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Guests not following rules!


In US no one ever takes shoes off. Ever! And they look at me like I am weirdo for having this rule enforced. They don’t even wipe their feet and bring a bunch of dirt into the house without even caring
I grew up in cold climate with wooden floors and guest’s took shoes off and were given slippers .


I am so sorry you are (or were) a fellow sufferer of plantar fasciitis because it is an incredibly painful condition. I know of a half dozen others, men and women, who have experienced it. I had the condition twice and I immediately resort to the heel cups for instant relief if I even feel a tweak of it coming on.

I’m glad your customized inserts worked for you because whether pre-formed or customized, some form of heel cup or support is the way to go rather than meds or massages…or steroid injections (yikes!).

The first time I had it, I did all the “regular” suggested treatments from meds for pain and inflammation to gel inserts and massaging the heels. It lasted over six months.

Several years later the pain was back and this time I went to a sports doctor because I thought the cause was playing too much golf. He prescribed only one thing…the heel cups, and it had to be ordered through the pharmacy (cost about $24US). The hard plastic cups were a godsend and immediate relief from the pain. I later found them in a catalog and ordered 6 prs ($2 ea.) so I wouldn’t always be hunting for them. This was about 10 years ago.

I’ve told a few friends about the heel cups (virtually indestructible) and they have been life-savers for everyone.


In Hawaii we do. …


we had our entire house re-carpeted a few months ago, and if any guest leaves the slightest mark on our new carpet they’ll be taken outside and shot.


Excellent sign! This is something we are very concerned about, as one half of us is Korean, and we are very strict about removing shoes. I will order this sign and put it near the front door! Thank you!


But I can’t shoot my cats; they get better reviews than me!

Aged and long haired, they leave copious fur balls, like the one outside of a guest shower room this morning. Thankfully it’s usually in our own suite or sitting room, but I could do without the sound effects when trying to sleep.


You can give them some stuff for that that really helps. But yeah, I have a short haired cat who hunts rats, eats part of them and then hacks it up. Meaning there are regurgitated guts, tails and other body parts sometimes left at my doorstep. :kissing_cat::smiley_cat::smile_cat::joy_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


We’ve tried some specified foods but they didn’t work. What do you use? They groom a lot and GTC has three layers to his coat! Too old/lazy to hunt now (nearly 19), The Duchess had a penchant for baby bunnies but not the gall bladder and invariably this would be left under the dining room table! She would also leave the skins neatly folded up, head intact and tucked in, as if ready to pack in her suitcase.


I get the hair b all remedy at any pet store. It does work to ease their discomfort.


6 Reasons To Remove Your Shoes Before Entering The House

Shoe Soles Are Dirtier Than Toilet Seats
Feces Are Present On Almost 100% Of Shoes
Bacteria Lives On Shoes Longer Than Almost Anywhere Else
Wearing Your Shoes Inside Could Increase Your Risk For Cancer
There’s A 90% Chance Whatever Is On Your Shoes Will Transfer To The Floor Of Your House
Despite What You Think About Building Up Your Immunity, You’re Wrong When It Comes To Shoe Bacteria


I live in the US (Washington state) and I take off my shoes everyone who comes into my house.


I’m intrigued. What do they do when you tell them? Simply refuse? I’m afraid that I’d tell them to leave straight away. (In fact, I have done so in the past - other issues, not the shoe thing). If people refuse point black to follow your rules, you’re perfectly entitled to tell them they are not welcome to stay.


Oh my…I feel like this thread was resurrected just for me. Would I need a prescription or can just order them? Can you post here or PM me? I am not even sure what the hell started with one heel. It’s so weird the pain has not gone away and I do have some heal inserts in my shoes now. I mean it’s bearable now when I wake. But at one point I almost had to hop around first thing in the morning if it was a hardwood floor.


Hi @Bunny,

Thank you for posting the link.

Well, this is certainly terrifying food for thought. Also, this article is presumably referring to the US, which is certainly a whole lot cleaner than India.

Though I’d prefer to see an actual medical article, or at least an article that actually cites its sources. This article has zero citations. Very sloppy.


This article cites several studies by the University of Houston and the University of Arizona:

This one also cites UofH and UofA plus Baylor:


Hi @Bunny,

Well, this is certainly upsetting reading, and it’s causing my nascent OCD to kick up a storm. Would it be practical to tell international visitors to do this, though? Indian visitors tend to do this as a matter of course, already.


Yeah, I’m not going to read them because then I’d have to get rid of the dogs.


I walk about outside a lot without wearing anything on my feet. It’s that sort of place. So presumably I should have some sort of sheep dip arrangement at the door so I can wash my feet every time I enter my house!


I just got home and saw your post. I don’t think you have to go to a sports doctor but who knows. I bought the identical heel cups from one of those Everything-But-the-Kitchen-Sink type catalogs, like Lillian Vernon, Walter Drake, etc.

I will search online and see if I can find them. I’ve had mine for probably 15 yrs. and they are indestructible (it seems). That plantar fasciitis is like walking on a pebble in the middle of your heel. Painful, painful…


You know hook worms will crawl through the cracks in your feet. :upside_down_face:

Worms That Enter Through Human Feet

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