Guests laying sleeping on my settee in my private space

Stressed to hilt, it was only going so smooth with guests for a while, until now. Two chinese/ American girls arrived today. Asked me three times could they check in early, I said no at first then give in. Now I wish I didnt. Beforehand (after they booked) they asked so many stupid questions, even when it was on my profile what I provide etc.
Now I came home from work today, to find them raiding my kitchen cupboards, eating anything they could find. I confronted them straight away, as they were washing a bowl, asking ’ oh did you just have something to eat’? ‘Oh I had some cereal’ she says. I felt like saying yes and more. A dozen of pieces of fruit was missing to and the breakfast table id set out for them for the morning was wreaked. (It plainly states in my rules that i only provide breakfast in the mornings and kitchen is out of use until breakfast times).
Now, other than that, the bath overflowed as they sat eating my food. I said to her that it was and she was still sitting a few minutes later, so I had to turn it of myself. Now one of them is laying sleeping on the settee in my private space. Lights were all on all over the apt, I turned some off and they got up and turned them back on again. Help!

Is it a language issue or cultural issue? I would confirm house rules with the use of the kitchen and clearly state what areas are consider common areas and which are your private space.

No they speak to each other in very good english. I just think they are very disrespectful and i feel theyre taking advantage of my nature. Ive raised it with airbnb, but i doubt theres much they can do. I confirmed house rules with them again. I thought before someone booked, they had to read and accept hosts rules now?

Oh, sunshine1, yikes. How long are they booked for?

Be firm. Remember hotels often have security cops walking around. We are chamber-maids, kitchen-help, front-desk clerks. We must also be security. ; )


Very sorry. I think you should get them out ASAP. You can cancel the reservation mid-stay you know. Just do it. Unacceptable.


Hey guys,
It got worse. This time with noise issues. It sounded like they were throwing furniture, it was so loud, then one of the girls went back to my private space, ( Her feet up on kitchen table, talking loudly to a guy on the phone, not one bit of consideration for my partner and i, when we were having dinner). They are the most crass people I have ever come across. I spent all night with airbnb trying to get it resolved. So Airbnb agree they have to go today, by my 11am checkout. They are going to help them rebook. I dread seeing them this morning as I dont think they are aware yet, or have received airs message.
Unfortunately Air said there will still be a review process as they have stayed one night. Which off course is unfair as its going to be tainted in the extreme, which could affect my good reputation of all my previous reviews. So i’m not happy with that, but i’m not being forced to have them stay an extra night, because i feel there will be a bad review anyway. At least Airbnb are still paying out for the 2 nights they were supposed to stay!

Hi Sunshine

Sorry to hear you’ve encountered such spoilt brats!! I’ve often wondered what would happen in such a scenario and it sounds like air have been supportive of you … I wouldn’t worry too much about a review just yet - (by the sounds of it they are so self absorbed they probably won’t even leave you one - so in terms of putting yours in, just do the old wait until the last minute routine) - I’d be more concerned with just getting them out as seamlessly as possible this morning. With a bit of luck they may be embarrassed and go quietly , although that doesn’t sound likely in this case! Good luck - let us know how it goes!!

I have to say I feel bad for the next host who’s getting them - I have to wonder what Airbnb has even said to them? Hmm…

Hi Kittyp,
I hope youre right about them being so self absorbed they may not write a review. I thought the exact same thing. They are now out of their bed and aware of the situation. They have less than a half hour before they have to leave the apt. I had to knock them up this morning or else they wouldnt have budged. They didnt want to discuss it. They just said they understood and closed the door. Talk about being awkward.
I cant believe Air would put them in another hosts home after them doing this! I know its a terrible thing to think, but I hope they havent done any damage to the room!

What did they say they were in town for? It sounds like they weren’t shopping or sight-seeing or visiting. Were they there for an event? Why would anybody travel to another town just to hang around in a B&B?

Hi Mo_In_TO
When they arrived I offered to show the map with points of interest etc / offered also for them to browse through an info pack I have with recommendations, but they werent at all interested. They said the only thing they came to see was Botanic Gardens! Botanic gardens you can walk around in 10 mins.
Yday afternoon and last night I tried to encourage them to go out to see different things, but they said they were tired and just wanted to relax. Unbelievable. Why bother coming.

