Guests giving 1 star for value on new years night

Hello guys, I had a guest book for new years eve in edinburgh 31-1 the demand during that time is at its peak and the average booking price for that night is £350
I had a guest book (mine was £275) while others were 350+ anyway after the guest left he gave me a 1 star review for value, saying he paid much more than the usual price, why did he book it to begin with and why didnt they say anything when I showed them around the flat
Is there anything I can do about it?

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Sounds like he is just grouchy that he paid so much. Doesn’t seem to matter that you are still less than others. That kind of thing irks me just like when they ding you on location even though they are the ones who chose it


He chose to stay with you. He chose to pay the price. It is customary for hosts & hotels to charge a premium for high demand nights. Ignore him.


Can we know what the usual price is?

The normal days when the demand is low usual price is £80>£100 a night

Rebuttal: “Thank you for staying with us on New Year’s Eve. We look forward to seeing you in the future. Happy New year!”


Not sure how you “ignore” someone who is responsible for you getting kicked off of superhost status…

I also had a guest who was discussing the high price of New Year’s, which is peak season so of course it is twice or three times the price. She wanted me to justify my pricee to her. I refused to discuss the price and actually blocked the dates for a few days hoping she would go elsewhere but the guest came back as soon as I freed up the dates and auto-booked. We’ll see what happens on that one jury is still out.

Wait- he gave you a 1 star for overall rating, or for the value rating? Value rating doesn’t do anything to your overall rank and won’t affect Super Host status at all.

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@lililou1 You simply cannot say that X review cost you Superhost status. There is no data to support that claim. No single review will do that unless you have already strayed so far from the Superhost requirements that one review might put you over the edge, as it were. It’s still not that last guest’s fault – it’s your fault that reviews have slipped that low. No string of poor Location stars will drop you out of Superhost status.

If you don’t like people auto-booking on you then turn IB off and leave it off.


He gave me 3* overall, everything 5* instead of value and location (which is actually a very good location host is just salty)
And yes this definately ruins my superhost status because im now 4.5* overall rather than 5*

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How does a single review take you from 4.8 to 4.5? Do you only have a few reviews so far?

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You could always appeal to Airbnb but i dont know how likely theyd be to remove his review. It does seem very unfair. When you lose SH is it immediate or done at review time? Maybe with a couple 5* you can get back up quickly. I havent yet gotten SH but should any day now since it is review time. Im torn on whether I even want it to be honest. I have excellent reviews and dont think that designation really means a whole lot. Id be more inclines to read a host reviews than worry about a badge on the listing profile. Ya know?

It’s once per quarter, not immediately.

As a guest I always turn the SH filter on when searching. I know there are good hosts who aren’t SH but most places I go there are SO MANY listings and so few adequate filters that I have to try searching with it first. I hope eventually Airbnb will let us search by star rating.


Where did the OP mention losing their superhost status @lililou1?

I thought they said they are a new host.

The OP must only have 3 reviews before this one to take them down to 4.5 from 5. Isn’t there any kind of length/reservation requirement before getting Super Host? Can you really get it if you’ve only hosted 3 people?

No, you have to have hosted 10 unless they are long stays.

I suggest everyone interested in being an Airbnb host read the Airbnb help section and all the TOS.

When the OP said ’ this definately (sp) ruins my superhost status’. I presumed it was because English wasn’t their first language and what they actually meant was 'this definitely ruins my chances of superhost status.

And I agree with @KKC who says every host should become family with Airbnb Help Centre (something I often recommend here to new hosts.

I didn’t know that, wow! That’s great as all my places get 5* for everything except value which consistently sits on 41/2, good to know. Thanks

That’s not correct. Check the Airbnb help center, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: It should be 5 reviews.

I agree, I always use the superhost filter for the same reason. There are so many listings it helps to make sure you are looking at the best listings. However, I am not so sure that the average guest understands what it is, I have enough trouble getting them to fill out the correct number of guests! Yesterday I had a request for 3 guests, then they said there were 2 couples. When I queried it further as it wasn’t adding up they said there were 5 people!! I declined as there were so many red flags I knew they weren’t going to follow our house rules.

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