Guests partying and peeing from the front porch, advice please

I am a couple of months into hosting. All has been fine and easy until my current guest. It is a group of five, mid-twenties guys, reuniting for a yearly sports event. I assume they are college buddies.

I have a Nest doorbell camera, which is full disclosed in my listing and our welcome book, as well as being extremely visible.

The guys arrived yesterday afternoon and I saw them bring in lots of beer (which is fine) and then a plastic folding table (beer pong? Not sure). Then, when the fifth guy arrived, the first four excitedly yelled and “insulted”/welcomed him as he made his way up to the house. I was a little worried about the neighbors complaining about the noise but they stopped and went inside and seemed quieter after that. Although, I could still hear them on the doorbell camera, even though they were inside the house. But they probably weren’t loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

I woke up this morning and my husband asked if I saw the video clip of the guy peeing from the front porch? I thought he was joking but sure enough, at 2 am, one of the guys comes out and pees, facing the street, from the front porch, onto the front sidewalk (not even in the yard!). This would have been in full view of four of my neighbors but because of the hour, they probably didn’t see. For the record, the house has three bathrooms.

I think the peeing is incredibly disrespectful and stupid, not only to my neighbors but also my property. I messaged the guest and basically said,’ I’m glad you’re having a good time. Please don’t forget that you’re in a neighborhood and please be respectful of the neighbors. Keep noise to a minimum and no urinating from the front porch. I hope that you and taking good care of the inside of the house. ’

What do you all think of this? Should I say anything else? Would any of you ask them to leave? They have one more night there.

Be thankful that he peed from the porch and not inside the home. Your message addressed your concern and you will probably not see a repeat performance. You have addressed the concern and unless their is a repeat performance you have no “reason” to cancel the booking. 5 men gathering together for a sporting event or reunion will be loud and unless there is evidence they are being destructive and are violating any rules just keep an eye on the home.


@Cindy_Turner_Dodd hit the nail on the head there. If you’re going to host five young males for a sporting event, surely you expect drinking and peeing???

Peeing in odd places is just one of those things that young men do. Probably simply because they can. “Shall I walk into the house to the bathroom for a pee or shall I just do it here over the rail?”

No, I wouldn’t ask them to leave. It seems that they are reasonably well behaved so far. They were quiet too after the initial greeting of number 5. (And you have particularly picky neighbours if they complain about things like that).

Yes, you should have said something in person. “Hey Steve, no more peeing from the porch please, the neighbours don’t want to see your willy. Thanks sweetheart”. Or whatever.

Remember that leaving a message isn’t the best way to deal with guests. They can either be so busy enjoying themselves that they simply don’t check the app (and they may not have notifications switched on - that’s more of a host thing than a guest thing) or at any rate, they can claim that they didn’t see the message. Deal with it face-to-face.

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Apparently outdoor peeing is a common guy-type event. There is a long thread about it from about a year ago (? Maybe).

Yep that group will be loud & acting out their testosterone so no eviction as long as they aren’t destructive.

Be prepared to take pics & charge them for excessive cleaning.


Great points and advice! Thank you everyone. From the initial message at booking, I don’t know why but I thought it was a group of older men. I’m really learning a lot about asking more about why they are visiting.

I’m a little paranoid about denying bookings. I started hosting two months ago and just qualified for superhost and I’m afraid of declining too many people and getting in trouble. But I definitely want to be a little pickier so that at least I’m not sitting here terrified about what is going on in the house.

My worst guests were a group of 10 mid-twenties guys (college buddies) that came to town for a sporting event. On the last night of their 3-night stay, they had a party with additional guests that went until after 3am. We only found out about the additional guest and how long it went on from the neighbors. They did a bunch of damage and the house required about 12 hours of cleaning vs. the typical 3-4 hours. We were lucky that our next guest check-in was 3 days later.

They are just as bad, I promise :wink:

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My husband is 40 and thinks peeing off the porch is totally reasonable and “saves water” but I think it’s rude. Maybe it’s a southern thing or a guy thing…but we’re quiet and clean guests when we stay with other hosts.