Just an update:
Guests left dead on check out time. 11am. The one who booked spoke a little, but her friend wouldnt even look at me. Anyway she admitted they thought they would be getting a whole apt to themselves. I stated to her if she read my profile properly before booking then she would of gathered it was just a double room. She also brought up the review process, basically asking me not to write her a bad review. Her words were, ’ I see you have great reviews, so lets not give each other a bad review to taint our profiles’. I called her bluff and said ’ well I wasnt going to write you one, but its entirely up to you what you want to do’. So I guess time will tell!!
Also just to add, Airbnb didnt re-book them, they found a place themselves - A Whole Apt!


It’s funny, but I always figured we’d be relatively immune to atrocious behaviour like overflowing the bath and trashing the place because we share our space with our guests. I couldn’t figure out why your two were acting like that: problem solved! :wink:

But didn’t they also raid her cabinets and eat her food? Were they expecting that in a private apt?! :smiley:


Mo_In_TO, I dont think we can ever be immune to atrocious behaviour. Some of us choose to ignore it if it’s minor annoyances, but when things get so out of hand and disrespectful, like they did with these particular guests then why should we put up with it? I would of been a complete mug if i let them get away with it.
Acting like what? Spoilt brats? Should they have acted like that, even if they wanted a full apt to themselves? Do you class trashing a place etc normal behaviour, especially in a strangers home they should respect?
1)raiding my food cupboards, eating anything they could get their hands on
2) putting her feet up on kitchen table (Loudly talking on phone to some guy) when me and my partner were just home from work and having dinner.
3) Crashing and banging around the room after 11pm / shouting loudly and screaming.
4) overflowing a bath, when she was told twice to check it.
5) leaving so much loo paper and poop in the loo that it blocked
6) sleeping on settee in my private space, not giving a care we were there.
7) Not locking the door after them.
8) Leaving their dirty dishes laying around living room. The dirty dishes they used to eat my food!
The list could go on! In there short time in the apt they made our lives hell. So I think I have a right ’ to act’ the way I am, dont you?

I didn’t mean we should put up with it, but normally when you hear some real horror story, it’s in part due to the host not being on site. I was surprised that anyone would behave that badly with the host right there, and was somewhat facetiously putting it down to your guests behaving the way they thought they were going to be able to behave in a separate apartment. It does beggar belief.


Crass people, Mo_In_TO. I hope I never have to meet guests like that again…You wonder how they have been brought up. And before they left I give them a lecture about their behaviour, asking them what would their parents think…no reply off course, just pure arrogant.

Yes, I had a guest use my brand-new bathroom a few nights ago - left it flooded - when I found it, the water had seeped an inch into the wall - how could someone leave that much water on the floor and not say something? They had no problem coming up to tell me the fuse was blown, that they didn’t have enough blankets, that the space heater wasn’t working…

It’s all part of the hospitality business, but it sure isn’t the FUN part!

That’s terrible dcmooney, in youre new bathroom!!! How bloody disrespectful! Did you not notice the water on floor until they left? Can you get some sort of compensation from Airbnb? Do you just rent one room or a whole apt?
Make sure you mention it in the review. I used to worry sick over reviews, but now, I say bring it on, because whatever these particular guests decide to write about me, they will get it back triple! I’ve no regrets whatsoever, that I got rid of them.
I hope you get your bathroom sorted. Is it so bad you cant have any other guests in it?

DC…did they leave running water on from the sink or bath tub faucet? Or did it look like they just poured buckets of water on the floor? What a shame.

Sunshine - you handled it well. I would have lost my damn mind if I came home and some silly girls were raiding my fridge. And they took a dozen fruits too? I guess they had already packed their back pack full of your fruit.

Sunshine - you handled it well. I would have lost my damn mind if I came home and some silly girls were raiding my fridge. And they took a dozen fruits too? I guess they had already packed their back pack full of your fruit.

God knows, cabinhost…lots of peels from dif fruit in bin, as well as crisps/ cake etc lol
I kept calm, but was firm, explaining rules again, but sure, it went in one ear and out the other, as they done it again, among other things.

To add I was very happy with airbnb’s help. They were excellent (Touch wood), and if it wasnt for the rep I had, i would of been lost on what to do.

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