Guests star rating FINALLY visible

I’ve been pandering guests for five star reviews in an attempt to get the baddie moving down off the main page. I have to say it’s been working.

Here’s basically what I do. Right after they check out I send them an email.

Thanks for leaving the room so clean and for being such a great guest! I really enjoyed hosting you! I would be happy to leave you five stars in a review and would love it if you can do the same for me. (I’m only two five star reviews away from making Superhost. ) Thanks so much for staying with me and please have a safe flight back.


They would only show if your guest actually has one. If they don’t have any reviews it won’t show.
Nor is there a message saying “no reviews” yet.

When I asked a guest why, after giving me a rave review she only gave 4 stars, she replied, “well, nothing’s perfect is it ?”

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They would only show if your guest actually has one. If they don’t have any reviews it won’t show.
Nor is there a message saying “no reviews” yet.

No it actually now says no revirws received.

Mine doesn’t, perhaps i’m looking in the wrong place

Just double checked- it just says verified. No reviews show.

Hi @Zandra, could you clarify some points about this new feature?

  1. Are you able to see guest´s reviews only in the mobile app or also in desktop?
  2. Do they show up for inquiries, when you have a reservation request or after they are booked with you)?


I only use the app, so I can’t speak for the desktop. Since the app is a pared down version of the desktop I’d assume if the app has it so does desktop.

I don’t get enquiries; I’m on instant book.

I just left a review for a guest and there was no option to leave an overall star rating, just cleanliness, house rules and communication. Anyone else noticed this?

Yes same when I recently reviewed a guest.

I’m now seeing guest star ratings on the app but not when I use the laptop. I hope that this isn’t just an experiment - I want it to be permanent!

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Still no joy here. And there was another update.

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It’s my understanding that it’s easier to change something on the app than on the website so the developers can actually experiment (and do) with the app first and then transfer it to the website. I learned this on my visit to the DogVacay headquarters, not from any knowledge of my own. Maybe someone who knows about these things like @smtucker can chime in.


I’m SO curious about how are the guest stars showing in the app. Is just a singular star rating or you are seeing the start rating for the 3 categories we evaluate them (Cleanliness, Communication, House Rules)?

If it is just one rating I wonder how Airbnb is making the maths to grouped all 3 categories together? Wouldn’t be necessary to have an “Overall Experience” rating for guests too?

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Looking at the details for the guests we are hosting next, it simply says that they have five five-star reviews. Then when I click on this to see more details it’s broken down and I see that they have five stars for cleanliness, house rules and communication.

The full reviews are listed below that.

Would you be willing to post a screenshot of this? I am envious.

This is what I see, when you go into the message and click ‘details’
It doesn’t tell me how many stars each individual review has

I can’t see a breakdown either

But how could possibly make Airbnb to reach that unique 4.5 aggregated star rating if we evaluate guests in 3 different categories? If one guest gets 2 on Cleaniless but 5 in Communication and 5 in House Rules, then he is a 4.5 guest if we average the 3 categories together. But is he? Would you say that someone having 2 stars in cleanliness is a 4.5 guest?