I’m one of those that disagrees that peeing should just “go with the territory” of certain type of folk (mainly men). They aren’t camping. And if this means you won’t host this type of group again, so be it. But I don’t think anyone pissing wherever should be par for the course.



Bubba and his friends came for the Oregon-OSU game with a lot of beer. Unfortunately after processing the beer, several members of the party decided to personally water the flowerbeds from the porch, where all the neighbors could see. We cannot recommend Bubba or his friends.


I’m also curious, the guest that made the booking has not responded to any of my messages through the Airbnb platform. I sent him a message with the door code and the don’t pee on the porch message and have no idea if he received them. It’s actually very common that my guests don’t respond. Do you all get a lot of that? I’ve still been giving guests 5 stars for communication even though it’s kind of annoying that they don’t respond.

Also, I noticed that the guys have two women there now (at 2 am). My rules state that only the booked number of guests can be in the house at any time. And I charge $20 per person, per night for extras. Should I charge them?

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Whether they do or claim to have not seen your messages, if there are any issues you at least have a documented dialogue with them. Absolutely charge them for the additional guest if it is made plain on your listing

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Absolutely charge them for the two additional individuals in the home and do it thru the resolution center! Not every guest in going to respond to every single msg that you send. You gave them a code, now me I would have said “thanks” but some won’t, you gave them a warning abt not peeing outside…you embarrassed them, no response is going to be given.


No, if people don’t respond I deduct stars and if it’s really important I’ll mention it in the review.

Yes. And even though they aren’t messaging back continue to put all of this on the message platform.

As for the peeing, like @AFineHouse I think men peeing in this scenario is ridiculous and inappropriate. I would note all the the transgressions in the review. You haven’t embarrassed them, they embarrassed themselves.


Why WOULDN’T you? You clearly told them you would. And with the video doorbell evidence it is likely that Airbnb will pay you even if the guest refuse.

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My partner makes a ritual out of it. Tell them to aim for the weeds.


Thank you everyone for the great advice
Here is an update: Check out was 10 am. I had seen no movement on the doorbell camera for the whole morning and at 10, I will saw their cars there. I made my way over slowly. At 11, still there so I messaged and reminded them of the checkout time and instructions. No response. I found the main guest’s phone number and texted him. No response. So I walked up to the house, said hi and told them their checkout was 1.5 hour ago, when do you think you’ll be out? They were completely oblivious. I told them I’d come back in 30 minutes so they would have time to get everything cleaned up.

They broke a very expensive, special order door and tried to hide it. Also there are a few plates and the kitchen scissors missing. I don’t mind the kitchen items but breaking the door and not saying anything is ridiculous.

I sent a money request in the resolution center and it only let me request money for broken items OR services/other. Not BOTH. So I did a request of $386 for the door. How can I also charge for the two extra people? And from what I’ve read online, I can’t charge for the two hour late checkout? Is that right?

It said I would need to wait for a response from the guest before I could open another dispute. I hope I did it right.

Old guys too…



You need to cal ABB to make the claim for the additional people since you didn’t bundle it with the damage. I learned this when I called prior to making the claim in a similar situation and they told me to combine it in one claim. It’s oretty ridiculous of ABB actually to do this so regularly because then they lose their service fees and taxes (assuming they recalculate and pay proper taxes which is highly unlikely since they don’t have it in their initial booking). It encourages guests to book for the minimum charged number of guests, try to sneak in the rest and end up not having to pay the service fees and taxes on them if they do end up having to pay the additional guest fees directly through the Resolution Center.

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Are you too far away to stop by? Next time, go over and investigate, and then if they had already started trashing the place, tell them to leave. Lesson learned. Sorry that happed to you.

You can charge for anything you want. Of course they must pay for additional people, and any damage. If you have late check-out charge (which I caution against, because it must be collected after people have vacated and you can see how reluctant some degenerates are to pay for damage they cause), then you can charge for that, too. Good luck

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