Guests leaving a cash tip

Here’s a first after 3 years of hosting - our guests left a cash tip! We had a group of four adults staying in our 2 guests rooms (1 couple in each room) and after they left we found a small pile of change in both room. £17.43 in total! Ha! So a random amount of money - it looked as though they’d just decided to leave behind whatever cash they had left since they were heading home to Austria but they had another 6 hours before their flight and were planning to eat lunch in a near-by village so they could have spent it there. Anyway, I’m not complaining but it was unexpected and a bit of a surprise because it’s never happened before. Does anyone else get cash tips from guests?


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ted and a bit of a surprise because it’s never happened before. Does anyone else get cash tips from guests?

One guest left $10 back in May. Oh, also a bottle of good wine and $100 to cook them dinner and we did!

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Nope never have, but maybe our Aussie tight arse no tipping reputation is globally known by now :laughing:

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Never for me - lucky!

I did when my prices were to low. In my rules and guidelines for the house I have a little blurb about how ‘we are just a family business all all proceeds go to the staff’s college fund’ (meaning my kids). One guest left a ten ($) and said “a bit more for the college fund”. How sweet.

Now my prices are more reasonable, I do not get cash. Sometimes a gift. One guest from Germany brought TWO large bags of gummy bears and TWO large bags of another fantastic German candy. It was nice but kind of a lot of candy!

I have had three guests leave me a cash tip. However, in their private review feedback, I have mentioned that they left some cash behind and should I mail it to them. In each case, it really was a tip!

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The “honeymoon couple” who left trash, instant ramen cups, and used porn magazines in the apartment also left about $3 worth of random coins (Japanese yen, Korean won, and Singapore dollars). So I guess that was a tip.

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What a generous evaluation of what they left behind.

I love German gummi bears! Maybe I should it mention in my listing in case any German guests are looking to come to El Paso. Ha! It’s so hot here they will melt in the car in the summer.

I got one $3 tip. I also asked them if they intended to leave it.

We have netted $50. We went out to dinner and toasted our AirBNB.


My last guest left 1p on the side and the one before left 2p. Jealous?


25 whopping cents, one package of very fine cheese, a hand-written thank-note and one group took me out to dinner. But the best thing they left were 5-star reviews. :slight_smile:

and yes, I did add the cash tips to my Gross Income line.

Got a $20 bill twice. And assorted wine, candies, and cooking items like a spice or special cocoa powder.

I’ve gotten many cash tips, some more than the nightly cost of the room! I’ve also received bakery gifts from NYC (sooo good), knick knacks, flowers, wine, lovely notes left both in my home and on my windshield. Some guests are so cool.

Only once in a while there is some cash left in the room.
Most of the time we get gifts like chocolates, fruit or candy.

I do get tips, but that is on the extra’s we sell.
We sell a discount card to our guests (at no profit) that gives them free aces to cable cars, museums etc.
This saves them a lot of money (up to €40 pppd) on entrance fee’s and fares, they are so happy with it, they often leave a tip.

We also have a big fridge with bottles of soda and beer (as a service). People are asked to put the money in a small piggy bank next to it, when they take something out of it. We often find that they put more in than required.

I have a drinks fridge in my laundry room. I’ve sometimes wondered if I could or should offer them for a price. So much cheaper and convenient than going out. A domestic crap beer for a dollar, craft beer for $2, sodas 50 cents…or on an honor system? But I thought it might seem crass/too commercial to do that. I usually just offer a free one if I like the person.

Twice I have received $20 as a cash tip, and once a book as a gift, but mostly I get “leftover” wine, beer, liquor and pot – in various forms, because it is illegal to take it on a plane unless they have a med card and are flying to another legal state. The only alcohol I drink is white wine and I don’t “partake” so the rest goes to my “see-all” neighbor, who loves me :wink:

i got flowers twice and some weird thing a swedish guy left ,a gum that clean your teeth

The only time we’ve gotten cash was when we had a family of three who exclusively ate our food. The husband chose not to cook, the wife didn’t know how to cook and the child was two years old. They never ate out. I baked bread every two or three days for their lunches. They ate dinner with us every night. They complained that the breakfast we served wasn’t hot as they believed that eating food that wasn’t hot was bad for one’s health. They stayed for about a week. They gave us $100.00 cash to defray the cost of the groceries.