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Guests not following rules!


Wow that sounds amazing.


Yes. Points of view differ. I have issues with my feet and cannot go barefoot, no matter how hallowed a person feels their home is.


Are you able to walk around in socks or slippers? @reader99


Do you mean reader99 should take slippers wherever they go? I’m assuming socks aren’t a solution, if Reader99 wears a nice pair of shoes somewhere.


I’ve had problems with mine as well. I’m okay right now but between plantar faciitis and heel spurs it can be excruciating to go barefoot. Socks don’t help and slippers are bulky. But most times I can live. My airbnb rental required we leave our shoes outside on the front porch. I wonder if he had a camera out there monitoring complicance? :rofl:


In New Zealand and Australia people generally leave their shoes on when visiting other houses, but if the carpet looks “nice” then they ask their hosts. Or if there are shoes outside the front door we usually follow suit.
When home we usually take our shoes off and put our slippers on straight away to signify the end of the working day.


Erhm no ? I’m a New Zealander and I wouldn’t dream of keeping my shoes on. I would go to take them off and if the host says thats ok you can keep them on then that’s fine but otherwise off they come. I’ve never been to family, friends or even friends of friends and kept my shoes on, carpet or no carpet.

I think more then anything it’s a cultural thing. If it’s a host rule to take your shoes off then off them come, it’s no different from any other rule they may have.


@reader99 Me too!!! Me too! Orthodics are required for me. I cleaned house yesterday without proper foot support. Today I am miserable. Barefoot is not an option for me.


I have to wear shoes with arch support. Always. For getting up in the night, I have sandals with arch support I can slip on.

When I was growing up, everyone wore shoes in the house. It’s not a universal belief that skin oils are somehow better for carpets than dirt is.


How on earth did you get that from my comment @Barns?

I asked the question because I provide slippers for my guests as I don’t have shoes in my home. So I asked as it is helpful for me to know what would help a guest in his/her position.


I have the Haflinger wool slippers. Best arch support and most comfy slippers I’ve found. I would not want to take them on holiday with me though, especially if I were packing light for a Europe trip. I guess I’ll have to add checking about shoes off in the house to my list of things to consider when choosing an Airbnb.


guests don’t read. in the mind of the guest : they have paid and so they can do what they want. I have the same problem with the a/c! i put on the house rules and also signs in the appartment to turn off a/c when leave appartment, but nobody fuck**g about that.


Definitely worth you checking. I have found most Middle East, Far East and Eastern European countries have a custom of not having shoes in their home. Probably less of an issue for whole listings.

I also have lots of friends and family in the UK and Ireland who don’t have shoes in the house too.


Perhaps but nothing can be assumed. And it’s only a pain (pun intended) when flying. When on a road trip I can pack as much as I want.

At least half the places I stay, including friends have shoes off in the house. In my own home I don’t bother with it due to the dogs.


It’s almost impossible to keep carpeting clean. Human beings shed skin cells by the pound which attract dust mites. Dust mites love carpets. We also leave sweat and oil, not to mention fungus on carpeting. If you want clean floors, replace the carpeting with hard surface flooring. I found recycled mahogany flooring at Second Use and had it installed in my Airbnb apartment. It is beautiful and easy to keep clean.

For me, like for many people, walking without shoes is painful. I need a stiff sole, something rarely found in a slipper.

I am quite absent minded. It can take me two or three tries to get out the door with everything I need. I don’t want to be taking my shoes off and putting them back on repeatedly.

I have read posts about the advantages of removing shoes so that contaminants are not brought into the house. They are quite persuasive but I still find it irritating to be asked to remove my shoes, I would not choose to rent a place where that would be required unless I were traveling in Asia or another country where that is the custom.


I lived in Warsaw for 4 years, Vienna for 2 - cold cities with mostly tiles or wooden floors - certainly shoes-on territory, though it could be different in modern, close-carpeted apartments.


One of the most awesome things about Korea that I loved were that places were heated through the floor, a tradition dating back to their royal palaces. Radiant heating is comfortable, not dry and very very efficient.


Yikes! A fellow sufferer; you have my deepest sympathy. I’m also okay right now, but I can’t walk barefoot, particularly on getting out of bed, or on cold floors either. When it started, I would howl in agony, whilst still half asleep and going for a pee first thing, which would somewhat alarm Himself still sleeping. I was eventually recommended a podiatrist who made me some shoe inserts that have really helped. But I’m now limited in what shoes I can actually wear and just about live in a ratty old pair of Sketchers; the buggers have stopped making that particular model.

It’s often muddy hereabouts, with farm traffic trundling by or people walking the White Cliffs path. I had a sort of fitted coconut matting put down in the entrance lobby, a giant doormat, so to speak. On the whole people take their shoes off though, without being asked.


Just as an aside, if anyone suffers from plantar fasciitis which can last from 6 mos. to 2 yrs., the absolute best remedy for immediate relief from pain is to have those white plastic heel cups.

They are in the pharmacy or online and you are supposed to wear them in your shoes but they can be worn with just flip flops or slip-ons. You just put a piece of double-stick tape (or roll up piece of duct tape) under your heel and it will keep it on. Within a couple of weeks, the plantar problem is gone.


I tried those on my orthopod’s recommendation but they did little to help. I also let him inject my feet with steroids but only because he was already doing my lumber spine and I would be out for the count. The ba**a*rd took the opportunity to really go to town on them, resulting in my being unable to walk for eight weeks., nor did it help. The inserts that have helped were custom made for each foot (which are very flat…) by the podiatrist. I’ve been virtually pain free for six months, after three years of hell.

I’m amazed how common it is. I’d never heard of it before, despite a nursing background.

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