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Guests left before time - should I repay them?


Some of our guests left two days before their stay was finished. They had booked 14 days but decided to explore other parts of the island. They liked the house and the surroundings but had seen “everything” in the atea. No complaints and no asking for a refund.
I feel like returning one nights rent because I liked them and they seemed like nice people + I like to be a nice person :slight_smile: My husbands says no - it was their choice to leave and we had no chance of renting it out to others those two days.

Am I being TO nice here??


I am not sure, I have that problem too, but I don’t think so, for good karma if nothing else. I recently had someone who booked 10 nights and delayed their arrival by a couple of days because of weather and specifically told me that they didn’t expect a refund. I refunded one night and just told them I’d rather split it with them. But then they delayed by 2 more days and I let that go.


I would do a partial refund only if I expected them to be candidates for repeat return visits.

However, I’m “nice” in that I have flexible cancellation so those guests could have gotten refunded 1-2 nights depending if/when they cancelled on the platform.


You could always “take care of the cleaning fee” or a partial night refund as a generous gesture, especially if you think they might become regulars. If you refund all the unused nights I’d just make it clear this is not a usual thing- for the sake of future hosts. Personally I probably wouldn’t refund because it was booked and not able to be rebooked.


They didn’t ask for a refund so I would let it go. If it makes you feel better, pass it forward, and make a donation to your favorite charity.


I had a guest who left after 2 days of a 5 day booking, similar situation, she was “done” with the town, it wasn’t what she was really expecting, plus she found the weather far too hot and humid.

She was really nice, we even went out for dinner together the first night. I refunded her the last 3 nights before she even had a chance to ask.

The thing is, I rarely get bookings at that time of year, it’s not something I expect and I was a bit surprised, so it was really no skin off my nose- it didn’t prevent me from getting other bookings. Had it been in the middle of my high season, I wouldn’t have been quite so generous.


I do too, despite all evidence to the contrary on this forum! :rofl:

I like the idea of splitting the difference or making some gesture like discounting the cleaning fee. But in this situation them leaving early and those days not being available might have cost you another booking so no need to overdo it.


I had something similar this summer (guest had a family thing come up), and I offered a credit on a future night here.
I guess, though, if yours have seen ‘everything’ in the area, they aren’t coming back. :slight_smile:


Dare I say it, that those who criticise… nah, I won’t say it tonight :blush:

We had a couple stay last October, supposed to be here for a week but bailed early due to Barcelona going into a hard lockdown.

I said to them that we “owed them a night or two” and to come direct next time round.

Just booked yesterday for three weeks in October, at twice their previous rate. Gave them a good discount on the current BDC price, on the basis its cash on arrival.

My OH estimates that my Oloroso is now paid for until roughly January.

Got another one, similar scenario, just booked a fortnight next Feb.

Being nice is not a sign of weakness, very often it’s a sign of being a forward thinker who knows they have a good product.



Hubby is right. No refund. Their booking, their choice to stay or go.


Thank you for all your good replies - its great getting your views on things!

I decided to refund them one nights payment. Eventhough they only told me two days before leaving that they had decided to leave before schedule.

My motive: being nice :slight_smile: I dont think they will be coming back - for many people Crete is a one-time visit and if you return you try to visit other parts of the island.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:


You’re husband is right. When in doubt, always listen to your husband.


One thing that no one has mentioned is that if you do this, or if you provide amenities that you don’t advertise, they may mention it in a review.

You don’t want that because the guests from hell will expect it, or you’ll get folks asking for discounts, bending rules, etc. I’m not going there.


i think giving them a credit (instead of offering them one as they may then ask for an alternative or say - but we wont be back) is a goodwill option - that’s why its used so much in the retail industry - not sure how you would ‘package’ it for them but it shouldn’t be too difficult, even if its a cash refund on their arrival on any future booking - notified to them of course?

i also agree that you don’t want to make it widely known and certainly not within the public domain


I do not totally agree with you on that one :smiley:

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But wait, I thought it was, “When in doubt, always listen to your wife.” You know if Mama’s not happy, no one is happy!


In the past I have asked them specifically to please not mention it in the review because it’s a special arrangement and I don’t want others to expect it.

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You may need to check her math… That seems unlikely!

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I do not refund if a guest leaves early.



If she says it’s so, it is so…

You have to remember that not all Oloroso consumed is as the result of a cash transaction, the barter economy is alive and kicking down here. Owning three garage spaces in the cramped and crowded Old Town centre gives one a distinct edge, especially when you let your local bar owner use one if it’s free :wink:




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