Guests show up more than agreed

Good morning/afternoon,

I have these new guests. They have booked the apartment as a total of 4 guests. My smart bell records who goes in and out of the apartment and I can see that they are total of 5 guests.

I am not pleased at all because I feel that the booker tried to cheat especially since it makes a difference in the price and now I cannot trust her. dont want such people in my flat.

What are my options pls?

I wouldn’t assume that they are terrible people. If you really want them out you should contact Airbnb and indicate that you want them out for flaunting your rule. Airbnb is apt to ask you to speak with guests and request the additional fee before canceling/kicking them out. So you may want to talk to the guest or message them with the facts and ask for the additional fee and reassurance that they will comply with all your home rules/policies. If you have a verbal conversation, document it in the Airbnb message thread. Hopefully the existence of your camera is noted in your listing or you may have another problem. If the guests refuse the additional fee or display other behaviors that disturb you, then you may need to contact Airbnb. My bet is that the guests will claim the guest was a last minute addition and they “forgot” that they had booked for 4 or even that one did not stay overnight. Good luck!

thank you Christine for your quick response. I will take your suggestion and talk to the guests. I did confront them by text that from my smart bell I noticed more guests than in agreement. ( Yes the smart bell is mentioned in my booking ) and, voila’, they said that it was a last minute arrangement and that the guest only came for the week-end :slight_smile: I will ask for the additional fee and move on from there. Thank you again.


I highly doubt it was a last minute arrangement @Lucienne

Do you have it in your house rules that only those on the booking can be on the listing.

Where is the fifth guest sleeping ? Are there towels and bedding for them

If you’re happy for them to stay raise a resolution request for additional payment and give the guest xxx hours to accept the payment request

Leave a honest review @Lucienne

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I doubt it too.

I have this in my house rules : " Additional overnight guests is a big no no! Do not invite additional visitors without discussing with us first."

My apartment sleeps 7, I laid bedding for 6 but only left towels for 4.

How should I raise a resolution reque3st for additional payment please?

If you look on the Airbnb help centre website it shows you the steps you need to take to request additional funds for guests @Lucienne

You need to provide the extra towels .

Probably best to amend your house rule to something like

‘Only those who have booked and paid can be at the listing. Any visitors not on the booking will be asked to leave immediately’

Your house rule make it sound like they can add additional guests if they discuss with you.

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Yes they can add guests if they discuss with me, why not? My apartment can sleep 7, If the original booking is for less and they do ask to add guests, why not?

I might need help with this please.

I followed your suggestion to go through help website and ask for additional funds. However I got stuck here :slight_smile:

(hope the picture shows)

then I tried the resolution and got this message :slight_smile:

So it looks that I am stuck.

I did message the guest : Hi xxxx , I refer to out recent conversation on whatsapp and that there has been an additional quest at the place. Please note that this requires the booked number of guest to be changed to 5 and also involved additional payment. Please let me know asap if you agree. Thank you.

But through the resolution. I am stuck…

can anyone help please?

First, it’s best to have all communications on the platform.

Second, at this point either wait to hear back for them to agree OR say that (you need to edit any numbers) “Given that there is one additional guest for 7 nights at an additional guest fee of $20/day, that is an additional charge of $140, which I will submit to Airbnb. Please agree to that when prompted by Airbnb.”

That’s how I do it. As 'extra services". Maybe more experienced Hosts have other suggestions.

It’s ok. Submit the request. You’ve already talked to the guest. They know it is coming.

Airbnb requires guest acknowledge/agree to any additional payment requests or refunds.

There is a chance the guest won’t agree to the payment but don’t worry about that unless it happens.

Re platform communication, I do that as much as possible, but when it comes to sending location pin , can you do that through airbnb messaging system (other than the long coordinates) I usually send this on whatsapp and it starts from there.

I sent a message about the fee about 3 hours ago now and she has not responded.

Request sent, Let’s see what happens :slight_smile:

I don’t know.

But you do need sometimes to communicate off platform I might explain why, with “I want to provide you with this location PIN, which I cannot do on the Airbnb platform. Any questions or discussion will continue on the platform.”

That way you and Airbnb have a record of what is said sofar as practical.

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First decide the outcome you want. You are in charge and Airbnb will be on your side since the guest broke your rules. In your initial message you wanted them out because you don’t trust them. I thought that sounded totally reasonable and have had Airbnb rehome guests in the past. But below, you indicated that you have messaged the guest to pay for the fifth unexpected guest. If you are okay with them staying as long as they pay for the fifth guest, that’s also your prerogative.

In the past, I have messaged guests but, if no response, I will call Airbnb right away and have them contact the guest. The guest cannot ignore your message and, I would hope, won’t ignore a phone call from Airbnb. Good luck!

Thank you for your message.

It’s true, I had a change of heart, I still don’t trust them completely but I was willing to give them a second chance, mainly because of the outcome of things.

Once confronted they admitted the fault and then I decided that I don’t want to be too hard on them. Had they started this case in denial, it would have been a different thing.

I have now started a resolution and it should be in the hands of Airbnb.

Have a great day

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Airbnb gave me a call this morning. They asked me to send them screenshots from my smart bell showing 5 people accessing the apartment. also asked for a screenshot of their whatsapp message where they admitted that there was an extra guest. It should be in their hands now.

Wow, they called you back? That’s like some miracle.

@Lucienne Please share the final outcome of this.

It’s not 100 per cent settled yet.

Let me tell you what Airbnb support told me on the phone.

They asked for some proof and the screenshot of whatsapp message was enough. At the same time they also communicated with the guest. They asked me to retract the “resolution”, I think, because it was for the wrong request amount which they said they could not change. I did not agree to that. They made a request to the guest for the correct amount to be paid for the additional guest by sending a link to pay the additional guest fee and now we are just waiting for the guest to respond. They also asked me to “reach out to guest to follow up for the payment.”

Yeap!! They called from the US and I am in Malta.

The location pin is on the listing map why would you need to send it off platform @HostAirbnbVRBO

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