Guests Smoking...Boot Them?

We have in no uncertain terms all over our house rules NO SMOKING ANYWHERE, yes, that obnoxious. Well, I was just informed by our HOA that our guests are smoking on our private patio. I messaged the guests via Air and they admitted to it, saying it was an accident. Yup, I know, I was born last night too. I’m currently on the phone with Air and they are escalating. However, this is a large reservation $$ (ends Sat) it’s a busy week here in SF with COPA and a massive conference. There is zero way I will be able to rebook Fri/Sat at the same price +$500/night, if Air sends them elsewhere and does not pay out their reservation.

So, my question is what would you do? Boot them and eat the lost income, cleaners fees, etc? Keep them and hope they will behave for the rest of the stay? Thoughts…

Personally I would boot. But I’m a budget host, and most my bookings are last minute.

But $500 per night, thats a tough one. Atleast it was not done indoors? I say give them another chance.

How did you end the conversation with them? If they violated such an important House Rule (and obviously an HOA rule if they reported it), why wouldn’t Air ding your guests for the full rental, even if they are relocated? (I don’t know all the nuances of working with AirBnB ~ been at this 6 yrs., but less than a year with Air).

Also, when are your next guests arriving? Will there be time to air out the place if your current guests stay until Sat.? Will you be penalized by your HOA for the infraction or only if the offense is repeated?

All these play into your decision.

Threaten removal unless they pay a special cleaning fee of $$$

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Airs offer- remove guest and lose the 2 nights $$ but I can ask for the money back in the resolution center, and since the guests admitted to this, they won’t need anymore ‘proof’. I don’t buy that. I can also charge a cleaning fee and pass on the HOA fee via the resolution center, and Air will approve. Also, I’m skeptical.

Air rep said she can not authorize a payout for an entire stay if I ask them to leave 2 nights in- which is BS, as Case Mgrs can make that judgment call on their own.

HOA already said they are fining us, as they don’t give ‘warnings’.

I’m confident the guests will continue to smoke.

I am sooo sorry…you don’t deserve this. Since you’re going to be penalized by your HOA, ya’ gotta do what ya’ gotta do to preserve your credibility with the HOA. Get the bums out and see how far you can get with pleading your case to the resolution center toward keeping the damage deposit at least.

I don’t know…maybe someone will come up with a better solution. It sucks and is a sad state of affairs.

Couldn’t agree more! UGH.

Luckily, there is no love lost between us and the HOA, so I’m not super concerned. I’m more worried about my house and these idiots! Since this is our main residence we are about 2 hours away on a ‘staycation’, so there’s really not a ton I can do. Air said they would call me back with an update, once they speak to the guest.

This makes guest 3 in a row that has sucked. Hopefully, this is the end of the streak!


I would absolutely kick them out. First, they broke a clear rule. Then said it was an accident. How do you accidentally smoke a cigarette? If I were you I would be worried about what else these guests would do in your house. You should also claim the HOA fine with Airbnb’s resolution center.


Yes, I tend to agree with you. I needed to take a time out to ‘cool down’ before I made the final decision.

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Oh, man, really? “By accident?” “WHOOPS! How’d that cigarette get in my mouth?!”

I would definitely push for higher up the chain of command if needed. I had to do so last week, but I got my issue resolved.

Sorry…that stinks.


@dcmooney No pun intended!! LMAO


If the guest does continue to smoke will the fines get higher? Is there a security deposit you can take the fines from? How much money are you losing if you kick them out?

I think you should boot them. That rule was a big one and got you in hot water with your HOA. The lack of peace of mind will drive you nuts and is not worth the money. I seriously think in a case like this, Air should not refund the guest for breaking the rules. What’s with people?!!! I guess they thought since you were present that outdoor smoking wouldn’t be noticed.

Keep us posted.

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Yes, the HOA fines get larger per infraction, but we don’t get the fines until 30 days past the infraction date, so we will only be estimating by the time we have to report the claim.

We do have a security deposit, but its up to Air if thet will take from it. We would lose about $1000.

Holy crap! The fines aren’t that much I’m sure but you don’t want to make trouble with your HOA either. I’m sorry you are put in this situation. :frowning:

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First fine is $100, then $500, then $1000…

Because HOA is involved and I assume a nieghbor reported…then I don’t think you really have an option. I think they if they don’t smoke outside, then they will be smoking indoors and trying to blow it out of open windows.

And it’s BS that Air is not assuring you that they will pay you out in full. This is all the guests doing. I think the guests should also be charged with the fine. Of course guest has to accept the fine. If they don’t accept it then Air should step in and pay on their behalf.


Well, let’s step back for a moment and figure out what’s going on here.

Your HOA doesn’t allow smoking on YOUR PRIVATE PATIO?!


Did you ask to speak to someone who has more authority? I did this with an issue last week as the young man, earnestly wanting to do a good job, didn’t have a clue what he was doing. He really fought me on getting someone else to hear my case - I finally had to point out the three things that I had to tell HIM about how the system works, and respectfully asked again to speak to someone with more experience.

When I got someone else on the phone they immediately resolved the issue.


I have a similar situation, Felix. The HOA recently designated the entire property (high-rise) including the public areas (Lobby, pool deck, parking structure) as non-smoking. I haven’t read what the sanctions are yet. I’m trying to get control of my eye-roll.

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