stay includes a eco-wrapped homemade loaf of bread.” If your rental and the theme of the village is eco friendly I think it would make sense. Some people might not even take them.


It’s not clear that your sign indicated guests should neither take nor discard the “used” wraps vs. just being able to purchase more.

Honestly, without reading your sign, I wouldn’t have thought they were either re-usable or expensive. I looked them up and I now know why they’re not popular here in Arizona, but they’re a great idea. It seems they need some care when washing, too. This combined with the expense seems like a bad idea for random guests. @KenH 's idea of a bread box while more expensive is also likely more eco-friendly in the long run.

Many thanks again for your replies and ideas. I really like the idea of offering the wrap with the bread so may think about that and I agree most people probably weren’t aware of the cost and the fact they could be reused. They really do keep the bread super fresh. I think I’ve possible assumed too much.

Out of interest is there a reason they’re not popular in Arizona? We sent similar wraps to our son and his wife in California and they love them. Is it something to do with the heat?

Just to add it’s great to have a forum like this where you can throw out random questions like mine and get such thoughtful responses

This is the first time I’ve posted so thank you all again.


Did you give details about the wraps that I missed? What do they look like, what are they made of, etc.? I’m curious because we run an earth-friendly home in Ohio. Maybe we’d like them here!

Thanks. I missed those details. Found them online.

‘Did you give details about the wraps that I missed? What do they look like, what are they made of, etc.? I’m curious because we run an earth-friendly home in Ohio. Maybe we’d like them here!’

Yes I did. I have a little ad in the kitchen area / business cards and an info sheet next to the bread box (in case on any allergies).

Here’s the FB link to the person I buy from but there are loads of people selling them now (and not just for bread.)

Leaf Natural Food Wraps

Leaf Natural Food Wraps

Leaf Natural Food Wraps. 692 likes · 84 talking about this. We are a small, Fife-based enterprise, making natura…

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Yeah. Bees wax softens at body temp. Transporting the wraps outside could ruin them. Also, hot water can ruin them. My cold water is sometimes hotter than my hot water.


How about wrapping the bread in newspaper like the British do with fish and chips. You can use twine to tie it. As they eat a slice of bread they can read up on current events : )

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I use them in Florida and they’re great. I think that they are cheaper here though than £12. If I remember correctly, I get a 3 or 4 or 5 pack for under $20.

Mind you, I use them at home, not in the rentals :slight_smile:

I thought you had posted before and with two different names but my memory is not doing well today…rough, ruff day, and haven’t even close to ended…I’m in the waiting room at the ER, minor in comparison to others.

They did post once before but a year ago so probably forgot. This was their first thread initiation though.

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